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Synopsis of Friday Sermon - October 3, 1997

By Dr. Hameed A. Mirza (Canada)

A brief summary of Friday sermon by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV (aba) of October 3rd, 1997 delivered from Vancouver, Canada.

After recitation of Tashad, Tawaz and Surah Fatiha, Hazur (aba) mentioned some of the geographical facts about British Columbia, which is the most western province of Canada. He then mentioned that his visit was on the invitation of Br. Lutfur Rehman sahib. He visited also the most northern part of this hemisphere i.e. Alaska. He said that although there are some beautiful spots in British Columbia and in Alaska, however, they are not comparable with Norway, which he found to be the most beautiful place so far he has visited. He said that in Canada, Alberta is also very beautiful, and the area near Calgary, called Banff and Jasper are called by us as Norway two.

He then begin on the issue of Tarbiyyat that there is a great need to do further work with regards to Tarbiyyat of the Jamaat in Canada. He said, that in Mulaqat, he noticed that mothers kept telling their daughters to cover their heads. He said that he can sense immediately, when families come for Mulaqat, about how they are living. He stressed that we should behave what we are, not to have duplicate personalities. He said parents are proud that their daughters are doing excellent in the worldly education, they can attract men, they are good in worldly affairs, but he warned that this is totally wrong, and parents should be very much concerned of this. As this way they will loose their daughters to the society, which is already showing its temptation to get them. He said that Burqa cannot be imposed in every society, however, at least what Holy Quran tells us about Parda should be done. At least these girls should wear decent dress and do not put makeup when they go outside. They should cover their body so that they do not appear attractive to the outside people. He stressed that there should be committees formed every place which should assist those parents with kindness and with Hikmat, how they can save their children in this society. He also mentioned that most of those children when they came for Mulaqat, he asked them if they watch MTA, they responded that they even do not have MTA at their homes. He said that MTA is instrumental in the Tarbiyyat of Jamaat and it will help parents to do Tarbiyyat of their children.

He also mentioned the great sacrifices by Waseem Syed sahib with regards to Eastern European Mosques and missions, as well as Lutfur Rehman sahib who pledged that he will take care of all expenses of Vancouver Mosque. Hazur (aba) said that although, he asked me that he alone be permitted to bear all the expenses, but Hazur (aba) said that it is his policy that mosques are houses of Allah and no one has right to bar others to receive blessings of Allah by sharing the cost of those houses of Allah and as such he does not approve request of Lutfur Rehman sahib in that context. He said that now anyone who would like to contribute, his/her contributions will be accepted, however, rest of the cost will be born by Lutfur Rehman sahib. Furthermore, if no one will contribute than Lutfur Rehman sahib alone will bear the cost. Hazur (aba) said that he also will have his own share. Hazur (aba) also mentioned about Chaudhary Ilyas sahib, whose son died earlier this year. He said that Ilyas sahib has some qualities similar to those of late Chaudhary Shah Nawaz sahib. Lutfur Rehman sahib and Waseem sahib both have become good businessman as a result of working with Chaudhary Ilyas sahib.

He then mentioned about his Homeopathic book that during this trip he was able to review it and found so many mistakes that he was surprised that no one ever mentioned to him about that. He said that it is also blessing of this journey that someone has committed that he will bear all the cost of the reproduction of revised version, so that people who have already bought the older copy can return that and obtain the new revised edition free of charge. However, they must return the older version.

Hazur (aba) also mentioned about his new book which is about to be published, he said that he was thinking for some time that if he could get $100,000 then he can publish it in large quantities and thus widely circulate it. So during this visit when he was travelling on a car one day he found a note by someone who does not want that his name be released, that he wanted to contribute $100,000 to the cost of this new book. Hazur (aba) said that he was very pleased with that offer that the exact amount he was thinking, was offered by this person. May Allah bless this person. He said that I feel very grateful to Allah that whenever, I have something in my mind, Allah make the arrangements to fulfil that desire. He said this new book is excellent book and it is according to the need of present time. I am sure it will beautify the teaching of the Holy Quran and Islam to the modern world. Concepts of science in the light of the Quran have been explained very logically in this book.

Finally, Hazur touched on the current Gambian situation and mentioned that Government of Gambia have shown its different colour now and as the elephant has different teeth for showing and for eating, so does this Government. He said, one sign of Mubahila has already been shown lately, i.e. removal of minister of Religious affairs from this post, as he was the main culprit in this whole episode. Although, he is still in the cabinet and holds different portfolio but he is no longer Religious Affairs minister. He said that Allah has given him consolation during this journey also, when on one night he was very uncomfortable, then on the evening when he was leading prayer, at one point when he was to say "Alaisallaho Bi Ahkamil Hakaimeen" He continuously said instead "Alai Sallaho Bi Kafin Abdohoo" despite the fact that people behind him tried to correct the mistake several times but his tongue could persistently recited under the divine influence "Alai Sallaho Bi Kafin Abdohoo" i.e. "Is not Allah sufficient for His servant?" He said that at that point he knew that now Allah has consoled him. He said that now he has decided that he will not send any one back to Gambia unless they behave according to the contract which was reached upon. They must announce that whatever they have spoken lately was bunch of lies, and that they will enter into new accord with Jamaat. He said that he is also considering to send an international delegation consisting of Canada, USA, African nations and then whatever they will suggest, he will make his decision in the light of their recommendations.

[All responsibility for any errors or omissions rest solely with Dr. Hameed A. Mirza Sahib who had graciously prepared the summary of the sermon for Alislam. May Allah bless his noble efforts. Ameen.]