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Question and Answer Session (24 Nov 1991) with Hadhrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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Q1 @ 00:05 If Holy Prophet(saw) was a perfect man why would his sins be needed forgiven for future?

Q2 @ 06:05 About prophet Jonah(as) and Jesus(as) with reference to 3 days and 3 nights sign mentioned in Bible, how we can present this in tabligh and did Jonah(as) spent 3 days and nights?

Q3 @ 18:45 All Muslims who have not accepted the Promised Messiah(as) are spiritual orphans. Question about Russia and Bulgaria.

Q4 @ 33:40 We know that God can do anything but He does so within the laws of nature. So can we understand the birth of Jesus(as), was it supernatural? Secondly when we read Holy Quran it appears that miracles are supernatural? Explanation of Miracles with reference to Hadhrat Moses(as).

Q4 @ 1:08:30 A Catholic friend wants guidance how can he satisfy his heart about Islam.