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A Request for Donations

For an Extension of ‘the House’

In anticipation of the likely dissemination of the plague throughout the country, it has been noted that there is a dire shortage of space in my home, part of which is occupied by male guests and another part by female guests. As you are aware, Allah Exalted be His Glory has promised to especially safeguard all those who dwell within its four walls. My partners in the inheritance of the late Ghulam Haider’s home have agreed to give over to me my stake and sell to me its remaining portion as well. In my view this house, which can become an extension to my home, can be prepared within a cost of two thousand. Since there is a danger that the time of this plague is near and in accordance with the glad-tiding of divine revelation this home will serve as an ark in the storm of this plague, no one knows how many persons might benefit from the promise of this glad-tiding, therefore, this work is of immediate nature. We ought to trust in God who is the Creator, the Provider and the One who sees our good deeds and make every effort in His cause. Although this home of mine is like an ark, it can no longer accommodate any further men or women — therefore an extension is necessary.

 [Peace be on those who follow guidance].

Announced by,

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of Qadian