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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
July 8th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Building Mosques and Blessings of Sacrifices

Back in Britain, Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon from Bait ul Futuh, Morden. He commented on the positive impact of his recent tours to East Africa and Canada on the local communities there and said that may this enable each Ahmadi to build a living connection with Allah, the reason for which the Promised Messiah’sas advent took place. Huzuraba stressed that it is paramount for us to not only adhere to the beautiful teachings of Islam that the Promised Messiahas revived but also to familiarize the world with it so that they may distinguish between real Islam and a handful of fanatics, who associate themselves with Islam, but do not appear to be acting even remotely on its teachings. With reference to yesterday’s barbaric atrocities in London, Huzuraba said if this is the doing of a group that associate themselves to Islam then they have ended up discrediting the name of Islam and its Holy Prophetsaw. Huzuraba said it is the obligation of each Ahmadi to bring about a pure change in themselves and then take the message of Islam to the world.

With regards his recent tours, Huzuraba observed a growing trend towards building mosques. He said he laid foundation stones for 4 mosques in Africa whereas six mosques were inaugurated. Despite the poverty in Africa people give generously towards building mosques. There are some well-off Asian families in Africa who take on the entire expense of building a mosque.

Citing the high level of devotion, sincerity and a sense of sacrifice of the Canadian Jama’at Huzuraba mentioned laying foundation stones for three mosques there and mentioned that the entire expense for the mosque in Vancouver will be met by a single sincere Ahmadi. The other mosque will be built in Calgary and this is planned to be the largest mosque in Canada. The third foundation stone was laid in the town of Brampton. Land plots for mosques are purchased in Edmonton, Lloydminster and Saskatoon. In addition the Canadian Jama’at has purchased two buildings that shall be converted for Jama’at usage.

Huzuraba observed that those who donate to these causes with passion and sincerity have been exceptionally blessed by Allah. He said indeed it is Allah’s promise that He shall give an augmented return to one who spends in His cause. In this materialistic day and age one who spends in the way of Allah will definitely draw material blessings as well as be granted constant guidance with the blessing of the monetary sacrifices sustaining them through.

While on the subject of financial sacrifices Huzuraba specifically mentioned the UK Jama’at and acknowledged their loyalty and passion for Khilafat to be of the highest order and expressed his appreciation for their commendable voluntary services to Khilafat for the past 23 years. Huzuraba mentioned the overwhelming way in which donations were made for the mosque Huzuraba delivered his sermon from; Bait ul Futuh. He also mentioned the newly built Birmingham mosque and the great response for the planned mosques in Bradford and Hartlepool. Huzuraba in particular mentioned the great sense of sacrifice as demonstrated by Ahmadi women in terms of donating their jewellery time and again towards the building of mosques. He said it was a sign of ‘living’ communities that their mothers did not lag behind their fathers and sons.

Next Huzuraba mentioned the forthcoming UK Jalsa Salana explaining that since it has taken the position of central Jalsa, people from all over the world try and attend it for which the UK Jama’at has been making many sacrifices over the years. Huzuraba explained that due to limitation of space in Islamabad, Tilford, this year the venue of the Jalsa is a hired site and because of the temporary location difficult situations might present themselves. Huzuraba alerted volunteers as well as guests of possible problems and urged them to be mutually supportive. He also advised the UK Jama’at to plan towards purchasing a permanent site for future Jalsas and prepared them to be ready to make financial sacrifice when the time came.

In conclusion Huzuraba urged prayers are made that may Allah help and assist with the Jalsa.