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The Promised Messiah Claims the Fulfillment of the Prophecy

The Ahmadiyya Gazette, March 1994

Glad tidings to you, O community of brothers
Congratulations to you, O community of friends.

The luster of God's Beneficence has become manifest
And for those who can see, the way has become clear.

The sun and the moon in these countries have been eclipsed
According to God's plan in Ramadhan.

And a prophecy of glad tidings of the Chief Prophet of Allah
Has been fulfilled magnificently without any blemish.

The Great is the Allah Who showed this Sign
Who Illuminated the proof of exhibiting the mystery.

Is this an act of the Almighty Allah
Or you consider it a deception of man?

(Noorul Haq, Part II, pages 217, 218)