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Divine Attributes of Nasir and Naseer (Helper)

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

June 23rd, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Citing verses 172 to 174 of Surah Al Saffat (37:172-174) at the beginning of his Friday Sermon Huzuraba resumed the subject of the Divine attributes of Nasir and Naseer (Helper) that he had begun prior to his European tour.

Huzuraba said that it is by virtue of this attribute that Allah helps and aid His prophets and replaces their fear with peace; indeed the pinnacle of this Divine help is seen in the person of the Holy Prophet saw.

With reference of a few details of his previous sermon on this subject, Huzuraba further elaborated on the all-out boycott of the Muslims by the Meccans when the Holy Prophet saw along with his family and his followers were forced to take refuge in a deserted valley known as Shaib Abi Talib for three long years faced with hunger and thirst. The Quraish had displayed the boycott pact on the walls of Ka’ba for all the chiefs to see and be mindful about. After three years had elapsed the Holy Prophet saw told his uncle Abu Talib that God had informed him that apart from where God’s name was mentioned on the pact, the rest was eaten by insects. Abu Talib went to the Quraish and mentioned this and on checking they found this to be exactly true. On this a few decent chiefs said that this boycott had to stop and this is how it came to an end.

Huzuraba said it was indeed Allah’s help that made this happen. He explained that although temporary difficulties befall the eventual ascendancy is of Allah’s people and it is by virtue of this Divine promise that prophets of God and their people take the message of truth to others.

Citing from the writings of the Promised Messiah as Huzuraba related that five extraordinary events in the life of the Holy Prophet saw are such when it was impossible for his life to be saved and if he was not a true prophet of God he would have surely been killed.

Firstly, it was when the pagans of Mecca had ambushed his house and had sworn to kill him, then the time when they had reached the mouth of the cave where the Holy Prophet saw sat hiding with Hadhrat Abu Bakr ra, then at the Battle of Uhad when the Holy Prophet saw was left alone and the Meccans had encircled him with drawn swords, then the time when a Jewish woman poisoned the Holy Prophet saw with a lethal poison and finally the time when Khusro Pervaiz (the king of Persia) had decided to kill the Holy Prophet saw and had sent his soldiers for this.

Elucidating these events one by one Huzuraba began by mentioning that following the adversity of Shaib Abi Talib, both Abu Talib and Hadhrat Khadija (may Allah be pleased with her) passed away. Meccans held both of them in respect, so after their passing away they were collectively determined to kill the Holy Prophet saw, who was in turn Divinely informed of the conspiracy. It was a very grave time when they waylaid his house; however, the foolish people did not appreciate despite their own past experiences in this regard that Allah helped this Prophet more than anyone else. As they encircled his house the Holy Prophet saw directed Hadhrat Ali ra to return all the trusts that people had left with him to their owners and to lie on his bed (in his place) he told him that the enemy could never harm him - meanwhile he prepared for migration to Medina. Then with complete ease he passed the Meccans by in the firm belief that Allah would save him and that the migration was indeed by His command.

The Holy Prophet saw proceeded to a cave called Thaur with Hadhrat Abu Bakr ra where they both sat as the Meccan chased them, in fact so carefree was the Holy Prophet saw in his resolute belief of Divine help that he placed his head on Hadhrat Abu Bakr’s thigh and had some sleep. With Divine commandment a spider wove a web around the mouth of the cave and a pigeon made a nest. These were extraordinary signs which fooled the Meccans in assuming that no one could possibly be hiding in the cave. This is the occasion when the Holy Prophet saw had assured Hadhrat Abu Bakr ra (9:40) of Allah’s help despite the determined enemy present a few feet away.

At the Battle of Uhad when the disbelievers had attacked for the second time at one point their attack was so ferocious that the Companions got scattered and the Holy Prophet saw was left on his own and was hit by some stones, which although did injure him, however the enemy could not get the ultimate result they were looking for; that is to kill the Prophet. In such a situation it is not possible that this could have been so other than with God’s special help.

Huzuraba referred to the Battle of Hunain which was fought after the victory of Mecca and the Muslims had assumed that with an army of 12,000 they could not be overcome. However, some of the newcomers in Islam did not have strong faith and as a result during this battle a point came when the Muslims faced defeat, but in keeping with His Divine promise that triumph is of His army, Allah changed the situation. Through this Allah willed to make it clear to the Muslims that it was not their planning, their large number etc that would help them triumph, rather help should be sought from Allah alone.

Indeed despite the Divine promise and assurance of triumph to him, the Holy Prophet saw always prayed to Allah and always asked for His help when going into battle.

Huzuraba cited verses 25 & 26 of Surah Al Taubah (9:25, 26) to explain that all past and future triumph is with Allah and because of the prayers of the Holy Prophet saw.

The episode of a Jewish woman presenting a poisoned roasted leg of lamb to the Holy Prophet saw relates that as the Prophet sat with his Companions he took a bite but promptly realised and asked everyone not to eat. He called the Jewish woman and on asking she confessed to poisoning the meat. She said she considered that if he was a true Prophet, God would save him from the poison.

The poison did have some physiological effect on the throat of the Prophet but God saved him from real harm.

Expounding the fifth extraordinary event in the life of the Holy Prophet saw as related by the Promised Messiah as Huzuraba explained that the Jews complained to the king of Persia, Khusro Pervaiz, that an Arab prophet was gathering strength. The king ordered the governor of Yemen to immediately have the Prophet arrested and taken to him. The governor sent off two men for this purpose but told them not to be too harsh. The men reached Medina and went to see the Prophet who told them to wait for a day or two. The men agreed but made it clear not to be under any illusion to get away with it because the king was very powerful. They returned the next day but were asked to wait; on the third day, again they were asked to wait but they said no, the duration was up. On this the Holy Prophet saw replied that that night his God had killed their god. The men returned to the governor and related the whole incident; the governor decided to wait. After about ten days or so a ship arrived bearing a flag that was different from the king’s. The governor promptly called for the ambassador who had come on the ship. The ambassador brought a letter with him which carried a seal of a new king and which explained that following his cruelty the old king had been murdered and replaced by a new one. The letter stated that the order of the old king to arrest an Arab prophet was withdrawn. It is said the governor of Yemen was so overwhelmed that he embraced Islam.

Huzuraba said there are many more incidents like these in the life of the Holy Prophet saw which illustrate the extraordinary Divine help and assistance that was granted to him. Yet at each step he turned to Allah and continually sought His help. Huzuraba read a prayer of the Holy Prophet saw and advised all to say it. It reads as follows:

“O my Lord, help me and do not help the enemy against me. Grant me success and do not give success to the enemy against me. Make appropriate arrangement for me and do not make arrangement against me. Guide me and provide guidance for me. Do not give success over me to each such person who exceeds limits against me.”

Huzuraba cited with reference to the Promised Messiah’s as writing that in Surah Al Fil (Ch. 105) Allah has denoted the Holy Prophet saw as the Ka’ba and has declared that whoever plans to destroy him has their plan counteract against them instead and that this shall remain so till the Day of Judgment each time any As’hab il Fil (people of the elephant) stand up against the Prophet.

In conclusion Huzuraba said in this age Allah has sent the true devotee of the Holy Prophet saw in the form of the Promised Messiah as and shall continue to help and assist through him.

May Allah grant us strength of faith so that we may not be among those to squander the Divine promises made to the Holy Prophet saw; may through his true devotee, the Promised Messiah as we witness the fulfilment of these Divine promises and may they become a part of our lives.