What example of kalima tayyiba has been given in the form of a tree and what are its signs?

The Holy Quran tells us that a word of faith which is free from every extreme and defect and falsehood and vanity and is perfect in every Was is like a tree which is free from every defect, the root of which is firm he the earth and its branches spread into heaven. It brings forth its fruit at all times and at no time are its branches without fruit (14:25-26). Thus it will be seen that God Almighty has described a word of faith as a tree that bears fruit at all times and has set forth three of its characteristics.

The first is that its root, that is to say, its true meaning should be firm he the earth, meaning that its truth and reality should be acceptable to human nature and conscience.

Its second characteristic is that its branches should spread out into heaven, meaning that it should be supported by reason and should be in accord with the heavenly law of nature which is the work of God. In other words the law of nature should furnish arguments be support of its correctness and truth, and those arguments should be beyond the reach of criticism.

Its third characteristic should be that its fruit should be permanent and unlimited that is to say, the blessings and effects of acting upon it should Continue to be manifested at all times and should not cease to be manifested after a period.

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