What proof has been given in the Quran for the existence of revelation?

In short, if God Almighty designs to bestow perfect understanding upon His seekers then He has certainly kept open the way of converse with them. In this context God, the Glorious, has taught us the supplication in the Holy Quran: Guide us along the path of those upon whom Thou hast bestowed Thy favors (1:6-7). Here by divine favors is meant heavenly knowledge by way of revelation and visions that are bestowed directly upon man. At another place it is said: Upon those who, having believed in God, continue to be steadfast, descend God's angels reassuring them: Fear not, nor grieve, and rejoice in the paradise that you have been promised (41:31). Here it is clearly stated that the righteous servants of God receive revelation from God at times of fear and grief and angels descend upon them to reassure them. At another place it is said: that the friends of God receive glad tidings in this life through revelation and converse with God and will also have the same experience in the hereafter (10:65).

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