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The Holy Quran

The Holy Prophet sa

  • Biography: 25 books on life of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) and Ahadith in English and Urdu (including Sahih Bukhari Urdu).

The Promised Messiah as


Friday Sermons

  • Archives: Over 2,000 friday sermons in text format (from 1899 before khilafat to 2008). Audio/Video archive since 2001 (including translations and summaries in different languages e.g. Arabic, English, Malayalam, Tamil, and Spanish).



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  • Viewable Online: Over 20,000 photos of important personalities, events, places and mosques.

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  • Press releases and contact info.


Special Topics

  • Subject-specific: Khilafat the successorship of prophethood, Jesus a humble prophet of God, Arabic the mother of all languages, Jihad a misunderstood concept, replies to attack on Islam and Ahmadiyyat.