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Taqwa (Piety)

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

September 16th, 2005

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon by Sister Shermeen Butt)

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon at Gothenburg, Sweden at the commencement of the first ever ‘Scandinavian’ Jalsa Salana.

Huzuraba reminded all present the reason for which the institution of Jalsa Salana was established by the Promised as; to raise the standard of taqwa among his Community and having made them recognise the One True God, to turn them into sincere worshippers. He considered this to be the prime objective of his advent.

Therefore, Huzuraba said, each person who comes in this Community should also make it their key objective to ever turn to God; to observe Salat, Zakat and fasting as well as to make this world a better place by following the commandments. This will be possible via the nur (spiritual light) that was granted to the Promised as. If an Ahmadi today does not observe the essence of his teachings then he/she is not partaking of this nur. In this age, having revived the Shariah of the Holy Prophetsaw the Promised as has elucidated to his Community in particular and to the world in general the significance of worshipping One God and to follow His commandments.

Huzuraba explained that worship of God should be observed as a gesture of gratefulness in that He has given us life; worship will enhance our taqwa, we will be granted nearness to God, will be the recipient of His grace. How can one be advantageous by turning away from the One God Who has created the entire universe? By following His way and adopting taqwa one is bestowed with providence beyond one’s imagination. To attain the love of Allah taqwa is vital.

Reading from the august writings of the Promised as Huzuraba said faithfulness lies in maintaining a link with God. Cautioning against subtle yet precarious ways that lead one away from God, Huzuraba said when one is overly fond of one’s children, or one’s parents or one’s occupation that is a kind of idol worship and it leads to shirk (associating partners with Allah). Huzuraba said when youngsters get totally absorbed in computers and things and overlook worship of God that constitutes shirk. Some people tend to adorn their houses with figurines and things, Huzuraba said such factors slowly remove one’s sense of integrity and families who are perhaps not strong in matters of worship in the first place tend to slip away further. Not only do we have to shun these useless, worthless practices, we have to raise the standard of our worship.

Each Ahmadi should self-reflect and analyse how much do we really abide by the prayer we make in each Salat; ‘You alone do we worship and You alone do we implore for help’. Huzuraba said unless our deeds match the prayer our claims are hollow.

Huzuraba explained that Allah is not in need of our worship, He has commanded us to worship for our own good. The hub of all worship is the heart; if the heart is not inclined then no worship will avail. We should try and be among those who are near to God, those who are the recipient of His loving grace at all time, our each action should be one that is pleasing to Allah; for this we need to endeavour, purify ourselves and turn to Him. Huzuraba said a heart that is pure and free from any [spiritual/moral] jaggedness is a heart that God descends on.

Huzuraba cited Ahadith and read extensively from the writings of the Promised as to expound the subject.

Illustrating the significance of reading the Holy Qur’an with great understanding, Huzuraba said it is extremely essential in attaining taqwa. Unless one studies the Qur’an and adopts its teachings in one’s life, one cannot achieve taqwa. Huzuraba laid emphasis on parents reciting the Qur’an at home and ensuring that their children too read it and understand it. Huzuraba said this will remove many ills from us and will work towards creating a harmonious environment.

Huzuraba explained that knowledge, be it spiritual, of the Holy Qur’an or temporal, which is devoid of taqwa, is worthless. He said in seeking taqwa, it is the obligation of each Ahmadi to worship and to read the Qur’an as well as teach it to others. Each Ahmadi should look deep within and try and find ways to reform.

Huzuraba prayed that may we all live our lives in accordance with the wishes of the Promised as and may we be those who abide by God’s commandments and if we ever get at a loose end we should turn to Him in submission for guidance in that we are seekers of His help.

In conclusion Huzuraba specifically addressed the Jalsa attendees and enjoined them to drive full benefit from the blessed three days.