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Remembrance of Allah

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

May 5 th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzur'saba Friday Sermon was delivered from Auckland, New Zealand and with it the 17th Jalsa Salana of the local national Jama’at commenced.

Huzuraba cited verse 206 of Surah Al A’raf and based his sermon on remembrance of Allah.

Remarking on the objective of the Jalsa Salana, Huzuraba said that he has been previously reminding about this at the occasions of Jalsa of other countries that indeed the Promised Messiahas wished that through the Jalsa his followers would attain love of God and acquire excellent morals and manners.

Huzuraba said if one is limited during the year to achieve these goals then one should certainly aspire to bring about a pure change through the spiritual environment of the Jalsa. After pledging to be an Ahmadi each person should be mindful to bring about this pure change in themselves, without which being an Ahmadi is immaterial.

Huzuraba explained that the awareness that Allah is All-Seeing promotes His remembrance; this in turn encourages concentration towards the five daily prayers, which facilitates constant attentiveness towards doing good and thus the pure change comes about.

With reference to the ‘heedlessness’ as mentioned in the above Quranic verse Huzuraba said after coming into the Community of the true and ardent devotee of the Holy Prophetsaw we need to be most vigilant about it.

Citing an extract from the writings of the Promised Messiahas Huzuraba mentioned spending one’s days and nights abiding by taqwa and remarked that there are many late-evening sources of amusement in the so-called civilised world of today that keep one away from remembrance of Allah and an Ahmadi should keep away from them. These pursuits can never bring inner peace although in the material world much is promoted through lavish advertisements to bring 100% satisfaction; yet it is Allah’s guarantee that it is His sincere remembrance that brings peace and tranquillity of mind as stated in Surah Al Rad (13: 29).

Huzuraba said one may be engaged in remembrance of Allah as stated in verse 192 of Surah Al Imran (3:192) at any time and indeed in addition to Salat.

To combat the aggression of the Dajjal of the developed world, and to rid one of any sort of inferiority complex, remembrance of Allah is most significant for those of us who are from the under developed countries.

The Promised Messiahas said that remembrance of Allah ought to be done with steadiness that it inculcates fear of God and this saves one from what is offensive. In today’s world when the misguided Muslim leaders present a most erroneous image of Islam to the world we need to bring about pure changes in ourselves so that the non-Muslims may be attracted to the real beautiful message of Islam.

Addressing the Jalsa congregation Huzuraba said most of them were Fijian and it was their task to take this message to others. Huzuraba said Ahmadiyyat came to Fiji forty to fifty years ago and the few elders brought about pure changes in themselves and made many sacrifices and succeeded in taking the message of Ahmadiyyat, the true Islam to others. Today, as the people were greater in number and the resources were better, endeavours needed to be made to demonstrate good practical models of the teachings of Islam and the message taken to the people of the country.

Huzuraba mentioned meeting whom he termed as ‘separated Ahmadi brothers’ - who are known as the ‘Lahore Group’ who believe the Promised Messiahas to be a Mujaddid (one who revives) but do not acknowledge his Khilafat. Saying that they had met with civility Huzuraba requested prayers are made that Allah Who has power over everything inclines their hearts.

With reference to the Fijian Ahmadis Huzuraba stressed on religious education and awareness of the claims of the Promised Messiahas in light of the prophecy of the Holy Prophetsaw. Huzuraba drew attention to the importance of affiliating womenfolk in these matters, in particular regarding religious education of those from rural background. Once religious knowledge was achieved, it would prevent the issue of marriages taking place outside the Community. Huzuraba said matters relating to marriages of girls was an issue and that the ‘Rishta Nata’ (matrimonial affairs) department of the four to five neighbouring countries should be actively involved in addressing it.

Huzuraba recounted the hadith in which the Holy Prophetsaw said, ‘O’ One Who turns hearts, grant my heart stability in my faith. Everyone’s heart is between Allah’s two fingers; He gives constancy to whosoever He wishes and perverts it for whosoever He wishes’. Huzuraba stressed the need for us to turn to Allah in complete humility. The Promised Messiahas said ‘Maintain what you practice to such exactness that even the enemy acknowledges your goodness, compassion and piety’ and that ‘God is not pleased with mere words’. He defined Istaghfar (to seek forgiveness from Allah) as ‘to seek forgiveness for past sins with the sincerity of heart and to make a pledge to desist from sins in the future, in addition, to plead for His grace and help.’

Huzuraba said when torment is impending everyone cries out for help; a true believer is one who prays beforehand. He said that the geology of the area was such that there was always the danger of earthquakes and tsunamis there; indeed that there had been such a [tsunami] warning the day before which had been averted by Allah.

Huzuraba prayed that may Allah enable everyone to adapt their lives according to the wishes of the Promised Messiahas and that they are exemplars of Islamic teachings; may they attain nearness to God and imbue spirituality in their wives and children. May the Jalsa be the source of bringing about pure change in them through which the message of Islam could be taken to the land. Huzuraba urged to spend the two days of Jalsa in remembrance of Allah and prayed that may Allah enable them to do so.