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Arabic - the mother of all languages

The first speech taught to men was the one taught by God Himself, and that this speech was Arabic -- all other languages being the offsprings or offshoots of Arabic. A strong piece of evidence to support this claim is to be found, according to The Promised Messiah, Hadhart Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian, in the highly organised system of Mufradaat possessed by Arabic. These Mufradaat are the so-called 'root-words' -- the 'simples' or the elementary symbols of speech -- which are the divinely communicated basis of all human articulation, and which are so varied and of such a comprehensive character as to the serve the needs, not only of ordinary speech, but also the demands of all knowledge, religion, philosophy, culture and science.

The guidelines given by him are further elaborated by some of the scholars of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Out of them one well-known in this field is Muhammad Ahmad Mazhar, who traced many languages of the world to Arabic. Some of his articles and books covering 22 languages are presented below. More will be added when available.

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