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MENTAL HEALTH: How can I be happy?

As happiness is something that comes and goes with the ups and downs of life, the Holy Quran focuses on the importance of finding inner peace and tranquility. For example, when we lose a loved one sadness overtakes us, but our hearts can still be at peace if we are firmly grounded in faith. Remembrance of Allah is the key to this, as stated in the Quran, “Surely in Allah’s remembrance do the hearts find peace” (13:29). If you are feeling like you do not belong anywhere, find comfort in your faith and the community around it. You can remember Allah through many avenues. This can be through offering Salat, paying Zakat, and even reading books to increase our own religious knowledge. Even a quick visit to the mosque can offer a sense of belonging.

If boredom is causing you unhappiness, find things to keep yourself busy. This can include focusing on more school work, finding a new job, volunteering more in your community, and so on. Sometimes spending more time with family and friends can help boost your mood as well. If you want to boost your mood by yourself, take up more physical activity. Exercise is a great way to relieve any stress you may have. It can range anywhere from yoga and a hike to swimming and playing a sport. You can also boost your mood by taking up a new hobby through something creative. This can include painting, cooking, and even drawing.

A very easy fix to try and be happy is to be positive. If you wake up and look at everything with a negative outlook on the world, you will ultimately not feel great about your day; however, if you look at life in a positive manner, you may be able to see the good in things. This is closely associated with the concept of shukr (gratefulness) which is heavily emphasized in Islam. Allah says:

لَئِنۡ شَکَرۡتُمۡ لَاَزِیۡدَنَّکُمۡ

That is, “If you are grateful, I will, surely, bestow more favours on you” (Holy Quran, 14:8). An immediate result of gratefulness is that we realize the enormity of God’s blessings no matter what the situation and are saved from taking things for granted.

If something is weighing your mood down, try talking to someone you trust to get your feelings off your chest or write it in a journal. In addition to this, keeping a gratitude journal can also help you remember what things make you happy and give you peace of mind. It is important to remember that every person struggles in their day-to-day life including matters related to wealth and health. Feelings of unhappiness are not uncommon and can happen to everyone at any time. You are not alone. In turn, if you are constantly in a feeling of sadness with no positive change, it may be time to go seek professional help, since this can be a symptom of clinical depression. This can be done easily by going online and finding a therapist in your local area.

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