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Five Prominent Signs of Divine Help

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

July 7th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Huzuraba delivered his Friday Sermon on five prominent Signs of Divine help and succour granted to the Promised Messiah as when his opponents tried to disgrace him.

These were five incidents when the enemy had used its maximum resources and tried its utmost to bring harm to the Promised Messiah as but each time the Promised Messiah as was Divinely informed in advance that he would prevail and that no harm would come to him.

The first incident was that of a Dr. Martin Clark filing a murder court case/lawsuit against the Promised Messiah as. Prior to this event the Promised Messiah as had received several forceful revelations and a vision of Divine support. The incident came about when a few associates of a Dr. Martin Clark coached a person called Abdul Hameed to report that the Promised Messiah as had sent him to murder Dr. Clark and had threatened him with imprisonment if he failed to do so. Abdul Hameed complied and filed the report, as a result an arrest warrant was issued for the Promised Messiah as. Huzuraba read out the text of this arrest warrant. This warrant was issued from the city of Amritsir which is only 35 miles from Qadian. However, in accordance to Divine promise Allah protected the Promised Messiah as. Six days after the issue of the warrant the authorities in Amritsir realised that an error had been made in that an arrest warrant could not be issued if the suspect was from outside the district. Had the warrant been issued as it was intended to the Promised Messiah as writes that he would have had to endure the humiliation of arrest.

By Divine design the magistrate of nearby Gurdaspur deemed that an arrest warrant was not needed and that sending a ‘summon’ was adequate.

The maulwis were quite eager to behold the spectacle of an arrest, which did not materialise; they had also come to the court case. However, at the court the magistrate was most polite and courteous to the Promised Messiah as and offered him a chair to sit on and said that he did not believe in the allegation. On the contrary, when the maulwis asked for chairs to sit on they were rebuked.

Abdul Hameed confessed that he had been coached by Dr. Martin’s Christian associates, the magistrate wrote a forceful letter and acquitted the Promised Messiah as. Each of these happenings had been foretold to the Promised Messiah as through various revelations.

Citing the writing of someone from outside the Jama’at Huzuraba told of the way the magistrate, who was a Deputy Commissioner named Captain Douglas was Divinely told of the facts. He saw clear visions in which an angel informed him that Mirza Sahib was innocent, furthermore he saw the Promised Messiah as himself repeatedly maintaining his innocence. So much so that that Captain Douglas thought he was going to lose his mind. His colleague, a Superintendent was called for who advised to remove Abdul Hameed from the care of the priests and sent in the custody of the police; this did not avail. Eventually, the Superintendent himself questioned Abdul Hameed at which he broke down and confessed to the truth of being coached by others and thus the Promised Messiah as was exonerated.

The second Sign of Divine help was the incident of Maulwi Muhammad Hussein Batalwi bringing criminal proceedings against the Promised Messiah as alleging that he intended to have him killed.

Maulwi Batalwi had based this on an incident of a Mubahala (prayer duel). Hindus and Christians had come to his help as well and a huge case was prepared against the Promised Messiah as with the opponents leaving no stone unturned in their efforts. Yet the Promised Messiah as was calm and serene as he had been Divinely informed that he would be exonerated.

Huzuraba explained that the Promised Messiah as has detailed the vision he saw with reference to this incident in his book ‘Haqiqa tul Mahdi’. He was Divinely assured that God would help him and the authorities would be given insight and enlightenment to reach the facts. On the day of the verdict the Promised Messiah as went to Gurdaspur with his friends; while the maulwis were gloating to see their schemes come to fruition the Promised Messiah as knew that the callous authorities had been mellowed. The case that had been most laboriously prepared by the police was dropped and dismissed; in fact the judge commented that the Promised Messiah as had every right to seek help from the court as regards the defamatory words used for him by Maulwi Batalwi, who in turn was told to desist from slander.

The third incident was regarding Maulwi Karam Din Jehlami who had written some letters which the Promised Messiah as published in his book ‘Nazul e Masih’ as well as the editor of a publication of the Jama’at entitled ‘Al Hakm’ had them published in it.

Maulwi Karam Din later maintained that he had not written those letters and that they were bogus, he also said that everything to do with Mirza Sahib was fake. The Promised Messiah as did not seek legal action in the hope that a refutation might be forthcoming.

However, when after three months no refutation was given others filed a complaint. The situation got further complex and yet another complaint was filed. In response Karam Din filed a case in the court of the Assistant Commissioner of Jehlam. Warrants were issued and summons to the court were sent. However, the case was in its initial stages when it reached a positive outcome. Huzuraba read out several of the revelations given to the Promised Messiah as and told of the time when he went to Jehlam for the court case he was met by ten thousand people there, which left the authorities astonished. Many of these people took their pledge of allegiance (Bai’at) and others had brought gifts and offerings and indeed the court case was dismissed.

The fourth incident also relates to Maulwi Karam Din where he filed another court case in Gurdaspur and was most hopeful for success this time. However Allah informed the Promised Messiah as of the pain the authorities would go through. This manifested in two sons of a person in authority dying. The case was taken to the court of the divisional judge from where the Promised Messiah as was comprehensively exonerated.

The last and fifth incident relates to Lekh Ram who had been blasphemous about the Holy Prophet saw and on being Divinely informed, the Promised Messiah as had made a prediction of the manner Lekh Ram would meet his end, which despite many precautions taken by Lekh Ram, he could not avoid. After his murder, due to the prediction, the Promised Messiah as was held in suspicion and his house was searched but the police could not find a shred of evidence. Huzuraba explained that at the time the police arrived to search his house the Promised Messiah as was reading a copy of his book ‘Siraj e Munir’ which states that he would go through a trial like that of Hadhrat Masih. Anyhow, the Superintendent of police arrived with his men and surrounded the house, but the Promised Messiah as remained calm and tranquil.

He let the police in the house and told them to search to their satisfaction. A painstaking search was carried out of the entire house; a congratulatory letter written to the Promised Messiah as at the death of Lekh Ram was found by the police. Rather than be fazed by it he went and brought a bundle of similar letters for the police to look at. The police eventually returned without any evidence.

In conclusion Huzuraba said there are numerous other Signs in support of the Promised Messiah as which are faith-inspiring, he prayed that may Allah ever increase us in our faith.