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Salam’s body taken to Rabwah

DAWN, Monday 25 November 1996, Karachi, Pakistan.

Staff Reporter

LAHORE, Nov. 24: A large number of relatives, friends and admirers received the body of the Nobel laureate Dr Abdus Salam at the Lahore airport on Sunday morning.

The body reached the Lahore airport at around 8:45am. Among those who received it was former Atomic Energy Commission Chairman Dr Muneer Ahmad Khan. Lahore Commissioner Salman Siddique and DIG Tariq Parvez represented the Punjab government.

Twenty one family members and close friends of Dr Abdus Salam have taken the body to Pakistan from London for burial in Rabwah. They include his two sons, two sons-in-law, three daughters and wife.

The body was taken out of the airport through the VVIP gate and driven to Jamaat-i-Ahmadia’s centre in Garhi Shahu, Darul Zikr, for allowing the people to have the last glimpse of the mortal remains of the Nobel laureate.

Many people had gone to the place to see the face of the man who earned international fame for Pakistan in the world of science. They made a bee-line to pay homage to the body of Dr Abdus Salam placed in the main hall of Darul Zikr.

The body was taken to Rabwah by road by a large number of people at around 2pm where it would be buried at 10am on Monday.