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Book: Murder in the Name of Allah

Book: An Elementary Study of Islam Buy the book from the Alislam Online Store.
Table of Contents
Unity of God
The Angels
The Books
The Prophets
The Prayer
Spending in the
Cause of Allah
The Pilgrimage
The Holy War
Life After Death
Predestiny and
Free Will
About This Book

An Elementary Study of Islam

This book is a brief introduction to the five fundamentals articles of the Islamic faith. The articles of faith, which all Muslims believe in, are: Unity of God, Angels, Prophets, Holy Books and Life after Death.

Throughout the book, the author emphasises the areas of similarities between Islam and other religions. He shows how religious teachings evolved through the ages culminating in the complete, perfect and universal teachings of Islam.

The author further argues that it is this universal nature of Islam which renders it the religion capable of uniting people from all the nations of the world under one banner of Peace and Submission.

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