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Far East and Oceania Trips

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

May 19th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

On return from his Australasian and Japanese visit Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon from Bait ul Futuh, Morden.
As customary on return, Huzuraba’s sermon comprised of a brief account of his visit. Huzuraba said with Allah’s grace he experienced manifestation of Divine support in fulfilment of Allah’s promises to the Promised Messiahas at every step.

The first stop of the tour was Singapore. The local Jama’at is small but sincere. Due to certain regulations about public speaking in Singapore no Jalsa was held there although the atmosphere of Huzuraba’s stay was that of a Jalsa. Within the site of their beautiful mosque Huzuraba laid the foundation stone for a mission house. Many Ahmadis had come from neighbouring Malaysia, where there are restrictions against the Community, as well as from Indonesia where the state of affairs is most hostile towards the Community. As a result these people were most emotional; however, their sincerity is second to none. During Huzuraba’s sermon in Singapore when he had mentioned the troubled times in Indonesia and had counselled patience and steadfastness, the Indonesians in the congregation became extremely emotional and Huzuraba said that even he, who usually has his emotions in check found it very difficult to contain himself.

Huzuraba said today these emotional expressions of sincerity can only be seen in the Promised Messiah’sas Community.
Citing an extract of the Promised Messiahas Huzuraba said that none in the last 1300 years have experienced an age with a pattern of prophethood in which there are many with a resemblance to the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them) of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him); who have similar spiritual light, who are derided in the same manner, who experience similar tenderness and poignancy in their Salat, who have similar true dreams, who spend their hard earned income in way of Allah as did the earlier ones, who are mindful of death and adhere to taqwa just as the Companions did. In short this Community has all the signs that fulfil the description of the ‘latter-ones’.

Huzuraba explained that this portrayal can be seen in each nation of the world of Ahmadiyyat today. Speaking of the Indonesian Ahmadis, he said, indeed Allah is infusing their heart with wisdom borne out of faith.

Huzuraba said while in Singapore he also met with Ahmadis from Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and Papua New Guinea and found their level of sincerity and their allegiance to Khilafat amazing. He said in meeting these people he saw the truth of the words of the Promised Messiahas “these are the groups of God and God is Himself taking care of them.”

Huzuraba explained that he held many meetings with the Singapore Jama’at and guided them and found the chance to meet the representatives of the neighbouring countries most useful.

The next stop was Australia, where, owing to the expanse of the country, Huzuraba felt the two week stay was perhaps not sufficient. Here the Jalsa Salana was held which was very well attended. Huzuraba said the Sydney mosque is most beautiful, adding that he laid a foundation stone for a building complex within the plot of the mosque which will be called Centenary Hall.

Huzuraba also mentioned his visits to the Australian cities of Brisbane and Adelaide. Huzuraba said receptions were held in Sydney and Canberra which were attended by local dignitaries and diplomats. Huzuraba remarked that there are a number of Fijian Ahmadis in Australia, some of our separated brothers who belong to the ‘Lahore Group’ are also settled here – a few of these came to see Huzuraba and Huzuraba felt they had an inclination towards the truth of the Jama’at but had some hesitation to come forward. Huzuraba said he had advised them to overcome this hesitation, may Allah enable them to do so.

At the reception held in Sydney Huzuraba gave a presentation on the peaceable message of Islam which was received most positively. At the reception in Canberra which was attended by diplomats, government ministers and members of clergy from the church Huzuraba again gave a discourse on peace in Islam. Here, Huzuraba said, he spoke of the paradox of an act carried out by a Muslim individual be in the name of Islam or on a personal level always attributed to Islam, whereas similar acts of people of other religions are never associated with their religion. Huzuraba said the Australian Ameer Sahib later informed him that a diplomat of an Islamic country had remarked on the reality of this comment and had added that they did not have the nerve to say this in the presence of dignitaries and that only the Ahmadis had the courage to do so. Huzuraba observed that if they accepted the true devotee of the Holy Prophetsaw they would find the courage as a matter of course. Huzuraba added that a representative of the church had also concurred with Huzuraba’s comment and that generally speaking conversation was held in pleasant ambience.

Ahmadis from the nearby Soloman Islands came to see Huzuraba in Australia. Here Ahmadiyyat is progressing very well and one person from the family of chiefs has accepted Ahmadiyyat. Huzuraba said the ‘new’ Ahmadis of Soloman Islands excel in their sincerity; there is even subscription to the system of Wasiyyat.

Next was the visit to Fiji where Tarbiyyat issues were talked about at the Jalsa. Huzuraba said apart from the mainland he visited two other islands. It is a place of unsurpassed natural beauty, may the beautiful message of Islam reach the people of this area, and it is the task of the Fijian Ahmadis to take this message to them.

Huzuraba mentioned visiting Teveuni where the International Date Line passes and where Huzuraba observed boards marked ‘Today’ and ‘Yesterday’; Huzuraba said he was not convinced by what he saw so he asked an expert who initially gave many rationalizations. However Huzuraba said it was still not clear to him, therefore Huzuraba has now invited people who have the knowledge of these things to explain.

Huzuraba said a reception was held in Suva, the capital of Fiji which was attended by the Vice President and various diplomats. Here again Huzuraba gave a discourse on the Islamic teaching of love and brotherhood. Huzuraba said such presentations work somewhat towards showing others the true picture of Islam and at best lessens if not eradicates their uncalled for prejudice.

Huzuraba explained that he was still in Fiji when he heard about the tsunami warning at the time of Fajr; it was the day they were to travel to New Zealand. According to BBC Tonga was in danger of total destruction and Huzuraba was concerned to learn that the terrain of Tonga is plain with no hilly areas. However, Huzuraba said on their return from Fajr Salat they learnt that the tsunami warning had been lifted.

Huzuraba added that may the world accept the Imam of the age and come into protection; otherwise, these storms that are taking place all over the world are a warning sign and destruction could befall again. May Allah have mercy; indeed the Promised Messiahas had said that neither Oceania nor Europe, nor America nor Asia is safe.

Huzuraba said representatives from nearby island came to see him, these people have accepted Ahmadiyyat a few years ago, however, their sincerity and fervour was great.

New Zealand was the next stop of the tour. Here the Community is increasing by the grace of Allah and the majority is that of Fijian Ahmadis. Although they do not have a missionary present they have managed themselves very well. Although the local Jama’at has a two and half acre site with a guesthouse and some halls, they do not have a mosque. Huzuraba said at a reception a government minister promised that he would help in developing the construction of the mosque as well as arranging for a missionary’s stay, it is hoped that he will remember his promise. It was now the task of the Ameer Sahib to make endeavours in this respect.

Huzuraba praised the New Zealand Jama’at and said they performed their duties very well and with sincerity during the Jalsa. Here again Huzuraba met with a family of the ‘Lahore Group’ and gave an account of the son, who has accepted Ahmadiyyat and brought his family to meet Huzuraba and later the mother also pledged her Bai’at. Huzuraba prayed that may Allah grant wisdom to the ‘separated’ Lahore Group.
Huzuraba gave the background of a Dr. Clement of New Zealand who had come to India in 1908 to give lectures on astronomy. He had met Hadhrat Mufti Sadiq Sahib in Lahore who had told him about the Promised Messiahas. On his wish to meet the Promised Messiahas Hadhrat Mufti Sadiq arranged two meetings, in May of 1908 during which the topics of God, soul and the universe were discussed. Dr. Clement told the Promised Messiahas that he had always thought that science and religion were not compatible, however, he now realised that was not so. The Promised Messiahas had replied that this indeed was his task and this is what he was proving.

These meetings left a mark on the doctor and his views changed. Hadhrat Mufti Sahib said that he had been a Darwinian but later started mentioning Darwin’s theory as a reference point.

Huzuraba said before his tour he came to know about the possibility of finding Dr. Clement’s family in New Zealand and indeed a meeting was arranged with his grandson and granddaughter. The granddaughter informed that Dr. Clement had indeed accepted Islam and that he had re-married on his return from India and she and her brother were descendants from the second wife. However, all his papers were burnt in a fire. Huzuraba said as he had accepted Islam through Hadhrat Mufti Sadiq Sahib, Dr. Clement would be an Ahmadi. His grandchildren were given some literature and the national sadr has been advised to keep in contact with them, Huzuraba prayed may Allah incline them to accept the truth.

The last country of the tour was Japan. Here attention was given to the issues pertaining to the local Ahmadis and their Tarbiyyat. Huzuraba said the outlook of the Japanese Ahmadis changed for the better by the day. May they take the message of Islam to their country people and thus fulfil what the Promised Messiahas said; that the people of Japan are inclined towards religion. At a reception held in Japan Huzuraba said a member of parliament told him that they do not know about Islam and as a result they end up following the Western outlook on Islam. May the Community recognise this need of time and take the message of Islam to them.

Huzuraba concluded on request for prayer that may the results of this tour be good and may we see the banner of Ahmadiyyat in every country and may we be the recipients of spiritual light borne out of strength of faith.