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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
July 15th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Blessed Model of the Holy Prophetsaw

Huzuraba resumed his series of sermons on the subject of the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw. Huzuraba explained that he had to temporarily diverge from speaking exclusively on this subject in his sermons during his travels, owing to the specific local requirements and needs of the places he was visiting.

Huzuraba said as regards this vast subject all that was possible was to illustrate but a few glimpses of the blessed life and model of the Holy Prophetsaw. He said listening to a few of these glimpses with sincerity of intention would bring about closeness to Allah in a believer.

Huzuraba prayed that may each Ahmadi be enabled to appreciate the finer point that there is only one way to achieve Divine closeness and that is to follow the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw.

The characteristic of the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw that Huzuraba chose to elucidate today was his attribute to honour trusts, honesty and his keeping of promises. Huzuraba said in the world today each community, each country, all groups of people are in need of this virtue in some form or the other, one that the perfect guide demonstrated in his blessed life and thus set the most excellent standard to follow.

Reflecting on the tactics employed during warfare by the so-called civilised nations of the world that abase humanity, Huzuraba remarked on the groundless allegations made against the Holy Prophetsaw that he waged wars to spread Islam. On the contrary, Huzuraba related an incident that demonstrates the most excellent model of honouring trusts that the Holy Prophetsaw displayed during time of war. During the battle of Khyber a man who was employed to tend a herd of goats belonging to a Jew happened to come by, along with the animals, in the area that was held by the Muslims. He decided to accept Islam and did not wish to return, however, he asked the Holy Prophetsaw what to do with the herd of goats, which belonged to and were the trust of the Jew master. The Holy Prophetsaw told him to turn the goats around, that they would make their own way back; and this is exactly how it came to pass.

It was in the nature of the Holy Prophetsaw to be trustworthy, honest and to honour his promises before prophethood; the teachings of the Holy Qur’an further polished this virtuous trait of his. Huzuraba related a few incidents of pre-prophethood era to expound this. Such was the level of trust people had in him that even during the period of fierce opposition after his prophethood people continued to leave their belongings in his trust.

When under Divine commandment the Holy Prophetsaw decided to migrate from Mecca, he was most concerned about returning the property people had entrusted to him. For this he left Hadhrat Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) behind instructing him to stay until such time as all the trusts were returned.

As regards the trust between a husband and wife, the Holy Prophetsaw said that on the Day of Judgment the greatest perfidy counted would be a husband recounting facts of private nature about his wife to others. Huzuraba said this is a failing among some who recount things of this nature to their parents and this leads to further disputes. Cautioning against this practice Huzuraba said neither should anyone tell nor should the others listen.

The Holy Prophetsaw said there are three signs of a hypocrite; to speak falsely, to dishonour trusts and to break promises. He also said that a person who has no regard for keeping a trust or consideration to keep a promise has no faith and no belief.

Huzuraba related a few further incidents from the blessed life of the Holy Prophetsaw to exemplify this and read extracts from the writings of the Promised Messiahas articulating the blessed model of the Holy Prophetsaw.

Huzuraba prayed that may each Ahmadi be enabled to fulfil their promise and be among those fortunate ones who are the recipients of the prayers of the Holy Prophetsaw that he made for his ummah as well as the recipient of the prayers of the Promised Messiahas that he made for his Community.

In conclusion Huzuraba drew attention to growing hostility towards Muslims and the Jama’at in the world. He said neither do we have the approach to any worldly leader nor do we rely on them; we only turn to God. Huzuraba related a most unfortunate recent attack on the Indonesian Jalsa and said that the support of the [local] authorities is next to nothing in this matter. May Allah Himself protect the Jama’at from all opposition.

Huzuraba said the more the Jama’at progresses the opponents’ shall increase in their jealousy; therefore it is the task of each Ahmadi to heighten the level of their submission and supplication to Allah. May Allah grant patience and steadfastness to the affected Ahmadis, keep them in His refuge and protect them from all evil.