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An Example of Accepted Prayer

Anis-e-Hind of Meerath and An Objection to My Prophecy

I have received Anis-e-Hind of 25th March, 1893, which contains some criticism of the prophecy I had published with regard to Lekhram of Peshawar.1 I have learnt that some other newspapers have also found this word of truth disagreeable. In fact, it quite pleases me to see that this prophecy is gaining publicity and fame at the very hands of the opponents.

In response to this criticism, I consider it sufficient for the time being to say that God Almighty has done what He wished and as He wished. It is not of my doing. As regards the objection that such a prophecy shall fulfil no purpose and some doubts will still remain in this connection, I consider it to be premature.

I freely admit and reiterate that if, as the critics believe, this prophecy results in some ordinary fever or he2 suffers a little pain or a bout of cholera, after which he fully recovers, it will not be considered a prophecy, rather it will amount to fraud and deception, for no one is free from such illness and we all fall sick at one time or the other. Thus, in such a situation, I will still deserve the punishment that I have stated. But if this prophecy manifests itself in such a way that the signs of Divine wrath are clearly and openly witnessed, then let it be known that it is from God Almighty. The fact is that the inherent greatness and awe of a prophecy does not require that the time and day [of its fulfilment] should be fixed. Rather, it is enough to set a time limit within which the punishment will come. And when the prophecy actually reveals itself with appalling awe, it automatically draws hearts towards itself and all the conjecture and criticism that prematurely take root in the hearts are so vanquished that people who possess judicious and sound judgement retract their previous ideas and feel ashamed of them.

Besides, I too am subject to the laws of nature. If I published this prophecy as a hoax, on the basis of mere presumptions and with some common ailments in mind, then the person who is the focus of the prophecy can likewise make a prophecy concerning me, based on similar presumptions. I am quite willing that, instead of six years, which is the limit I have set for him, he is free to stretch it to ten years in my case. Lekhram at present would be no more than thirty years old. He is a well-built young man enjoying excellent health. I, on the other hand, am more than fifty years old, weak, chronically ill, and suffering from several ailments; nonetheless, the contest will make amply clear as to which is the word of a mortal being and which is the word of God Almighty.

The critics’ contention that this is no longer the age for such prophecies, is a mere statement commonly uttered by people. I, however, believe that this is the age for the acceptance of the immutable and perfect truths and verities, and there has probably never been such an age. It is true that no fraud or deceit can remain hidden in this age, but this is all the more pleasing for the righteous, because only a person who knows how to differentiate between truth and falsehood can truly appreciate the truth and embrace it with joy and eagerness. There is such attraction in the truth that it draws people towards itself. Evidently, people of this age are accepting hundreds of new facts which their forefathers did not accept. If the people of the age are not thirsty for the truth, then what is the reason for the beginning of such a wonderful revolution? The present age, undoubtedly, is a friend, and not foe, of the truth. To say that this is the age of wise people and gone is the time of the simple-minded, amounts to the condemnation of the age, as if to say, that this is an evil time in which people refuse to accept the truth even after they have recognized it. But I can never accept this to be the case; because I find that the majority of those turning to me and benefiting from me are such as have had modern education, and some have even attained BA and MA degrees. I see that these educated people are accepting the truth with great zeal and enthusiasm. There is a group of Eurasian Englishmen — educated and newly converted to Islam — residing in Madras who are members of my Jama‘at and believe in all the verities.

I believe that I have now written all that caters for the understanding of a God-fearing person. Aryas, however, are at liberty to comment on this article as they wish. I am not bothered by whatever they might say, for I know that to praise or condemn the prophecy at this stage is of no consequence. If this prophecy is from God Almighty — and I know that it is from Him — then it will definitely manifest itself with awesome signs and will cause hearts to tremble. And if it is not from Him, then it will result in my humiliation. If, upon the fulfilment of this prophecy, I indulge in weak and futile interpretations, I will suffer even more disgrace. The Eternal and Holy Being, Who holds all power in His Hand, never bestows honour upon a liar.

It is wrong to imagine that I have anything personal against Lekhram, or against anyone else for that matter. But Lekhram is the enemy of the truth and he has insulted the perfect and holy one(sa) who is the fountain of all truth. This is why God Almighty has desired to manifest throughout the world the dignity and honour of the one He loves.  [Peace be on those who follow the guidance.]

1 The words of the Prophecy are as follows:

‘On 20th February, 1886, I published an announcement wherein I proposed to Indarman and to Lekhram of Peshawar that, if they so wished, I could publish some prophecy regarding their future destiny. Indarman avoided my proposal and died soon afterwards. Lekhram, on the other hand, accepted the proposal with great audacity and wrote to me a letter stating that I could go ahead and publish any prophecy regarding him. Thus, in answer to my supplications, I received the following revelation from God Almighty:

That is: This is just a lifeless calf, from which a mournful bleating emanates. For him, on account of his blasphemy and foul language, grief and severe chastisement has been ordained.

Today, Monday 20th February, 1893, when I prayed to be informed about the time of this impending punishment, it was revealed to me that within six years from today — 20th February, 1893 — this person would suffer dreadful chastisement on account of the foul and abusive language he has used against the Holy Prophet(sa). Therefore, I now publish this prophecy for the knowledge of Muslims, Christians, Aryas, and people of other faiths. If this person is not visited by some Divine punishment — which is miraculous in nature, and is distinct from everyday afflictions, and is far beyond ordinary suffering, and is accompanied by Divine awe — within these six years, then let it be known that I have not been commissioned by God, and these words are not from Him. And if I prove to be false in my prophecy I shall be ready to face any punishment.’ (Majmu‘a Ishtiharat, vol. 1, pp. 304-305) [Publishers]

2 Lekhram of Peshawar. [Publishers]