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Building Mosques

Summary of Friday Sermon

delivered by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

December 29th, 2006

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon

Continuing with his visit to Germany, Huzur delivered his Friday Sermon today on the subject of building mosques.

Huzur said he had travelled to Germany in this weather as their Ameer Sahib had expressed the wish that Huzur performed the inauguration of the newly constructed mosques. Huzur said he had previously agreed to a visit for inaugurations on the premise of five mosques constructed within a year whereas in the current year only three mosques have been built. However, his visit is not a signal that he is satisfied on three mosques, rather the purpose and wish that had brought him to Germany was to lay the foundation stone of the Berlin Mosque.

In historical terms as well as in the current situation the building of this mosque has been a challenge for the Community. It was a great wish of Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) to have a mosque built in Berlin and donations were collected for this purpose. However due to the political situation of that time this donation was used for the construction of the Fazl Mosque in London. Huzur said as it has been explained before these donations were collected by ladies of India, in particular Qadian. At that time Rupee one hundred thousand was a huge amount and the bulk of this came from the disadvantaged women of Qadian who had donated their chickens and goats and other household items.

Huzur said today the economical situation of people is distinctly better yet they could probably not come up to the mark of the earlier sacrifices. Huzur mentioned that the German Ansar Sadr sent him a written request for a loan for the mosque building fund to make up for a deficit caused by some other expense. Huzur told them not to expect any such help because it would promote an unwholesome practice and to muster courage themselves. Huzur said if such a request was repeated he intended to respond that he would ask the Ahmadis of Pakistan to help their well off brothers and sisters by donating their pennies. However, the German Ansar had heeded to Huzur’s reply.

Huzur said the Berlin mosque held great significance for him for it is after decades that the state of affairs have allowed for us to begin its construction. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, Allah has created the circumstances to fulfil our wish and we should be prompt in taking advantage of the agreeable situation. Directly addressing the congregation as well as the Ahmadis worldwide via MTA Huzur asked for prayers that all goes well on 2nd January 2007 when the inauguration is planned. Although the governmental consent has been sought, there is severe opposition from some local nationalist groups. In light of the antagonism, the German Ameer Sahib had expressed some concern about Huzur laying the foundation stone. However, Huzur said he would InshaAllah lay the foundation stone and Allah would help. The most they could do was throw stones. Although Huzur added, he has been told the Germans do not throw stones, they throw tomatoes!

The administration is thus concerned but the purpose for building the mosque is good, it is being built to spread love and peace. So, if we turn to God, mindful that He is has all Power and has always saved us from all troubles, He will help and make it easy. Huzur counselled that during the construction of the mosque all efforts should be made not to create any unpleasantness and patience should be adhered to. By way of example Huzur said that when the Hartlepool mosque was being built in UK some antagonist groups expressed their hostility by throwing stones etc. at the mosque. However, the exemplary response of the Community forced the neighbours in speaking up in our defence and now they maintain that we have managed to erase the wrong impression of Islam for them.

Huzur said efforts should be made to explain to these people that we are building this mosque on the model of the first House of God during the construction of which the father and son team (Hadhrat Ibrahim & Hadhrat Ishmael, peace be on them both) had made the Quranic prayer (2:129). Therein is supplication to Allah to enable them to honour Allah’s dues and the dues of the creation of Allah, to pass this goodness to their next generations and for them to be among those who would participate in this greatly. The prayer seeks ways of worship that would attain God’s love. Citing 2:128 Huzur said we should announce that our mosques, wherever they are built, are built on the precept of that House to bring peace and brotherhood to the locality. Huzur prayed that may the minarets of our mosques radiate the spiritual light of Allah’s last and most perfect Shariah. He said we should impart to these people that there is nothing to be feared from us, we are those who have been sent to remove fear and we are those who abandon our own rights to honour the rights of others. Huzur said this will result in the decent among them to come out in your defence, just as it has happened before. The condition is to go ahead and make sacrifices with absolute sincerity, then let alone one, we could build many mosques in Berlin. Huzur said real financial sacrifice is when one puts oneself under constraints and gives in the way of Allah and there are many in the German Jama’at who follow this rule but there is room for improvement.

Huzur elucidated the connection of Ahmadiyyat with Germany in historical perspective and related an incident during the lifetime of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). A German lady heard about the claim of the Promised Messiah and sent him a letter on an address that simply read “Qadian, Kashmir Area, India.” Her letter was deferential and sought further communication.

Huzur said this was a time when means of communication were next to nothing. Today there are thousands of Ahmadis in Germany and although the world is greatly inclined to materialism there is also acute restlessness. Huzur advised that by asserting the excellences of Islam we should try and remove the restlessness of the world. Indeed the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) had said that building mosques will serve us as our introduction to the world.

Huzur again remarked that Hadhrat Khalifa tul Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) intended to build a grand mosque in Berlin for Tabligh purposes but the situation changed and it was decided to focus on London as the hub of European missions. Today with Allah’s grace preparations for the Berlin mosque are afoot, this blessing should further incline us towards thankfulness and our outlook should make this mosque a symbol of peace.

Citing verse 18 of Surah Al Taubah (9:18) which explains the traits of those who are worthy of maintaining the mosques of Allah. The fundamental trait among these is of Iman (faith/belief) in Allah. Huzur said this is a lesson all Ahmadis should be always mindful of and enumerated a few requisites of Iman. Citing part of verse 166 of Surah Al Baqarah (2:166) Huzur said one trait is to love Allah more than any and everything else. It can be said about those for whom all the riches in the world, relations and children are insignificant compared with Allah that they have Iman. Then there are those whose hearts tremble when Allah’s name is mentioned (8:3) and who pay heed when Allah’s commandments are referred to. Huzur said there are some, no matter how few, who are apparently regular in listening to Friday Sermon but their practise is contradictory. Each person should self-reflect and determine whether with each day that dawns their faith is increased or not. The third sign of those who have Iman is that they hear and they obey (2:286). The absence of this, Huzur said, means the state of Iman is not perfect and such people cannot cause mosques to flourish. This Quranic verse also refers to belief in the Hereafter.

Huzur further elucidated the significance of belief in the Hereafter through the writing of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). He said without belief in the Hereafter one does not have Iman. It is the belief in the Hereafter that takes one to the font of spiritual discernment and promotes excellence in worship of God and people who abide by this are those through whom mosques flourish. Huzur said these are people who establish prayer and do not simply suffice by donating money for the construction of mosques. They are regular in paying Zakat and pay heed in spending in the way of Allah. They are the recipients of the grace and blessing of Allah and attain success in their objectives.

Huzur briefly touched upon the mosques that are the cause of disorder in the world. With reference to a Hadith Huzur explained that mosques of a certain era would appear populated but they would be devoid of any guidance. Surely Salat is observed in such mosques, however, by not accepting the Imam of the age they are not fulfilling the requisite of Iman.

In conclusion Huzur said Allah has blessed us that we have accepted the Imam of the age, to continue this succession of blessings we should observe sincere worship. Today we are building new mosques in accordance with the commandments of Allah. We also have to make these mosques flourish in accordance with His commandments. May Allah facilitate this.