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Pious Models of the Companions of the Promised Messiah (as)

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

January 13th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Delivering his Friday Sermon from Qadian Huzuraba cited verse - of Surah Al Jummah (62:4) and spoke with reference to the hadith in which the Holy Prophetsaw prophesised the advent of the Promised Messiah and elucidated his bringing back faith from complete remoteness. In light of the verse recited Huzuraba gave a discourse about the pious models of the companions of the Promised Messiahas which came to pass through the great spiritual revolution of the Promised Messiahas which was in turn brought on via the beneficence of the spiritual radiance of the Holy Prophetsaw.

Among these companions Huzuraba first mentioned Nawab Muhammad Ali Khan Sahib, whose inherent piety was further enhanced by keeping the company of the Promised Messiahas. Huzuraba read a moving extract from one of his letters to his brother detailing the defining moment of his realisation to put faith over all worldly matters. (see attachment) He went on to become a son-in-law of the Promised Messiahas.

Huzuraba mentioned Munshi Zafar Ahmad Sahib and his absolute zeal in serving the Community. Qazi Sahib once wrote about his conflicting emotions at the growth of the Community in that he would be deprived of the closeness he enjoyed with the Promised Messiahas as more and more people came into the fold of the Community. Prior to meeting the Promised Messiah, Chaudhry Nazer Muhammad Sahib was most negligent towards his wife. However, during his meeting with the Promised Messiahas he witnessed an incident that had deep effect on him and he returned home a changed person bearing gifts and seeking apology from his wife. Huzuraba said the rights of women were first granted by the Holy Prophetsaw but were forgotten by the Muslims.

Mentioning Hafiz Hamid Ali Sahib Huzuraba said he was a very quiet man yet was an embodiment of Tabligh. Huzuraba related the hardships Bhai Abdur Rahman Sahib Qadiani endured due to his conversion from Hinduism. Huzuraba also mentioned Maulana Burhan Uddin Jehlami about whom the Promised Messiahas said that his love and devotion was such that the Promised Messiahas feared it might exceed limits.

Mentioning Maulwi Hassan Ali Sahib, an esteemed scholar, Huzuraba related how after accepting Ahmadiyyat he was downgraded by people around him.

After reaching retirement, another companion, Munshi Abdur Rahman Kapoorthuli did analysis of his employment years and realised that he had on occasion given the odd pencil and stationery item to students as a result he wrote to the prime minister of the region apologising for this.

Huzuraba also related the inspiring sincerity of Maulana Ghulam Rasool Rajiki for the Promised Messiahas during his adolescence and the manner in which Allah subsequently blessed him.

Muhammad Syed Sarwer Sahib who took opium before his Bai’at, stopped taking it immediately that resulted in severe debility. The Promised Messiahas suggested that he should have given it up gradually, however, Syed Sarwer Sahib said that once his mind was made up, he gave it up instantly.

Huzuraba also mentioned Sheikh Abdur Rasheed Sahib and the adversity he endured due to his mother’s opposition. With regards Muhammad Rahim Uddin Sahib and Kareem Uddin Sahib and awakening for and observance of Fajr Salat Huzuraba related that the Promised Messiahas told of the formula of regularly engaging in Istaghfar and invoking blessings on the Holy Prophet (darood) in order to maintain Fajr Salat – Huzuraba said this was a formula that all those who have difficulty in rising for Fajr should adopt.

Huzuraba also mentioned Badr Uddin Sahib, Munshi Rooray Khan Sahib, Sheikh Muhammad Ishmael Sahib and Abdul Qayyum Sialkoti Sahib.

Recounting Sahibzada Abdul Lateef Saheed Huzuraba read a powerful extract from the writings of the Promised Messishas paying great tribute to Sahibzada Saheed (see attachment).

In conclusion Huzuraba mentioned the august companion of the Promised Messiahas that was Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih I, Maulwi Hakeem Nur Uddinra. Huzuraba expounded his lofty standard of sincerity by means of the Promised Messiah’s writings that included letters by Maulwi Nur Uddin to the Promised Messiahas expressing his superlative devotion.

Huzuraba said all these narrations are recorded in history to draw attention to the ways of reformation of self by these pious people and that others who are in the Community of the Promised Messiahas may follow in their footsteps. The triumph of the Promised Messiah’s mission is promised by Allah and is inevitable; however, it is up to us to ensure that we are not personally deprived of its blessings and for this people of Qadian and indeed the whole Ahmadiyya world should continually self-reflect and may Allah strengthen each person’s faith and sincerity.

Huzuraba said he was to leave Qadian and India in a few days and requested prayers for his journey and for the grace and blessings of the stay in Qadian to continue.