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Book: Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth
by Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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Table of Contents
Part I
Introduction with a Historical Perspective
Individual Versus Society  
Islamic Schools of Thought  
European Philosophy  
Greek Philosophy  
Part II
The Question of Suffering  
Part III
Secular Viewpoints Examined
The Concept of God among the Aborigines of Australia  
Part IV
The Nature of Revelation
Divine Revelation and Rationality  
Belief in the Unseen  
Al-Bayyinah—A Manifest Principle and Al-Qayyimah—An Everlasting Teaching  
The Quran and Cosmology  
Entropy and the Finite Universe  
The Quran and Extraterrestrial Life  
Part V
Life in the Perspective of Quranic Revelations—A Brief Introductory Chapter
Origin of Life—Different Theories and Propositions  
The Jinn  
The Essential Role of Clay and Photosynthesis in Evolution  
Survival by Accident or Design?
Chirality or Sidedness in Nature  
Natural Selection and Survival of the Fittest  
A Game of Chess or a Game of Chance!  
The Future of Life on Earth  
Organic Systems and Evolution  
The 'Blind Watchmaker' Who Is Also Deaf and Dumb  
Part VI
Unveiling of the "Unseen" by the Quran—A Historic Perspective
Nuclear Holocaust  
Genetic Engineering  
The Plague  
The AIDS Virus
Part VII
Future of Revelation
Attempts to Philosophically Justify the Finality of Non-Law-bearing Prophethood  
Jesus Versus Finality  

Revelation, Rationality, Knowledge & Truth

Any divide between revelation and rationality, religion and logic has to be irrational. If religion and rationality cannot proceed hand in hand, there has to be something deeply wrong with either of the two. Does revelation play any vital role in human affairs? Is not rationality sufficient to guide man in all the problems which confront him? Numerous questions such as these are examined with minute attention.

All major issues which intrigue the modern mind are attempted to be incorporated in this fascinatingly comprehensive statute. Whatever the intellectual or educational background of the reader, this book is bound to offer him something of his interest. It examines a very diverse and wide range of subjects including the concept of revelation in different religions, history of philosophy, cosmology, extraterrestrial life, the future of life on earth, natural selection and its role in evolution. It also elaborately discusses the advent of the Messiah, or other universal reformers, awaited by different religions. Likewise, many other topical issues which have been agitating the human mind since time immemorial are also incorporated.

The main emphasis is on the ability of the Quran to correctly discuss all important events of the past, present and future from the beginning of the universe to its ultimate end. Aided by strong incontrovertible logic and scientific evidence, the Quran does not shy away from presenting itself to the merciless scrutiny of rationality. It will be hard to find a reader whose queries are not satisfactorily answered. We hope that most readers will testify that this will always stand out as a book among books—perhaps the greatest literary achievement of this century.