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Blessings of Financial Sacrifice by Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Friday Sermon November 4th, 2011 delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at)

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon.

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) writes: ‘This humble person has only been sent for the purpose of taking this message to the creation of God that from among the current world religions, the religion which is based on truth and is in accordance with God’s will, is the one brought by the Holy Qur’an. The door to enter the abode of salvation is ‘There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger.’

Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (on whom be peace) was that devotee of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) who was appointed by God in the current age to spread the teaching of the Qur’an, taking it to all the inhabitants of this world in their own language. He was God’s champion who was to hold aloft the banner of: ‘There is none worthy of worship except Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger’ and show the way to the lost world. The Promised Messiah’s (on whom be peace) profoundly spiritual writings and works demonstrate that he certainly fulfilled his obligation. There were no worldly resources available in his lifetime to undertake such a colossal task. However, his perfect trust and reliance was in God alone. He did not ever rely on any worldly resource and always sought from God in accordance with the need of the time. Indeed, God has also commanded us to make worldly arrangements and in this regard the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) asked his followers for financial giving. Yet, he did not rely on anyone. Those appointed by God have always appealed for financial giving for their missions as did the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) but he always said that his reliance was only on God and that God had promised him that his mission would be accomplished. It was not an ordinary announcement made from a tiny hamlet in the Indian sub-continent and the world witnessed how the message spread from the tiny hamlet to the rest of India and then from India to the wider world, including the West. Many an influential priest and other opponents of Islam who presumed to be powerful rose in opposition and were either humiliated or God’s decree destroyed them. Such humiliation was not only witnessed in the sub-continent, rather Europe and America also witnessed it. Yet, unfortunately the eyes of Muslim religious scholars and Pirs did not open. In fact their hostility grew in pace and intensity.

None can contend with God’s decree. They can observe that even today, each time the Community has been suppressed in any way at all, it has moved onwards and progressed. This is so because the Community has kept the purpose of the advent of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) in view including his words that he wrote in his booklet ‘Al Wasiyyat’ (The Will): ‘God Almighty desires to draw all those who live in various habitations of the world, be it Europe or Asia, and who have virtuous nature, to the Unity of God and unite His servants under one Faith. This indeed is the purpose of God for which I have been sent to the world. You, too, therefore should pursue this end, but with kindness, moral probity and fervent prayers.’ (The Will, pp. 8 – 9)

The task to gather people on one religion and establish Oneness of God and establish the kingdom of the Holy Qur’an, bringing the pious-natured under the banner of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) is the extensive and great mission which the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) carried out and then entrusted it to his Community. This task cannot be carried out without bringing pious changes in oneself, sacrifice and prayers. These aspects alone will enable us to witness the progress that God has destined for this Community. Indeed, the Community is trying to follow these principles. InshaAllah we will always experience success if we are drawn to prayers.

Whenever an appeal is made to the Community, with the grace of God, it has always responded eagerly and has excelled in prayers and sacrifice. Recently Hudhur had drawn attention to optional fasting and prayers. The letters he is receiving show that people are eagerly engaged in these. It is not just Ahmadis of Pakistani origin who are engaged in prayer, rather Africans, Europeans, Americans and others who are not of Pakistani origin are praying for their Pakistani brothers and all other Ahmadis who are in difficulties anywhere in the world. When asked for financial giving, the sacrifices made have been astonishing.

These days publication of books and other literature is essential for Tabligh, then there is the organisation of missionaries, building of mosques and mission houses and other media resources in this age of electronic means of communication. All these require financial giving. MTA is a big source of Tabligh and is currently utilising four different satellites which leave no part of the world where the message does not reach. The message is been relayed in seven to eight major languages of the world. Financial giving is required for these tasks and the contributions of the Community are better than ever.

As traditional, Hudhur announced the start of the new Tehrike Jadid year today. At the time Hadhrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) initiated Tehrike Jadid some had arisen to eliminate the message of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) from the world. However, when Tehrike Jadid was launched, the Community’s response was overwhelming and today we are represented in 200 countries of the world and a revolution is being brought about in the world through MTA. The Community is making sacrifices under the auspices of Khilafat to accomplish the objective of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). If only Muslims, who claim love of Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him), understood this and connected themselves to the one appointed by God and offered their services. They would then witness how their lost reputation is restored and how big powers would respect and honour them. No wretched cartoonist or magazine editor or anyone else would dare express anything offensive about the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him). Recently another ignoble offence was committed by a magazine in France which has hurt us. Hudhur has asked the Jama’at in France to protest against this by lawful means and to make people understand and alert them that such offences can lead to God’s chastisement. The world is heading towards destruction anyway. In places natural disasters have occurred and in other places financial devastation is increasing. The reason for this is because people have forgotten God and are offensive about God’s beloveds. They are daring God’s sense of honour. The world needs to be alerted to fear of God. Ahmadis are doing this work. If the rest of the Muslims understood this, not only would they adorn their world and final end they would also be the recipients of God’s blessings.

At the time when a group of Muslims were making haughty claims to eliminate Ahmadiyyat, Hahdrat Musleh Maud (may Allah be pleased with him) initiated a programme (Tehrike Jadid) to spread Ahmadiyyat, true Islam in the entire world and the Community’s response to this was overwhelming. Today we witness the fruits of Tehrike Jadid all over the world and fruits of Ahmadiyyat. Let alone the obligatory chanda, extraordinary sacrifices are also made in Tehrike Jadid chanda at a time when the world is embroiled in financial crisis. The sacrifice of Ahmadis fills hearts with praise of God. As an aside, Hudhur said there is no telling where the financial crisis will lead and how intense it will get. While there is no need panic, Ahmadis should definitely stock few days’ dry food supply at home at all times as a precautionary measure. Hudhur explained that underdeveloped countries are used to such situations and people make some provision or the other but here [in the West] people do not know what such a crisis entails. The last crisis they faced was in WWII and their new generation has no idea of what can come to pass. Hudhur said while taking the precautionary step of stocking some food supply, we should also pray that may God enable the world to recognise their Creator and is saved from chastisement.

Hudhur expounded some incidents of financial giving of the Community.

Our missionary from Ivory Coast writes that someone took his Bai’at in 2009 and promptly started giving chanda by the prescribed rate. One day he was citing the blessings of such giving when a person who had taken his Bai’at earlier, in 2004, also decided to increase his chanda. He had not yet made the payment of chanda when he noticed that his income increased extraordinarily. He went to see the missionary sahib and doubled the amount of chanda that he had earlier increased and started the payment.

Missionary sahib of Guinea Conakry writes that a young man came into the Community after Tabligh was done to him over a long period of time. He was an architect engineer who worked in a construction company on ordinary pay. Upon his asking he was informed of the significance of Wasiyyat chanda, chanda aam and chanda Jalsa Salana as these were fixed in the lifetime of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). He promptly agreed to pay Wasiyyat chanda but was explained about first joining the scheme. He joined Wasiyyat and immediately started paying one tenth of his income. He also participated in other financial giving. After a short while he started his own business and is now the owner of the company and is well known in the entire country for his honesty. He openly expresses to everyone that all this is through the blessings of joining the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and the Wasiyyat scheme.

Missionary sahib of Ghana writes that an Ahmadi wrote to him that he happened to be in a far flung area where he said his Salat in the open under hot sun and thought that a mosque should be built in the area. He accomplished this and the mosque he built accommodates 300 worshippers. Currently minarets of the mosque are being constructed. It is very difficult to arrange for the transportation of building material for the construction of the mosque in the far off area but the sincere Ahmadi is organising it successfully and at great cost.

Sadr Lajna of Ivory Coast writes that at the 50 years Jubilee of Ivory Coast Jama’at an appeal was made for the construction of mosque. Many Lajna members pledged a hundred thousand of the local currency and the Tehrike Jadid secretary, who is a very sincere member, even made the payment in full. Hudhur said this is a huge amount for an African country.

The Ameer sahib of Burkina Faso writes that after hearing the speech of a missionary sahib someone decided that although he was poor, he would increase his monthly chanda to a thousand of the local currency. Rainy season followed and although people were bothered by it, his crop grew very well. His faith in paying chanda also enhanced and he promised to increase his Tehrike Jadid chanda. His crops yielded extraordinarily well and he doubled his Tehrike Jadid contribution.

Ameer sahib Burkina Faso writes that an elderly person is the only Ahmadi in his family. He was not very regular in his Salat due to old age and many illnesses and was sad about it. This year after he took his Bai’at he paid 70,000 in local currency in chanda. No sooner had he made the contribution that his prolonged illness improved and not only did he start saying Salat regularly, he even offers Tahajjud. He believes all this is with the blessing of financial giving.

Ameer sahib Australia writes that after the commencement of Tehrike Jadid year in November 2010 in light of Hudhur’s instruction all the local branches were asked to increase their Tehrike Jadid contributions. Melbourne promised to double their contribution. They worked very hard and with God’s grace increased their Tehrike Jadid by 164% while the increase by Canberra was 75%.

Tehrike Jadid inspector from India reports that during a tour of Tamil Nadu a Tarbiyyati meeting was held in which information was given about Tehrike Jadid. After the meeting promises were taken for the next year. One person pledged 20,000. Another person pledged 100,000. At that time he had his two little girls with him who are Waqfe Nau. As soon as he got home, he rang to say that his daughters had felt his pledge was not sufficient, therefore he asked for his pledge to be changed to 150,000. Also in India when our Tehrike Jadid representative toured Kashmir he met an elderly person who was making ends meet on government pension. His medication cost more than his pension therefore it was not considered appropriate to increase his contribution. However, he enquired the purpose of the visit of the Tehrike Jadid representative and when he learned that the proposed increase was in light of Hudhur’s instruction, he said as long as he lived he would abide by Hudhur’s call. Not only did he increase his contribution in compliance with Hudhur’s instruction, he also made payment of half of it.

The additional Vakilul Maal in Pakistan writes that an Ahmadi from Sind had pledged 50,000, although the situation in Sind had been difficult due to heavy rains. Vakilul Maal sahib asked him that although heavy rains had affected the crops as he was a well-off person his pledge should have been higher. He increased his pledge to 500,000 and paid in cash. A few days later, he rang and said that the Vakilul Maal sahib had gone to him as a representative of the Khalifa of the time and the spirit of his pledge of Bai’at demanded that his contribution was higher, so he pledged a million. Later, his wife wished to donate her jewellery to Tehrike Jadid. He rang to say that she insisted the jewellery was handed over the same evening although he had told her that the situation was not safe and he would take the jewellery in the morning but she insisted it was done right away. Hudhur said any giving gains acceptance in God’s sight when one makes an intention. Given the situation around, one should not get emotional in this way and should be careful. It is God grace that all remained well but one should not put oneself in a hazardous situation needlessly.

Our missionary in Kazakhstan writes that a new convert Ahmadi has donated a plot of land for the main mosque and a mission house. He also purchased a building for the Community. He purchased a second plot of land for a mosque in another city. His giving was to the tune of 495,000 dollars.

Tehrike Jadid secretary of Germany reports that a lady gave € 1000 for Tehrike Jadid, money she had kept to buy jewellery. Many Lajna in Germany gave their jewellery in Tehrike Jadid funds. He also reports that on one of his tours, someone gave him a piece of paper with a message on it that he pledged € 20,000 for Tehrike Jadid but wished to do so anonymously. He said he related this in another place he visited. There too a person gave him a slip of paper with the message that he wished to donate € 21,000 to Tehrike Jadid anonymously.

Hudhur said these are just a few incidents from many more and perhaps are not exceptionally faith-inspiring as Hudhur had chosen them randomly and not in any order.

Next Hudhur announced the start of the 78th Tehrike Jadid year. According to reports received so far the total contributions worldwide for last year stand at £6,631,000.00. This is an increase of £1,162,000.00 from the contribution of the year before and is the biggest annual increase ever. The number of contributors also increased last year as did the level of contributions in spite of the worsening financial situation, especially that in Europe. Just as the global financial crisis has not affected Tehrike Jadid contributions, may God not let this crisis be an impediment in our other plans. Despite the severe financial situation in Pakistan, the Jama’at there has maintained its first position in Tehrike Jadid contributions. USA comes second, Germany third and the UK fourth. The year before UK was in second position but Germany worked very hard last year. Canada took fifth position, India sixth, Indonesia seventh, Australia eight, an Arab country Hudhur did not wish to name ninth and Switzerland tenth. In per capita contributions, apart from the Arab country, USA was significant with £118 per head, followed by Switzerland. With the grace of God 109,000 new contributors joined Tehrike Jadid last year. Hudhur said this number can still be improved. Hudhur had asked the African countries to improve in this department and the country that made the most significant improvement was Nigeria. Among the African countries the first three positions went to Ghana, Mauritius and Nigeria. The Gambia and Burkina Faso also tried well. In Pakistan the first three positions went to Lahore, Rabwah and Karachi. In USA, the following Jama’ats were top of the league: LA Inland Empire, Detroit, Silicon Valley, Chicago West, Harrisburg, Dallas, LA West, Boston, Silver Spring and Potomac. In UK the top ten Jama’ats were: Fazl Mosque, New Malden, Worcester Park, Cheam, Scunthorpe, Mosque West, West Hill, Baitul Futuh, Raynes Park and Manchester South. Among the regions in the UK, the first three were; London, North East and Midlands. Among small majalis, the first few were: Bromley, Lewisham, Leamington Spa, Wolverhampton and Spen Valley. In Canada the following Jama’ats were the first few: Edmonton, Vaughan West, Peace Village West, Surrey East and Saskatoon. India stood in sixth position, but Hudhur said this is the place where Qadian is and where the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace)’s advent took place, thus Hudhur mentioned the first few districts: Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Bengal, Karnataka, Orissa, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. In cities the following were among the top of the league: Kerala, Calicut, Hyderabad, Calcutta, Kannur Town, Qadian, Chennai and Delhi.

Hudhur said there have been extraordinary increases in Tehrike Jadid contributions. This fund is central and individual countries have no share in it. The expenses of underdeveloped countries as well as those of the centre are met with it. However, due to the extraordinary increases Hudhur graciously gave a portion to the countries making the leading contributions. USA made an increase of £188,000 and Hudhur gave them $100,000. Germany has increased by more than 300,000 and is given € 150,000. Hudhur said these funds are for the construction of mosques in USA and Germany. The increase of UK is also significant and is thus given £50,000 for building of mosques as now UK is also focussed on building mosques.

Hudhur concluded on prayer that may God bless this in every way and may He enable us to make greater sacrifices in future.

Hudhur announced that after Salat he would lead funeral Prayer in absentia of Masood Ahmad Khan Dehlwi sahib, who passed away on 3 Nov at the age of 91. His father and grandfather both were companions of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Dehlwi sahib dedicated his life in 1944 and Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II (may Allah be pleased with him) made him assistant editor of Al Fazl. He also served as the editor. He remained associated with the newspaper for 43 years. He was a pious and simple person who attended the Jalsa in Germany regularly. During Hudhur’s recent German tour Hudhur broke with his tradition of not meeting people in the mosque and met with him after one Friday Prayers. This was his last meeting with Hudhur. May God elevate his station in Paradise.


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