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Dreams Foretelling the Fifth Khilafat

Seen before the Elections

by Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Imam Fazl Mosque, London

This is English translation of an article published in the December 2005 Jalsa Salana special number of weekly Badr, by Ataul Mujeeb Rashed, Imam London Mosque, Qadian. English translation has been done by Mr. Asif Omer of North New Jersey.

In Ayat Istakhlaf (Surah Al-Nur, Verse 56), believers have been given the glad tiding that as long as they remain on the path of righteousness, Allah will reward them with the establishment of Khilafat. This verse is clear in its declaration that a Khalifa is appointed by Allah Himself. The believers are given an opportunity to express their choice but there can be little doubt that they settle and agree on the person who is already the choice of the Almighty.

Allah further gives strength to the believers by informing some men, women and even children among them, in various degrees of clarity, of his choice so that later they can bear witness as the events unfold. This gives tremendous strength to their faith. It has been observed that these fortunate individuals keep this knowledge privy, treating it as a trust and sharing it only with some close associates.

Prior to the Fifth Khilafat, there were hundreds of people who were shown clear dreams as to the outcome. A selection from among those is being presented here:


Mr Maqsoodul Haq son of Late Maulana Abul Munir Noorul Haq writes in a letter dated August 28, 2003:

“Today I called my mother to confirm the following as narrated by her: ‘around two to three years before your father’s demise (December 30th, 1995), on waking up in the morning he told me that in a dream he saw a room with family members of the Promised Messiah(as) sitting in a circle. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih  III(rh)  arrives  carrying two necklaces in his hands, one small and the other one large. He looks at the people and puts the larger necklace on Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib and the smaller on some other elderly gentleman. After having narrated his dream your fa ther said that it seems that Allah intends to place an important responsibility on these two individuals. He further said that he is sharing his dream with me since he may not be alive when this comes to pass.’ My mother said that though he may have used different words but the meaning was as mentioned.”


Mr Ikram Ullah Cheema of Germany writes to Huzoor:

“In 1997 I saw a dream that you are visiting my home in Rabwah wearing ‘Huzoor’s’ turban and are also dressed like ‘Huzoor’. I address you as ‘Huzoor’. I ask, where is the bodyguard? Then I ask how did this come to pass?  You respond that it is a blessing of Allah upon yourself.  For a moment I feel as if you are lost in the feeling of gratitude to your Lord.  I touch your arm  and that brings you around and you start walking again. In the dream I am told that your name is Masroor Ahmad. I had never met you before. I swear upon  God that when after a gap of ten years I was visiting Rabwah I saw you and found you as I had seen you in the dream.  In  the  dream your countenance had a light to it that I have not seen before.”


Mr Shaikh Umar Ahmad Munir son of Late Mr Shaikh Noor Ahmad Munir of Rawalpindi writes:

“I swear in the name of Allah that in December 1999 I saw the following dream: I am entering the mosque in Islamabad (Pakistan) and see Mr Ayubi (driver of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III(rh)) outside a large room. I ask him why he is standing outside when everyone is praying inside. He says that he is on guard for the one who is going to be the Khalifa. I say that I would also like to see the person who is going to be the next Khalifa. On my insistence he makes me promise that I will not tell anyone. When I enter the room I see Sahibzada Mirza Masroor  Ahmad and with that I woke up.”


Ms Amatul Naseer Munir of Mohalla Darul Nasr Wasti, Rabwah, writes:

“In 1999, in the month when Sahibzada Mirza Ghulam Qadir Sahib was martyred, I saw (in a dream) that I enter a room. Inside it is not a room but a large hall. I take a few steps inside and see that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) is taking the Urdu class with his face towards the door. I hear a call from outside and turn to look but do not see anyone. When I turn back towards Huzoor I see that he has disappeared and his place has been taken by another middle-aged  person. I look very closely at him and then wake up. Dear Huzoor, I have not told this dream to anyone. I tearfully and fervently kept praying to Allah for the identity of the person I had seen.  One day I came to the office of Ameer Muqami with a request on behalf of our Halqa Lajna regarding the use of your property in Ahmad Nagar. As I entered, and you looked up, I was suddenly drenched in sweat from top to bottom, as the face which I had seen in that dream was yours.”


Mr Nasir Mahmood Ahmad writes in his letter dated May 10, 2003:

“Two years ago when I was working at Kanakri, in a dream I saw someone show me a large framed picture. The picture was that of a man wearing a turban. ‘Who is this?’, I ask. A voice replies that this is the next Khalifa. I ask his name. And the voice says, ‘Mirza Masroor Ahmad.’ Next day I related this dream to Maulana Khushi Muhammad Shakir, Missionary of Guinea Kanakri. He told me to refrain from spreading it until the event comes to pass. After the demise of the Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) but before the election I did tell my mother about it.”


Ms Amatul Musawwir of Darul Uloom Sharqi, Rabwah writes in her letter dated January 21, 2004:

“I wish to narrate my dream that I saw on April 23rd, 2002. I see that I am listening to the Friday sermon being delivered by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh). All of a sudden he disappears and in his place Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib starts giving the sermon. When I begin listening to the sermon I am alone, but when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) disappears I see that a number of women are sitting in front of me. I ask what happened, a moment ago the fourth Khalifa was giving the sermon, who is this person giving the sermon instead? They tell me that this person is our Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. I related this dream to my cousin on 25th April 2002 who told me to keep it to myself as it was a sacred trust from God.”


Dr Haroon Sharif Randhawa of Wah Cantt, District Rawalpindi in his letter dated April 25, 2005 writes: 

“I wish to narrate a dream I saw about a year ago during my stay at Kamrah. I see a room where Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) is meeting people. The room is sparsely and simply decorated. There is a conference table in the middle, with chairs lined up only on one side. On  one of these chairs Huzoor is seated. In front of him about seven or eight elderly people are sitting in chairs, wearing turbans. People are lined up and are in  turn  meeting  Huzoor  and shaking hands with him. When my turn comes  and I raise  my gaze to look at him, I see that he  has been replaced with Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib, who is meeting people and wearing a turban and is sitting on the same chair. At this I woke up and told my wife about it.”


Mr Muhammad Sharif Odeh, Ameer of Kababir, Palestine, in his letter dated May 28, 2005 writes (the original letter is in Arabic, this translation is from its Urdu rendering):

“In May 2002 I recommended to a Palestinian friend (Amjad Kameel) that he should participate in the Jalsa Salana of UK of that year. He said that he would let me know after istikharah on this matter. A few days later he told me that in a dream he sees himself in London and is meeting the Khalifa but instead of Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad Sahib, some other person  is the Khalifa.  He proceeded to describe him as having a short beard, and described his eyes etc. I told him that I did not want to know, but understood it to be an indication of the demise of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh). Soon I forgot all about it. In April 2003  when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) passed away I was informed over the telephone by Mr Ataul Mujeeb Rashid about my membership in the Khilafat Committee. I was very nervous given the gravity of this task and involved myself in much prayer. When we reached London, and before the election were lined up for entering the mosque for the Maghrib and Isha  Prayers I happened to look  behind me and saw the individual whom I had the intention to vote for.  I felt  it inappropriate  to  be standing ahead of him so I left my spot and went to the rear. At that moment two individuals arrived, one was Chaudhary Hameedullah Sahib, and the other person I did not know. But his sight much impressed me and affected my heart like a current. I started wondering as to who was this person? I was so deeply moved with this thought that I doubted my very ability to survive. During the election proceedings I saw Mirza Masroor Ahmad and recognized him as the same person whose sight had touched my heart so profoundly. I raised my hand to vote for him and noticed that the majority had voted for him as well. At this my sentiments of deep anguish was suddenly lifted and I felt such happiness as I have never felt in all my life. Upon my return to Palestine I met Mr Amjad Kameel at the home of Mr Hani Tahir. He did not have MTA in his home and had not yet seen the picture of Huzoor. During that meeting I showed him the photograph of Huzoor, upon seeing it he blurted out that this was the same person he had seen in his dream. Even the coat and the chair were the same!  I say to the doubters that if Allah does  not appoint the Khalifa, then who showed Mr Amjad Kameel his image, and who is the one that made me leave my spot in the lines and led me to the rear where I saw the face which moved me so deeply, a person that was totally unknown to me?”


Mr Muhammad Abdullah Sipra of Germany writes to Huzoor about the following two dreams:

“A few months before the demise of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh), I was packing for my visit to Pakistan and it was getting quite late in the night. I lay down and fell asleep. I see that I   am in a large room. On the wall is a picture of the Promised Messiah(as) and below it in order are the pictures of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I(ra), Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra), Hazrat Khalifatul Masih III(rh), Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) and after it is the picture of Sahibzada Mirza Mian Masroor Ahmad Sahib. I start reciting the Durood Sharif.  I notice that there is a light coming  out of the picture of Hazrat Mian Sahib. I look intently and wonder if it is a picture or is it Hazrat Mian Sahib in person. I see it move and I say that it is Mian Sahib himself. With that I woke up. I was reciting the Durood Sharif loudly”

“A day after the death of Hazrat Khalifatuil Masih IV(rh) my 13 year old daughter, Maryam, saw in a dream that Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has become the Khalifa.”


Mr Mubashir Ahm-ad Tahir Sahib murabbi district Lodhran, Pakistan, writes in his letter dated April 28, April 2003:

“It was towards the end of February 2003 and I saw in a dream that Hazrat  Khalifatul  Masih IV(rh) has died. I was much aggrieved and kept crying  so much  so that  I could  feel  real tears as well and was saying who will be the Khalifa now that Huzoor has died?  It was then put   in my heart that it will be Mirza Masoor Ahmad. I narrated this dream to the District Ameer, Chaudhary Munir Ahmad Sahib.”


Mr Shaikh Nisar Ahmad of Samanabad, Lahore, in his letter dated April 26, 2003 writes:

“About a month ago, I saw in dream that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) has passed away and Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has been elected the Khalifa… I narrated this dream to my mother and wife… I swear in the name of the Almighty God that I have described the dream as I saw it.”


Mrs Naseera Liaqat of Darul Rehmat Gharbi Alif, Rabwah, writes in her letter dated April 26, 2003:

“Huzoor: in the days of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV’s(rh) illness and operation I saw a dream which I wish to relate to you. I was praying one night for the health of Huzoor when I fell asleep and in the dream I say to myself, ‘Alas, Huzoor has died… now Mian Masroor will be the Khalifa.’ This woke me up and I was deeply agitated. I continued with my prayers until Huzoor was restored to health after the operation. I understood Masroor to mean ‘happiness’ in the dream, and I was of course very happy that God had brought Huzoor back to health. When I learnt of the unexpected death of Huzoor, my heart trembled, and I remembered my dream. That night I wrote your name on a piece of paper and locked it and gave the key to my daughter. I  told her to keep it as a trust and to open it only when I told her. When God gave us the blessing of Khilafat once more, and your name was announced, I said Alhamdolillah and told my daughter to go read what was on that paper, as it would strengthen her belief that the Khalifa is made by God.”


Mr Syed Hameed-ul-Hasan, Zaeem Ansarullah, Sambrial, District Sialkot, writes:

“In the days of the illness of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh), my son, Syed Saeed- ul-Hasan Sajid who is the Murabbi of Changa Bangial, District Rawalpindi, was visiting me. I had a  dream one night where I see a meeting of the Jama’at taking place in a large hall. The hall has a stage, and on it are various elders and scholars of the jamaat. I notice that Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad Sahib, is wearing the Khilafat turban. I am puzzled by this and I ask someone whether Sahibzada Sahib has become the Khalifa? I am told, not yet, there is still some time.  I  say that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) is getting better. I am told that there is yet time, but he (Mirza Masroor) will be Khalifa. I woke up … and related this dream to the Murabbi of Changa Bangial.”


Mr Muhammad Dawood Nauman of Hyderabad, India, writes:


“On the night of 22nd April, all of us were watching the live MTA telecast. I was among the viewers and was engrossed in prayers. The Khilafat Committee was in session and the election process had started. At 2:15 am I said a few nafals, and at the conclusion was reciting various short Arabic prayers as I usually do. When I reached out to fold the prayer-mat I saw in a clear vision three hands, two of which belonged to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh), and the third belonged to the new Khalifa. I also saw that Huzoor is transferring  the ring  which  he used  to wear in his right hand to the right hand of the new Khalifa. On the back of the right hand of the new Khalifa I clearly see a black mark. About two and half hours after seeing this vision when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba) raised his hands for prayers after having taken the bai’at I could see a black mark on one of the fingernails of his right hand. All of us here saw that mark.”


Ms Amatul Rehman of Khairpur, Sind, Pakistan, writes in her letter dated April 24, 2003:

“On the night of 19th and 20th April 2003, I saw in a dream a large room in which Khilafat Committee is in session. Members of the Committee are seated on chairs around a large table. Two names are proposed for the Khalifa, one is Mian Masroor Ahmad, and the other I have forgotten. I did not know you at that time … On one side of the table there are two piles of cast ballots. One is very small and the other about three times or more  in size.  The ballots  in the  larger pile carry the name of Mian Masroor Ahmad. I ask that who has been elected the Khalifa? A person sitting to the left of chairman responds that Mian Masroor Ahmad has more votes.   This was when I woke up.”


Mr Mahmood Ahmad Khalid, Muallim Waqf-e-Jadeed, Shadiwal, District Gujrat writes in his letter dated April 28, 2003:

“The death of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) has deeply grieved the worldwide Ahmadiyya community… In this anguish I switched off the television at 11:45 pm and lay down. It was the night of 21st April. I saw in a dream that Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad is being helped in wearing the coat and the ring of the Promised Messiah(as). At this I woke up. Again I fell asleep and the same dream was repeated. When I woke up this time it was 2:30 am. That morning I wrote what I had seen in a diary. I said to my wife that Allah had told me about the new Khalifa in a dream that night. She wanted to know who it was, but I did not tell her anything. She kept insisting but I still would not tell her. I told her, however, that I had written it down and would  show it to her after the election. She asked if it was someone from the family (of the Promised Messiah(as)), and I said that it was. On the night of April 22nd, many people were  keeping  awake and were watching TV. At 1:00 am, two ladies arrived at our home to watch the MTA. At 3:40 am when Imam Sahib announced the name of Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, I spontaneously cried out Allaho Akbar, and ran to fetch the diary and showed it to everyone that this was the same name that Allah had made me write,  Alhamdolillah.  I was crying tears of joy.  My wife  and the two ladies were also happy and bewildered. I had my wife, Nasira Mahmood, and the  two ladies, Bushra Nasrullah and Mubashira Nasrullah sign that particular page of the diary where I had described the dream.”

“Where every Ahmadi was joyous on the election of the new Khalifa, and in accordance with Allah’s promise their state of fear had been changed to that of peace, my own happiness knew no bounds. A worthless and insignificant non-entity like me had been treated with such generosity by Allah. He had informed me in advance about the most honored of all people in the world. And not only that, He had also made me write that honored name. It was not just a precious moment for me, but was also a great honor, that indeed the Kind and Gracious God had treated me with such affection.”


Ms Hina Zafar Hashmi of Lahore writes in her latter dated May 29, 2003:

“At the time of the death of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh), there were repeated announcements on MTA asking everyone to pray for Allah’s guidance during the election. I was also praying in every Salat and also otherwise kept myself occupied in prayers.  My prayer was  that though there is no doubt that Allah makes a Khalifa, but that He may also guide the people who were part of the process. At night I would keep repeating this prayer while lying down. On two consecutive nights I saw the following dreams: On the first day I saw some people sitting on a charpai (string-bed). Someone tells me, pointing to one of them, that he has been made the Khalifa. I see that he is wearing a black cap and he is looking down so that I cannot see the face. In front of him is the coffin of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh).”

“Next day, a few hours before the election I fell asleep for a little while, when I saw  someone giving me a piece of paper. Upon it, in beautiful English  script,  is written  a single  line of text.  It is in English, but I read it out in Urdu:  ‘Mirza Masroor Ahmad has been elected the  new Khalifa.’ I woke up and offered the Fajr prayers and turned on MTA. Huzoor, it was showing your picture wearing a black cap and praying with your hands covering your face. I

took this to be the fulfillment of my dream. It was also showing a caption with your name on it. This way Allah fulfilled both of my dreams.”


Mr Mubashir Ahmad Tariq of Nazarat Dawat-il-Allah, Rabwah writes:

“The Khilafat Committee was in session. I was in the mosque and fell asleep. In a dream I hear a voice saying that the election has concluded and Khalifatul Masih has been elected. I ask, who? I clearly hear the response: ‘Masroor Ahmad’. With that I woke up.”


Miss Amtul Qudoos Shaukat daughter of Mr Abdul Sattar Khan Murabbi, of  Rabwah, writes in her letter dated 25th April 2003:

“On 20th April 2003, after Zohar prayers I fell asleep. In a dream I see a large crowd. My family members are all there. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) is wearing a white achkan and is smiling.  I am standing close to him.  Hazrat Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad is in front of the crowd and is greeting everyone by waving his hands. Everyone looks very happy. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) tells me to pass some letters requesting prayers to Huzoor (i.e. Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad), and says that Allah is so very Generous (Kareem). I step forward and give a white envelope containing the letters to Huzoor (Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba)).  He  looks at me affectionately and takes the envelope from me.”


Mr Hidayat Ullah Pir Koti, Naseerabad Sultan, Rabwah, in a letter to Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba), writes:

“On the night of 20th April I saw a dream that I am in London. People are gathered around the funeral of Huzoor. I hear the voice of Huzoor saying: ‘why are you all so worried? Bury me here in London.’ When I look the other way, I see you wearing the Khilafat turban. I feel happy and say to myself that I have not seen you wearing a turban before. After this I woke up.”


Ms Irshad Begum of Muridkay, District Shei-khupura writes in her letter:

“This was the third night after the death of Huzoor. I saw in a dream two cars. I am in the one which is behind. I see Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) pass me in a car and I catch his glimpse. There are others in the car as well. Huzoor(rh) places his hands on one of the men and  says that after me ‘Aijaz’ should be appointed Khalifa.  When this man looks back I see a mole  on his face.  There is also a black mark on the little finger of his left hand.   When you assumed   the office of the Khilafat, I recognized you as the same person I had seen in that dream. I also noticed the identifying marks in the same two places as I was shown by Allah in the dream. I  was overjoyed to see this and was thankful to Allah.”


Mr Sher Ali Khan Basharat of USA, son of Subedar Abdul Ghafoor Khan of Topi, writes to Huzoor(aba) in his letter dated June 24, 2005:

“It was God Himself who gave me the good news of Huzoor’s Khilafat. A short while before the election, I dozed off three times. The first time when I woke up I was saying  ‘Masroor Ahmad.’ The second time I said, ‘Mirza Masroor Ahmad,’ and the third time I said ‘Mirza Masroor Ahmad, Zindabad’ There is no other explanation for this except that it was through God’s own will. I had not met you before the Khilafat, nor was there any notable connection that would remind me of you. This was Allah congratulating before the election. It was also a denial of any doubt.”


Mr Naeem Ahmad Waraich, Missionary Incharge, Holland, in his letter of June 2, 2005, writes to Huzoor(aba):

“A day before the election I lay down after Fajr Prayer and the following unforgettable vision came before my eyes: Huzoor(aba) and Mr Syed Khalid Ahmad Shah are standing together.  A ray of white light descends from the heavens and illumines Huzoor’s face. After this I was convinced that the Fifth Khalifa of Ahmadiyyat will be Mirza Masroor Ahmad. These days Huzoor’s countenance shines with the same light that I had seen descend from the heavens.”


Mr Masood Ahmad Mubarik, driver Nazarat Umoor Amma, Rabwah, write to Huzoor(aba):

“In April 2003, about ten to fifteen days before you became the Khalifa I saw a dream, about which I told my mother and a few friends. I saw myself standing to the east of the newly built car porch at the offices of Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya. You are facing east and I am facing west. You are in pants and shirt, wearing a Jinnah cap. You are saying something to me. I have  to look up to talk to you since you are very tall. While I am thinking in the dream that how come you are so tall, I see a white light descend slowly from the heavens, swirling like a football, and getting absorbed in your face. Again the light shines and descends and gets absorbed in your blessed countenance. I woke up, it was Fajr Prayer time.”


Mr Muhammad Safdar Rana of Germany, currently residing in London, descri bes a dream of his wife, Mrs Tahira Rana: 

“Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) is present in a large ground full of people. Everyone is looking very sad. The scene changes and people start making lines for prayers. It appears that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) would be leading the  prayers.  When  namaz begins,  from  the voice of the Imam it is apparent that it is some other person. I am unable to tell the identity of this person. After namaz, Huzoor is seated on a charpai. Under it a clear and pure spring is flowing. I say salam to Huzoor and he responds affectionately. I request him to pray for my children so Allah may bless them. Huzoor points with his right hands behind him and says, ‘From now, tell this to Masroor.’ I woke up. God is my witness that I had never seen you before.”


Mrs Amatul Latif Zirvi wife of Dr Karimullah Zirvi of New Jersey, USA, writes in her letter dated November 14, 2005: 

“Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) passed away on 19th April 2003. The next day on the morning of the 20th April I was lying down after Fajr Prayer and fell asleep. I saw in a dream that the election of the new Khalifa is taking place and , it is announced that Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad has been elected as the Khalifatul Masih. I woke up.  That morning I related  this dream to my husband Dr Karimullah Zirvi. Later that day when my younger brother Athar Malik called me over the telephone I narrated the dream to him as well.”


Mr Jamaluddin of Model Colony, Karachi, writes to Huzoor in his letter dated February 7, 2004:

“I was much aggrieved by the death of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) and I was tearfully praying to Allah that He may guide us in the Khilafat election. The next day at Tahajjud I was praying for Allah’s favor when I heard a voice repeat three times, ‘Masroor’, ‘Masr-oor’, ‘Masroor’. I said aloud Alhamdolillah. My wife, who was still living at that time, asked me as to what was the matter. When I told her she said that this was a blessing. At that time I was not even aware of yo ur name.”


Mr Mansoor Ahmad son of Mr Naseer Ahmad of Quetta, Pakistan, writes to Huzoor in his letter dated June 7, 2003:

“I wish to relate a dream which I saw a day before Huzoor’s election to Khilafat. It is an undeniable proof that a Khalifa is made by God. On the night of April 21st, 2003, I saw that Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) after leading prayers is sitting on a bed and says, ‘Give me your hand Masroor so I can put the ring on you’. Thereafter Huzoor puts the ring on your little finger. That morning I told my family about this dream. This includes the following individuals: My father, my mother, my wife, my son Mahfooz Bashir Ahmad, my elder brother Mr Tahir Ahmad, his children and my sister- in- law Mrs Qudsia Tahir. By the Grace of Allah this dream was fulfilled on the night of April 22nd, when at 3:40 am the whole world witnessed it. Alhamdolillah Ala Zalik.


Mr Muhammad Dawood Bhatti, Murabbi District Sanghar, writes:

“Mr Maqsood Ahmad of Fatehpur, District Sanghar saw a dream before the Khilafat election that people are giving votes to Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad. Sahibzada Sahib says that he is weak. After which he woke up.”


Mrs Bushra Abbas Salman of Ontario, Canada writes in a letter to Huzoor(aba):

“My sister- in- law Mubashira lives in Rochester, USA. She saw in a dream that her aunt, Aisha, tells her to tell Muslim’s son, Umar, that Masroor has been elected. Muslim is my  brother- in- law and Umar his son, lives in Norway. In this way Allah let us know that you will be the Khalifa and thus strengthened our faith.”


Mrs Bushra Tayyab Yusuf of Bahrain in her letter dated April 23, 2003 writes to Huzoor:

“I was deeply aggrieved by the demise of my dear Imam and benefactor, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh). In this situation I kept myself engaged in prayers day and night… I was feeling very weak and during Salat and prayers I was finding it difficult to stay awake. I was momentarily falling asleep and heard myself say ‘Masroor Ahmad’, this feeling stayed with me for a little while.”


Mrs Tahira Rahman, wife of Mr Aziz ur Rahman of Huddresfield, UK, writes in her letter dated April 25, 2003:

“On Wednesday, April 16th, 2003, in a dream I heard a voice say: ‘After Friday will be  much sadness’. Huzoor(rh) passed away on the Saturday 19th April. On Monday, 21st April, in a dream I hear a voice say ‘Masroor Ahmad’.  I ask in anguish ‘Who?’  I woke up, it was 4:30 in   the morning.


Mrs Tasneem Latif daugther of Doctor Abdul Latif of Sargodha, writes from Lahore in a letter dated March 1, 2004:

“On the night of the Khilafat election, my son Shoaib saw a dream. He was in his hostel in Lahore where there is no arrangement for MTA. In the morning when I called him, he said that before I tell him anything about the fifth Khilafat he wanted to relate his dream to me. He said, ‘last night in a dream I saw that Mian Masroor is leaning forward, as if in a ruku, and someone is putting the Khilafat turban on him.’  When I told him about the events, he said that  it is now  clear to him that a Khilafa is made by God.”


Mrs Farzana Ajmal of Para Chinar, District Kohat, Pakistan, writes to Huzoor in a letter dated September 12, 2003:

“When Huzoor was unwell I saw a dream where there is a mosque of Makkah or Rabwah, the sky is very dark and full of stars. There are date palms and camels passing  when  I hear  a voice say inna lillahi wa inna ilaihi raji’oon, Had-hrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad has passed away.

I woke up and went outside to the courtyard and sat down. My brother came and I told him about the dream. He said that Huzoor has been unwell, so your mind is busy with such thoughts. When I returned to sleep, I again saw the same scene. The sky filled with red, green and blue shades that are mixing in each other, and rolling here and there.  Then the movement of the  colors stops and I see all the names of Allah appear one by one, after which the sky clears and the light of early morning appears. I can still see the stars and clouds. A picture appears.  It is  that of the Promised Messiah(as). He is carrying a baby in his arms and there is a child next to him (I have seen that picture in a book). I hear a voice, I do not exactly remember what it said. I hear another voice say that here is the new Khalifa, and with that another picture appears. I look closely and the picture fades away. There is also a name written with that picture.  Both the  name and the picture fade as if ripples in water, but I remember the face and the name. I call on everyone to look in the sky to see the new Khalifa. I woke up.

I called my brother- in-law in Mardan and told him about this dream. I also told Murabbi Sahib about it. He asked me the name and I said it was ‘Masroor’, starting with ‘M’ (meem). He asked me to not tell anyone else and I did not. The day you were elected and when I heard your name and saw you, I began to tremble all over and started crying. The same cloak, the same turban, the same face and the same name. I was much surprised.  I am a sinner, yet Allah  showed me this dream. Please pray for me.”


Mrs Safia Haleema Ismail, whose father was one of the Darwish of Qadian, writes in her letter of October 15, 2003: 

“On the night of April 23rd, 2003, my husband woke my brother- in- law at 3:30 am. He emerged from his room still looking sleepy and said that he had just seen Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) in his dream, where he said that Nazir-e-A’la Rabwah will be the new Khalifa. It was at this time that he was woken up. An hour later MTA announced  the  same.  We were all delighted and prayerful.


Mrs Hameeda Begum of Golarchi, Sind, writes in her letter to Huzoor dated August 10, 2004:

“This is about a dream my youngest son Rizwan Ahmad saw. My apologies for having delayed writing to you on this matter. On the night of the 20th, the day of the death of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh), my son was assigned security duty at our mosque. At 12:00 am when other Khuddam had relieved him from the duty he lay down for a rest and went to sleep. This is how he described his dream: ‘I see people saying that Mirza Masroor Ahmad has been made the Khalifatul Masih and he is seated on a chair near us. His neck, in an unnatural way, begins to elongate upwards. I am much worried, and say to my Qa’id, Shaikh Tahir Ahmad that what is happening?  He says that do you not know that Huzoor is now the Khalifatul Masih and his soul   is changing. After this I woke up’.


Mrs. Sofia Shukoor of Johar Town Lahore, writes in her letter to Huzoor dated May 10th, 2004: “Before the death of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) I saw in dream my paternal  grandfather late Mirza Ahmad Din, of Khanewal and my maternal grandfather Babu Abdul Ghaffar Shaheed, of Hyderabad. They show me four coins, and ask me if I recognize them. I  look carefully and say that these are the four Khulafa, whose faces I can see imprinted on the coins. Then they show me another coin and say that this is the new Khalifa. I am quite  perplexed. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh) then appears and puts his hand over my head and says that this is the new Khalifa and his name is Mian Masroor and that I should obey him and should not grieve, everything will be all right. Then I see you (Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba)) appear. You look affectionately at me. There is a large party of people accompanying you.”


Mr Shaikh Umar Munir son of Late Shaikh Nur Ahmad Munir of Rawalpindi writes: 

“I swear upon God that in January 2003 I saw in a dream that I am offering Jumuah Prayers behind Hazrat Khalifatul Masih IV(rh).  After completing the prayers he looks behind and notices me there. He asks as to when did I arrive? I step forward to kiss his hands. After the handshake he says: ‘Shaikh Sahib, after I am gone you will shake hands with Mirza Masroor Ahmad. In the meanwhile Sahibzada Mirza Masroor Ahmad arrives and stands next to Huzoor. I step forward  to shake his hands and he pats me on my back. After this I woke up.”


Mr Muhammad Ameen Johar, Ameer Mauritious wrote a letter to Huzur dated April 24, 2003. The original letter is in English (this is re-translated from its Urdu rendering): 

“On the night of Saturday I was on my way to London on an Air Mauritius flight. I was praying for help and guidance. Between 1 and 4 am, while still in flight I made eight raka’at tahajjud. Thereafter, I was resting, when the word ‘Masroor’ came to my lips.  At that time I  was convinced that this was a guidance from Allah. I was not much familiar with Huzoor at that time. I had read some reports on his activities as the Nazir-e-Ala and Ameer Muqami. When departing from Mauritius, I had someone else in mind though  I had not shared it with anyone else. When I reached London I noted ‘Masroor’ on a scrap of paper and the time and circumstance when it had occurred to me. I sealed it inside an envelope and handed it to Sadr Khuddam-ul- Ahmadiyya for safe keeping until after the election. This letter was in his possession at the time of election at the London Mosque and had not been opened. In fact he had no idea to its contents. After the election and the bai’at, when we were given permission to disperse I went to him and asked him to open the envelope and see its contents. He was much delighted and surprised to see the name ‘Masroor’ on the paper inside. It is still in his possession and he can bear witness to this matter.”


Mrs Rizwana Shafiq wife of Mr Qazi Shafiq Ahmad, President Jama’at Austria, writes in her letter to me dated October 30, 2005:

“On the day of Huzoor’s death my husband departed for London. I was alone and remained constantly glued to the television. Khilafat Committee was in session and the people outside were anxiously waiting and praying for Allah’s help. Every eye was fixed on the closed doors of the London Mosque. I was very tired and momentarily went into a state that can be described neither as sleep nor wakefulness. In that state I saw a light descend from the heavens and enter the election site. It occurs to me that the Khalifa’s name will begin with the letter ‘M’ (meem in Urdu).  Thereafter,  that light enters a man whose name is ‘Masroor’.  The following words echo   in my heart and also come to my lips: ‘Allah has already made His choice and has filled the heart of that person with light.’ At that moment the vision broke and I retur ned back to full consciousness. I was trembling all over, but internally I was convinced that Allah had made His choice, and now it was only a matter of time before that decision would be revealed. I called my husband who was outside the London Mosque and narrated to him what I had experienced. He then told me that an announcement was being made and asked me to hang up.  The same  was being telecast on the MTA and the very next moment I heard you announce that Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad had been elected the Khalifatul Masih V. May Allah grant him a long, blessed, healthy and wholesome life (Ameen).”

In another letter dated Nov 2nd, 2005 she further explains:

“Before his election I had never even heard of Huzoor. The same was the case with my husband, neither of us knew him in any way. Only after he was elected to his office did we first see him and hear his name. I am convinced that a Khalifa is indeed made by God.”