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Purpose of our creation is to worship Allah

Friday Sermon November 28th, 2008 delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at)

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After reciting, Surah Al Fatiha, Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad (aba), Khalifatul Massih V, opened the sermon by expressing his gratitude to God Almighty who enabled him to visit the State of Kerala in India during this special time in the Jamaat’s history. This visit had not been possible in his previous trip to India in 2005 despite the intense desire of the residents of this State. Huzoor (aba) said that it is sometimes not possible to comprehend the extent of devotion and loyalty of Ahmadis unless and until it is witnessed first hand. Although Huzoor (aba) has previously met some Ahmadis from this part of India in Qadian and in London, but meeting so many Ahmadis in their home state has indeed provided a unique opportunity to see this devotion and the blessings of Allah that have been bestowed upon the Jamaat here personally. Some amongst Huzoor (aba)’s entourage have expressed that the Ahmadis of Kerala remind them of the discipline exhibited by the Indonesian Ahmadis; others said that their devotion and loyalty is comparable to that of the African Jamaats; but I feel that an Ahmadi, no matter where he resides, possesses the same degree of utmost devotion and loyalty, however the style of expression may be distinct. Huzoor (aba) said that there are many members who are probably meeting a Khalifa for the first time in their life, but the expression of love and sincere devotion in their eyes is apparent. This is due only because of the blessings of the belief in the Imam of the present age. It is a pity that despite this fervor and devoutness, non-Ahmadis doubt the truth of the Messiah’s advent. It is this devotion to Khilafat indeed that will take the Jamaat to unparalleled heights, finally reaching its desired destination.

Huzoor (aba) then explained that the desired destination for each Ahmadi is to achieve nearness of Allah Almighty and gain His pleasure, and we must strive to attain this state till the last breath of our life through our actions, by obeying the teachings of the Holy Prophet (saw) and by achieving the standards the Promised Messiah (as) wanted to see instilled in us. Remember that after Bai’at of the Promised Messiah (as), one’s goal should be to attain the standards described by him. If this is not our goal, then reciting poems in praise of Khilafat is of no significance. Many a people form emotional bonds with worldly leaders and make many sacrifices to achieve material goals, but how many make sacrifices for Allah and His Prophet (saw)? These sacrifices for worldly leaders have no significance whatsoever because they do not follow the Islamic teachings. The only true leader of this day and age is the Promised Messiah (as) whose advent is to revive the true teachings of Islam. Therefore, every Ahmadi should implement and practice the Quranic teachings as have been explained by the Promised Messiah (as), and only then can we become true Ahmadis. Huzoor (aba) quoted a passage from the writings of the Promised Messiah (as) in which he has emphasized that each Ahmadi should form a pure and unique relationship with Allah Almighty by shunning all sorts of evil (greed, dishonesty, deceit, arrogance, pride, self-indulgence, etc.). Unless and until such a bond is developed with God, one is extremely weak and is confined to spiritual obscurity and incapable of facing any adversities. Therefore, make every effort to become the bearers of spiritual light as opposed to darkness, so that you are protected against the evil machinations of Satan.

Huzoor (aba) expounded that the target given to us by the Promised Messiah (as) is to constantly seek help from Allah and develop a direct relationship with Him. This can only be done if we put forth the purpose of our creation before us, as described in the Holy Quran "I have not created the Jinn and men but that they may worship Me" (51:57).

If we bear this in mind at all times, then our efforts to shun the vices and adopt the virtues described by Allah will be fruitful. These actions will further enhance our relationship with Allah Almighty. Remember, Khilafat is only promised to those who are righteous and free of any form of idolatry, so if we want this blessing to stay with us, then we must always keep the purpose of our creation in mind.

The most fundamental way of worshipping God is through offering the five daily prayers. Every man, woman, young and old should remember that if they are lagging in observing Salat, then they will not be able to meet the standards prescribed to achieve the state of the righteous people. After reading another extract from the writings of the Promised Messiah (as), Huzoor (aba) stated that after the belief in One God, Salat is the most important tenet and therefore, you should perform it as if you see God before you. When one presents himself before a great leader, a type of fear prevails over him. God Almighty is the Most Supreme, therefore, visualizing God during Salat will eventually make us devoted worshippers. The Holy Prophet (saw) said that one should offer Salat as if you see God before you. But if you are unable to do so, at least recognize the fact that God, Who has power over all things and is aware of the condition of every heart, sees you. If we practice this, then our attention will be directed to improving our standards of worship, freeing them of worldly thoughts. Those who feel that they do not and/or cannot meet these standards should not despair. Remember, these are the standards you should strive for as this is the only way to make progress and attain additional blessings of Allah. Allah Almighty says "My mercy encompasses all things" (7:157).

Since we receive everything with Allah’s blessings, He will strengthen our efforts if we advance towards Him. When individuals will strive in this way, the entire Jamaat will benefit. By the Grace of God, there are many in the Jama'at who offer prayers during the night and are far advanced in their love for God, but the Promised Messiah (as) desired to see the majority of the Jamaat members to reach these standards, and as the numbers of those who improve in Taqwa increase, we shall witness the dominance of the Jama'at. Our good actions will also attract others towards us and become a source of “Dawat Ilallah” (propagation of Islam).

Huzoor (aba) said that by God’s grace, many Ahmadis he met during his visit to Kerala were filled with devotion to the cause of faith and believe in the acceptance of prayer and make every effort to achieve nearness of Allah. This was evident by their request to pray for their children that they may tread the right path. Huzoor (aba) advised not to let this devotion fade away but make the most of it to make spiritual progress and discard any type of idolatry that tries to creep into your lives. Since many living in India have contacts with non-Ahmadis, it is possible that “biddaat” (innovations) become part of your practices, so protect yourself against them because they can take you towards Shirk. The Ahmadis in Kerala reflect the 100% literacy rate of their home state, therefore you should use this education to protect your faith and also to acquire religious knowledge so that your religious conviction is strengthened and your future generations are safeguarded. Islam came to this part of the world in the very early period, and similarly, God enabled many to believe in the Promised Messiah (as) early on. Therefore, you should make every effort to propagate this message and bring people under the banner of the Holy Prophet (saw) as this is the only way to true salvation. The world around us is directing its attention towards Ahmadiyyat, whether it is in the form of hostility or curiosity. By bringing about a pure change in ourselves, and by turning towards Allah more than ever before, and by supplicating to God Almighty, we will meet with victory, InshaAllah.


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