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Benefits of Social Media

Huzoor-e-Anwar has repeatedly drawn attention to using innovation in communication to strengthen our relationship with religion so that we may gain benefit from the educational and spiritual treasures. These worldly resources are bringing precious souls to the right path leading to Islam.

Blessings of MTA

Muslim Television Ahmadiyya is a source of religious treasure whose blessings are reaching the corners of the earth. Instructing to gain benefit from it, Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“Thus, in the current era media has brought us closer to each other not just within a country but around the world. Unfortunately, rather than bringing us closer to virtues, it has brought us closer to following Satan. Under such circumstances, an Ahmadi should be extremely watchful of his own state. Allah the Exalted has bestowed MTA on us. Allah the Exalted has given us a website for spiritual and educational programs of Jama’at. We can only stay focused on it if we pay full attention to it. This will take us near to God and we will be saved from Satan.”

(Friday Sermon delivered 20 May 2016 at Gottenberg Mosque, Sweden. Published AlFazl International 10 June 2016)

Our leader Hazrat Ameerul Momineen Hazrat Khalifatul Masih V(aba) sent a message to the members of the Jama’at at the occasion of Annual Jalsa Salana Australia held in December 2015. It concluded in these words:

“I have repeatedly drawn the attention of Ahmadis all around the world to watch programs on MTA. Parents should pay attention to this, as well as making sure their children are attached to MTA. This is a spiritual blessing which is the source of your spiritual survival. It will increase your religious knowledge. You will make spiritual progress and have a strong connection with Khilafat. It will also save you from the toxic effect of other worldly channels. May Allah enable you to act on my advice. Ameen”

(Message for Jalsa Salana Australia 24 December 2015. Published AlFazl International 15 July 2016)

On one occasion advising Lajna Ima’illah to gain maximum blessings from MTA, Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“As I have said today we are able to utilize modern technology to convey our teachings. Apart from MTA we also have Jama’at websites through which programs and books filled with knowledge and information are easily available. You must seek to avail these resources and constantly increase in your knowledge. In terms of MTA, every Lajna member should attach themselves to it and be regular in watching its programs. At the very least they should ensure they watch my Friday Sermons and the other programs of Khalifatul Masih. And they should make sure their children also sit and listen. Those girls who have grown up here in the UK should also ensure they are closely attached to MTA and the Jama’at websites. They should make sure they watch the programs of Khalifa of the time as this will be the means of their spiritual and moral development and will increase their religious knowledge.

In all parts of the world people are joining the fold of Ahmadiyyat having recognized its truth by watching MTA. For example, recently a man from an extremely tiny and remote island near France wrote that somehow, he had come across MTA and my sermon was being broadcast. In the sermon I spoke about the death of Jesus Christ(as) and after listening to it the man said he was quite certain it was the correct teaching. He then went on the Internet to research the Jama’at and watched our programs on YouTube. And after doing so he said he was sure of the truth of Ahmadiyyat. And so, with the Grace of Allah he did Bai’at. There are also many Ahmadi women who join our Jama’at and are extremely strong in their faith.”

(Address at Annual Ijtema Lajna Ima’illah UK 25 October 2015. Published AlFazl International 25 March 2016)

MTA is a means to connect with Khilafat

Muslim Television Ahmadiyya is a great blessing from which every advantage should be taken. Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“These days, as presented through earlier examples, many things lead to the displeasure of God. Correct use of these things is not bad; however, their incorrect use leads to spread of foulness, evil and sin. However, the same thing can also be a means of spreading goodness. Television can be a source of knowledge and education, but it can also spread indecency. In these current times, Ahmadiyya Jama’at and Ahmadis are making the best use of the television. I had drawn attention to watching MTA during the days of the Jalsa, and this influenced some people. They have said to me that they did not watch MTA before, but now because of your drawing of our attention to it, we have started watching it. They are now expressing regret to me for not watching MTA before and being connected to it and some say that even viewing it for just a week to ten days has improved their standard of spirituality and knowledge. They have learned about Jama’at.

Hence, I am reminding again that you should pay great attention in your homes to gain benefit from this blessing which Allah the Exalted has bestowed on us for our training and to increase our knowledge and spiritualty, so our generations may stay firm on Ahmadiyyat. Hence, we should try to connect ourselves to MTA. In addition to sermons, there are many live programs which can enhance religious knowledge and spirituality. The Jama’at spends hundreds of thousands of dollars every year [on MTA] for the training of the Jama’at members. If members of the Jama’at do not avail of it, it will be their own loss. Outsiders are gaining benefit from MTA and are realizing the truthfulness of the Jama’at and are knowing about and understanding the unity of Allah and the reality of Islam. Hence, Ahmadis in Australia and the rest of the world should gain maximum benefit from MTA. One of its blessings is that it is a great means to connect the Jama’at to the blessings of Khilafat. Hence, we must avail it.”

(Friday sermon delivered 18 October 2013 at Baitul Huda Mosque, Sydney, Australia. Published AlFazl International 08 November 2013)

Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) has spoken about tarbiyyat of Ahmadi Girls on numerus occasion. In this regard, he stated the following in a message:

“Lajna Ima’illah is one of the auxiliaries of the Jama’at and has a branch called Nasirat-ul-Ahmadiyya, which is the organization of Ahmadi girls up to the age of 15 years. Hence, due to the Grace of Allah you are part of a strong and active organizational structure of the Jama’at, whose mission is to inform the world of the teachings of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Hence, it is essential for you to have a vast religious education. You should be familiar with your beliefs and be observant of Islamic teachings. For example, wear modest clothes, and once you reach the age of wearing a coat and burqa, do not leave home without it. Safeguard yourself against indecent gatherings, immoral friendships and from the evils of the Internet and mobile phones, etc.

In his book ‘The Noah’s Ark’, Promised Messiah(as) has given stern warning to those who do not give up bad friends and bad gatherings. Hence, always remember this teaching.

Nasirat are in the age of acquiring education. Pay special attention to your education and work hard for a better future and turn to prayers. Adopt such activities that reflect your love for religion. For example, you should plan to listen to my sermon on Friday when it is broadcast on MTA. Make notes while doing so, so your full attention is focused on the sermons. If you do not understand some matters, ask your elders. This will establish your personal relations with the Khalifa of the time, increase your religious knowledge, purify your thoughts and ideas, and strengthen your passion to serve the religion and participate in Jama’at programs. Remember, the more you keep yourself closer to the faith, the more likely you are to safeguard yourself from socials evils. This will lead to peace of mind. If you do tabligh, it will have an impact.”

(Message for Lajna Ima’illah Germany Published Monthly. Magazine Guldasata 20 March 2017. Published AlFazl International 09 June 2017)

Tabligh through MTA

Through MTA progress of the Jama’at is demonstrated and regular programs are broadcast inviting to Allah and women are also benefitting from this. In this regard, Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“Since I have talked about Allah’s blessings and His making our work easy for us, I will give you a few examples of how He is opening up the hearts of the people, including women. I have taken the examples of few women whom Allah is including among those who are striving to fulfill the rights of being the Khair-e-Ummat (best of people). Halwaani Sahibah from Syria relates her dreams. In her first dream, she says that I saw a group of ] (religious scholars) who, it seemed, were sitting in Al Hawaar-ul-Mubaashir (which is one of our Arabic programs on MTA), and were sharing information about the life of the Promised Messiah(as). Upon waking up, I could only remember the word ‘Punjab’ which I had never heard before. I related this dream to an Ahmadi friend of mine and asked her the meaning of this word, who was astounded at hearing this. Sometime later, in a dream I saw a Noor (light) in the form of a person who was wearing a turban and sitting crossed-legged (on the floor) and telling me that he was the Mahdi. When I woke up, I was very happy and expressed my desire to take Bai’at (oath of initiation); but my Bai’at was delayed for some reason. Then she says, that I saw in a third dream that I was lying down during the day for rest, when a voice addressed me saying that ‘I am telling you for the third time that I am the Mahdi, who are you waiting for?’ After this my daughter woke me up and I felt both astonished and worried. Therefore, I quickly did Bai’at.”

(Address at Annual Ijtema Lajna Ima’illah Germany at Manheim, Germany 17 September 2011. Published AlFazl International 16 November 2012)

Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) explained how a young African man loved MTA and gained benefits from it:

“I will present the example of a young man named Bassam who lived in a city in Ivory Coast. He said that he was a non-Ahmadi Muslim and was greatly interested in Islam. He attended non-Ahmadi mosques; however, those Muslims were engaged in personal conflict. This broke his heart, causing him grief and sorrow. After a while, by Allah’s Grace he was introduced to Ahmadiyya Jama’at. Hence, he started offering his Salat in our mosque and would listen to local Dars-ul-Quran. Local Ahmadis continued to preach to him. Very quickly, he understood the truthfulness of Ahmadiyyat, and he took the Bai’at. He did not just limit it to performing the Bai’at, and he did not consider taking the Bai’at to be enough. Instead, he diligently watched MTA in the local mosque. As a result of watching MTA, he was so impressed by it that he saved money and within a few months installed a satellite dish in his house. He said that his faith increased as he continued watching programs about Ahmadiyya Jama’at. He is French speaking, yet he also watched programs that were not in the French language. He has memorized the complete schedule of MTA. He said that my sermons and other such programs are a special source of contentment for his heart. Thus, every Ahmadi Muslim should recognize the blessing of Allah in the form of MTA and we should not be ungrateful for it.

As prophesized by the Holy Prophet(sa), the world passed through many phases and now it has entered the everlasting Khilafat of Islam that Allah had prophesied. Hence, every Ahmadi should strengthen his connection and relation with Khilafat and follow in the footsteps of the young man from Ivory coast. He also said that he has not missed any Friday sermon of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih(aba) or any program of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih(aba) and has watched every program. He always finds points that increase his faith. Thus, every young Ahmadi should change his priorities and be really grateful for the blessing of Allah in the form of MTA. We should connect with MTA. With the Grace of Allah, MTA is preparing great programs on many topics in light of current situations and affairs. You should watch these programs to understand the Islamic perspective on different affairs and issues, so that your religious knowledge may increase. And in this manner, Inshallah, your bond with Islam and Ahmadiyyat will increase.”

(Address at National Ijtema Khuddam ul Ahmadiyya UK 14 June 2015, Tilford, Surrey. Published AlFazl International 14 April 2017)

Like many others, an Arab accepted Islam Ahmadiyyat through MTA. Mentioning this incident Huzoor-e-Anwar said:

“Ahmad sahib from Jordan says that he was introduced to the Jama’at through MTA. Being satisfied by the perspectives that he heard through it, he was content and prayed to Allah for guidance. He says that after he prayed, he saw a dream where he saw a man who was standing on a rooftop calling the Fajr adhan. After completing the adhan he said: ‘Hayya Alal Ahmadiyya Hayya Alal Ahmadiyya meaning come to Ahmadiyyat, come to Ahmadiyyat. The Muazzin [one who calls the Adhan] also said some other sentences in my dream, but I only remember this. The strange thing is that as I woke up, the neighborhood Muazzin was calling the Adhan. After this clear dream I decided to take the pledge.’ Hence, he did Bai’at along with his sons and other family members.”

(Address at Jalsa Salana UK 13 August 2016. Published AlFazl International 20 January 2017)

Speaking about a spiritual change due to MTA, Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“Amir Sahib Gambia writes that in the village Mamt Fanna, the Maulawis led a severe opposition to the Jama’at. People in the village who had accepted Ahmadiyyat installed MTA and started watching the programs. As a result, people’s interest in Ahmadiyyat continued to increase. Gradually, the opponents also started watching programs on MTA. When people who were severely opposed to the Jama’at listened to the sermons, they said this person should not be opposed. It is said that 350 people accepted Ahmadiyyat.

Amir Sahib Gambia writes that a woman in the village Mamt Fanna accepted Ahmadiyyat and started watching programs on MTA. Her husband was strongly opposed to Ahmadiyyat. Once when she spoke about the Jama’at and Khilafat at home, her husband became furious and said that after today no one will talk about Ahmadiyyat in our home. He scolded his wife in front of other people. She listened to her husband calmly and patiently. However, she remained steadfast on Ahmadiyyat and continued to watch MTA. After a while, the husband also started watching MTA. As a result, one month later, her husband also accepted Ahmadiyyat.”

(Address at Jalsa Salana UK 22 August 2015. Published AlFazl International 12 February 2016)

Opposition cannot hinder the progress of Jama’at

Opponents of the Jama’at think that they can stop the tabligh efforts (preaching) by imposing a ban on our books and magazines. However, through other means of media, Allah the Exalted is spreading the message of Ahmadiyyat to the corners of the earth. Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) explained the action of the government of Punjab to ban books, and said:

“Last Friday, I had mentioned that the government of Punjab [in Pakistan] has recently banned the publication and display of some Jama’at magazines and books. Some newspapers there have published this news. These days, news spreads around the world in minutes using mobile phone through images, messages and other methods of communications. After seeing and hearing this, people write to me also. Through fax and other means of communications, they convey their worry. We should remember that this is nothing new. Throughout the history of the Jama’at, so-called religious leaders have done similar actions and will continue to do so. Their ploys did not harm the Jama’at in the past, and Inshallah they will not harm it in future. And they cannot cause any harm! No mother has given birth to a child who can stop the divine mission of the Promised Messiah(as). The so-called religious scholars and their supportive governments need a way to display the jealousy they have at the progress of the Jama’at and the intensity of their jealousy makes them lose their senses. Apparently educated folk behave worse than illiterates, without trying to find out the glorious manner in which the Promised Messiah(as) wrote about the real teachings of Islam and about the status and glory of Holy Prophet(sa). The literature of the Jama’at presents this beautifully. Fair-minded people, whether Arabs or from other nations, are astonished when they witness the reality and see the books and literature of the Jama’at. Then, they realize the utterly false and fabricated manner in which the perspective, teachings, and writings of the Promised Messiah(as) are portrayed and continued to be portrayed by these so-called religious leaders who call themselves the flag bearers of Islam. They see how the Promised Messiah(as) has explained the status of the Holy Prophet(sa) and the grandeur of the beautiful teaching of Islam. People now have accepted Ahmadiyyat and those who have not yet done so, write letters or call into our live programs and say that we have only now realized this status and grandeur [of the Holy Prophet]. We were kept ignorant by these ‘scholars.’ These people realize that due to their animosity against Ahmadiyyat intentionally or unintentionally these people level objections on Islam and the Holy Prophet(sa).

Regardless, this animosity and turmoil is the religion of these scholars. Therefore, they will never try to know the facts, no matter how much chaos is created for simple Muslims. Anyway, these are their ways and they will keep on acting in this manner because their personal benefits are dearer to them than their religion. However, as always, the actions of these opponents should rekindle our faith and strengthen our relationship with the Promised Messiah(as). If we did not pay attention towards reading the books of the Promised Messiah(as), then now we should instill a stronger desire [to read the books of the Promised Messiah(as)] in ourselves.

These works can neither be stopped by a ban imposed by the government of Punjab nor by any ban of any other government because [these] works are not due to human effort. These works are from Allah the Exalted. He sent the Promised Messiah(as) with the treasures of knowledge and wisdom, and promised victory to him. We have always seen that the Jama’at has always had greater victories in the face of strong obstacles and opposition. This is an insignificant obstacle raised against us, an action stemming from their arrogance. The more we are suppressed, the more we receive grace from Allah. Inshallah, good things will happen. So, we should not worry about this.

The books of the Promised Messiah(as) are being printed in other countries of the world. They are available on websites. Some are available as audio books and others will, Inshallah, soon be made available [in this format]. There was a time when a ban on publications would have been a cause of concern. Now these treasures of knowledge and wisdom have been spread to the skies and come in front of us at the push of a button. It is our job to reap the greatest benefits from the knowledge, sayings, and writings of the Promised Messiah(as). I have decided to increase the time of dars [lecture] on the books of the Promised Messiah(as). In this way, Ahmadis who are impacted due to the law in one province will benefit. Each obstacle, each opposition benefits us and draws our attention to new ways and means. Inshallah, it will be such that not only will these books be published and lectures will be delivered on them in local languages, but this material will be available in local languages of many nations. People have been writing to me, hence I have to say this, those who have any kind of worry in their hearts must remove it.”

(Friday Sermon Delivered at Baitul Futuh Mosque London 15 May 2015. Published AlFazl International 05 June 2015)

Message of Islam through the publication, “Review of Religions”

In 1902, the Promised Messiah(as) started a magazine from Qadian in Urdu and English for preaching Islam among the English-speaking world. This [magazine] is spreading the Noor (light) of Islam to the intellectual readers of the world in English, German, and French through print and electronic media. Mentioning this magazine in an address, Huzoor-e-Anwar said:

“Review of Religions was started by the Promised Messiah(as) in 1902, 114 years ago. With the grace of Allah, it comes out in multiple formats through the latest means and resources. With the grace of Allah, the message of Islam is being shared with a large number through the print edition of this magazine, website, Social Media, YouTube and other exhibitions. Through these various platforms more than a million people received the message of Islam.”

(Address at Jalsa Salana UK 13 August 2016 at Hadiqatul Mahdi, Alton. Published AlFazl International 20 January 2017)

Alislam.org an important tool for propagation of Islam

Important material for tabligh and tarbiyyat has been presented in various languages on the website: Alislam.org. Only those people who utilize this website understand its benefit. A team of volunteers continually work to improve this website. Mentioning this website in a Friday sermon, Huzoor-e-Anwar said:

“There is one more thing that I want to mention. I wanted to mention this at the end of the Jalsa in Qadian. With Allah’s grace we have a new resource on our website, alislam. Rohani Khazain’ which are the books by the Promised Messiah(as) have been added to a search engine. If you want to find something and you enter a word, for example, Allah or Jesus the Messiah or Muhammad(sa) then, wherever this word has been used in the volumes of ‘Ruhani Khaza’in will display in the form of name and reference. Then, you can see the pages that were the actual pages of the book through searching the Internet or on Alislam. This is a great accomplishment and was a difficult task. With the grace of Allah, a team of our youth has accomplished this.”

He then said:

“Thus, they accomplished a huge task. The ones using this may not appreciate it. These young men did a lot of work by reading each book, finding each word in the book, then making an index, and then making a program for the index and the pages. May Allah reward them and may the world reap benefit from it.

Those who want to object, will keep objecting against the books of the Promised Messiah(as). However, if you see, this is a treasure which can be a source of reformation for this world. Those who do not care, even make fun of the verses of the Holy Quran. May Allah the Exalted give wisdom and understanding to the world.”

(Friday Sermon 31 December 2010 at Baitul Futuh Mosque, London. Published AlFazl International 21 January 2011)

Friday Sermon: a spiritual blessing

In the concluding address to the Majlis-e-Shura Jama’at-e-Ahmadiyya UK, Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) advised the members of the Shura to gain maximum benefit from MTA, especially regularly listening to the Friday sermon. Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“One other matter that I want to especially draw the attention of the office holders and delegates of Majlis-e-Shura is that you and your family members should gain maximum benefit from MTA, as much as possible. You should also encourage other friends to gain benefit from MTA. Initially, you should set aside some time each day for watching programs of your interest on MTA. For example, those friends who want to listen to the English program would find excellent English programs that are broadcast on a daily basis. They should regularly listen to those programs.

The most important need of the times is that you should regularly listen to the Friday sermon which is broadcast each Friday. Then, you should also watch such programs that I attend, for example addresses to non-Muslims, my speeches at Jalsa, or other occasions. Inshallah, watching such programs will be beneficial for you and you should watch these programs for this reason.”

(Concluding Address Majlis-e-Shura UK 16 June 2013 at Baitul Futuh Mosque, London. Published AlFazl International 25 October 2013)

At the concluding address of the National Ijtema of Waqfeen-e-nau Jama’at Ahmadiyya UK, Huzoor gave much important advice on various topics. In this address, Huzoor gave special instruction to gain benefit from the Friday sermon because it can be a source of creating a strong bond of the members of the Jama’at with the Khalifa of the time. Huzoor-e-Anwar said:

“You should also have complete belief in the fact that Allah the Almighty has provided the means and resources in this era, the era of the Promised Messiah(as), to complete the propagation of Islam. At the time of the Holy Prophet(sa), the Law had reached its perfection and thus he(sa) was the Khatamun Nabiyyin, the Seal of all the Prophets. However, the means to spread the message to all parts of the world had not yet appeared, such as the media and other forms of spreading the message. At the time of the Promised Messiah(as), in accordance with the promises of Allah the Almighty, additional means and resources became available such as mass media, television, press and so on, which provided the platform for the message of Islam to reach from one corner of the world to the other. With the Grace of Allah the Almighty, today the Ahmadiyya Jama’at has been given these means by Allah the Almighty to spread Islamic teachings to the world. Thus, it is the duty of every member of the Jama’at, whichever part of the world they live in, to make full and proper use of these modern means and resources. They should strive to propagate the message of Islam in all directions and in all parts of the world and, thus, partake of the blessings which Allah the Almighty has conferred upon us in this era.”

Mentioning the use of the latest technology to get direct benefit from the Friday sermons, Huzoor-e-Anwar said:

“Further, you should also have absolute belief and conviction that after the demise of the Promised Messiah(as), in accordance with the promise of Allah the Almighty and the prophecies of the Holy Prophet(sa), the real and true system of Khilafat has been established, which you must obey and follow fully. A very important means of fulfilling obedience to Khilafat and implementing the guidance of the Khalifa is in the shape of the great favor and blessing Allah the Almighty has established for us through MTA. Therefore, through MTA you should make every possible effort to regularly listen to my Sermons wherever you may be, whether through the TV, Computer, Laptop or mobile phone. In this era no one can justifiably make the excuse that they were unable to receive the message or teachings, as through the media and other means everything is now easily and readily available to us at the click of a button. And so, in terms of the Sermons they can also be accessed easily in many different ways. You can watch the sermons on MTA through TV, or you can download it from the MTA website or watch it through the MTA OnDemand service. There are also other programs on MTA which are important for you to watch as they will enhance your religious knowledge and will also be a source of strengthening your bond with Khilafat. Another means of increasing your religious knowledge is also through the Alislam website, where a wide range of material is available. And so, as you have reached a mature age you should connect yourselves as much as possible to all these various resources and means. By doing so, while you should try to increase your knowledge, you should also use these means to strengthen your connection with Khilafat and discharge your responsibility of giving precedence to the faith over worldly affairs. Nowadays there are countless programs on TV and there are websites on the Internet or other things which draw a person’s interest and attract his attention. Using them never comes to an end and so to say we have to finish or complete our worldly activities and engagements first and then watch MTA on TV or through streaming, will mean that in reality you will never find time to watch MTA. In order to discharge your responsibilities by benefitting from those means and resources that will enhance your religious knowledge, you will have to give precedence to your religion and faith over worldly programs and activities.”

(National Waqfeen-e-Nau Ijtema UK 01 March 2015. Published AlFazl International 22 July 2016)

MTA is establishing a strong connection between members of the Jama’at and Khilafat-e-Ahmadiyya at an international level. Mentioning this, Huzoor(aba) said:

“In this age, Allah the Exalted has created further ease for us. For one, every Ahmadi should instil the practice of watching MTA for personal tarbiyyat and forging a strong connection with Khilafat. We should tell others about the programs on MTA and website. If you get an opportunity, sit with your friends and watch such programs. Introduce these to your friends. Many people write to say that ever since they started regularly watching at least the Friday sermon on MTA they have strengthened their faith and feel their connection with Jama’at has also become stronger. Our faith is getting stronger. Thus, MTA and the Alislam web site are both very good resources for tabligh about the Promised Messiah(as) and also resources for tarbiyyat of Ahmadis and connecting them to Khilafat and the Jama’at. It is obligatory on every Ahmadi to connect to these.”

(Friday Sermon delivered 04 March 2016 Baitul Futuh Mosque, London. Published AlFazl International 25 March 2016)

In a Friday sermon, Huzoor-e-Anwar explained the benefit of Friday sermon with regards to reformation and improvement in the practice of the members of the community. He said:

“As said before, Khulafa-e-Ahmadiyyat have been drawing attention to improving the practice [of faith]. Through sermons and other writings, previous Khulafa and I have been drawing attention to removing these shortcomings. Jama’at and the auxiliary organizations also make programs, in light of the guidance, to safeguard Ahmadis at all levels and for all ages against the attack of the enemy. However, each of us should tend to our own practical reformation, and firmly stand up to the enemies of faith; even more, stand firm to help reform these enemies because it is not enough to only stand guard against the enemy, but rather we should proactively help them reform. In order to accomplish this, if a personal relationship is established with God, then not only will we be able to defeat the enemy, but by reforming them their lives will improve in this life and the hereafter. We would also be destroying the fitna (trial) that is trying to influence our future generations. In this way we will defend our future generations. We will be safeguarding the faith of those who are weak amongst us. This practical reformation will spread from one to another and this will continue till the Day of Judgement. Our practical reformation will also open the ways for preaching. Instead of spreading evil, the new inventions will become a means of spreading the name of God in every region and country.”

(Friday Sermon delivered 06 Dec 2013 Baitul Futuh Mosque, London. Published AlFazl International 27 December 2013)

Allah’s promises will come to fruition

While electronics and Social Media has allowed great progress to be made in the matters of tabligh (preaching) and tarbiyyat (reformation), it has also allowed enemies of Ahmadiyyat to stir trouble. In this regard, Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) said:

“There are many promises of Allah with the Promised Messiah(as) and InshAllah these promises will and are being fulfilled. I will relate a few incidents to you, which show how Allah is expanding the Jama’at. However, I tell young girls in particular who are sometimes misled by the Internet or other people, [and feel] that the Jama’at is not progressing, or they despair and feel frustrated and the enemy tries to spread despair among us. Opponents make effort to do this and the same is done through the media now days, especially through vulgar discussions on websites etc. Slowly and gradually this creates despair in the minds of our youth, which makes them drift away from religion. Therefore, always be mindful of never entertaining any thought of frustration and despair.”

(Address at the Annual Ijtema Lajna Ima’illah Germany 17 September 2011. Published AlFazl International 16 November 2010)

‘And by those who spread a thorough spreading’ [Wanashirati nashran] وَّ النّٰشِرٰتِ نَشۡرًا

Inventions of the current age and the latest means of communication are proving helpful and beneficial in spreading the true message of Islam. Huzoor-e-Anwar(aba) has repeatedly mentioned the supportive signs from Allah, rewards, and victories in Friday sermons and addresses. While explaining this topic with reference to the Holy Quran, he(aba) said:

“We should remember that the power of Allah the Exalted is not limited. If He so wills, He may grant fulfillment of all prophecies and victories made to a prophet during his lifetime. However, Allah desires that those coming later should also become a part of these victories and blessings. Hence, the high-speed resources of this age are drawing our attention to the fact that we should utilize them appropriately. We should use them and follow in the footstep of the Companions (may Allah be pleased with them). We should become supporters and helpers for the Leader (Imam) of the time and by becoming his helpers we may fulfill his mission. Fast resources draw our attention to consider this speed as a blessing from God and utilize it for His faith.

Allah has said,

وَ النّٰشِرٰتِ نَشۡرًا

‘And by those who spread a thorough spreading’ (Holy Quran 77:4)

And presented those who spread the message in a good manner as a witness. This is the message for which the Holy Prophet(sa) was appointed. It is the perfect religion that will last until the Day of Judgement, and in the current age, the advent of the Promised Messiah(as) occurred for its revival.

In this age, God has provided modern means of propagating this message. The Companions of the Holy Prophet(sa) did not have modern means and resources yet they honored the dues of tabligh. Today, the means and resources are available. They were destined for the time of the ‘ardent devotee’ of Holy Prophet(sa) and Allah had prophesied about these. This verse, which is a prophecy, is mentioned at another place [in the Qur’an] as:

وَ اِذَا الصُّحُفُ نُشِرَتۡ

‘And when books are spread.’ (Holy Quran 81:11)

This era, which is the era of the Promised Messiah(as) is the era of the spread of books. For this reason, he has left an immense ocean of his writings, “Ruhani Khaza’in” (spiritual treasures), which were published during his lifetime. His companions played a great role in spreading these. We read, in the narratives of the companions, [many examples of] one of them giving a book to someone who was greatly influenced after reading the book. Many people entered Ahmadiyyat this way. People undertook this with a spirit of sacrifice just as the Companions in the first era of Islam did. And then these people, these Companions who have been presented as a witness, became the beloved of Allah the Exalted. Later, the companions of the Promised Messiah(as) also followed in the footsteps of the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad(sa) and these people also became the beloved of Allah the Exalted.

Today, Allah the Exalted has provided efficient means to spread these books and respond to the opponents of Islam. It used to take time to spread books, but now, a message can be delivered instantaneously. As soon as a book is published, it can be printed at the other end. These days, the books of the Promised Messiah(as), the Holy Quran, and other Islamic literature is traversing new stages of broadcast through Internet and television. The speed of media today could not have been imagined a few decades ago. Thus, avail these opportunities given to us by Allah the Exalted, for preaching and defense of Islam. It is a favor of Allah the Exalted that he has provided these latest inventions in this time. By making these available the work of preaching has been made easier. We should try to appropriately use these, instead of wasting time in frivolities and wrong activities. We should make use of these and if we become part of the group that is spreading the message of the Messiah of Muhammad(sa) to the world, then we can be considered part of this group. We can be those people by whom Allah bore witness.

I had said the same at the MTA event that today each worker of MTA, no matter where in the world he or she is working, is working to take the message of the Promised Messiah(as) to the ends of the earth. God will make this happen, He revealed to the Promised Messiah(as), ‘I shall carry thy message to the ends of the earth’ and for this purpose He provided these resources to spread [His] message to the ends of the earth. God has destined it to be so, and all the inventions bear witness to it.”

(Friday Sermon delivered 15 October 2010 Baitul Futuh Mosque, London. Published AlFazl International 05 November 2010)

Rapid progress in modern forms of communication and media industry has laid greater responsibilities on the Ahmadis. Explaining this topic, Huzoor(aba) on one occasion mentioned the following: (It is worth noting that these are direct exhortations given by Huzoor(aba) to Ahmadi women).

“In this era Allah the Almighty has also enabled our Jama’at to benefit from modern forms of communication and the media. This is proving a great means of spreading the message of Islam far and wide. For example, through MTA the message of our Jama’at is reaching all corners of the world. However, this also increases our responsibilities because those who are hearing our message will also look in our direction to see if we are practicing what we preach. If they observe that the message we are conveying is true, but the standards of the Ahmadis themselves are weak, then instead of having a positive impact it may have the opposite [effect]. It is also possible that if others hear our message but feel that born Ahmadis are not living up to their required standards, they will take it upon themselves to spread the true teachings of Islam and live their lives accordingly. In that case the success and progress of our Jama’at, the Jama’at of the Promised Messiah(as), will be aligned to those pious newcomers and those left behind will be deprived of these blessings. Thus, do not let yourselves fall behind. Rather, seek to be at the forefront of conveying the truth of Ahmadiyyat, not only with your words, but with your conduct and deeds. Be the sources of light that illuminate the truth of Islam.”

(Address at the National Ijtema Lajna Ima’illah UK Tilford, Surrey, UK 25 October 2015. Published AlFazl International 25 March 2016)

May Allah enable us to increase our capabilities to gain knowledge, do tabligh (propagation) and tarbiyyat (reformation) through maximum utilization of the latest inventions. May we excel in service and become Sultanan Naseera [strong helpers] of the Khalifa of the time and the proud progeny of Islam Ahmadiyyat. Ameen.