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Blessings of Financial Sacrifice and Waqf Jadid New Year

Friday Sermon January 7th, 2011 delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at)

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon.

“And the case of those who spend their wealth to seek the pleasure of Allah and to strengthen their souls is like the case of a garden on elevated ground. Heavy rain falls on it so that it brings forth its fruit twofold. And if heavy rain does not fall on it, then light rain suffices. And Allah sees what you do.” (2:266)

Financial sacrifice is a directive for the righteous

Who believe in the unseen and observe Prayer, and spend out of what We have provided for them. (2:4)

All of these three attributes, which include spending in the way of Allah, are necessary to be guided and to be righteous. Qur’an quite often mentions the spending of one’s wealth in the way of Allah.

When one receives the blessings of Allah as a result of his sacrifices, his faith strengthens. They spend not to show their wealth or as a favor to someone but rather to seek the pleasure of Allah, to support the weak, the Community and to strengthen faith. Both rich and poor come forward. Usually the poor seek the pleasure of Allah more than the rich. Usually there are more poor among the believers.

We see the example of strengthening the individuals after the migration to Medina. Companions set unparalleled example. Whenever there was an appeal, they sacrificed the best of their possessions.

Verse mentions twofold reward, “Heavy rain falls on it so that it brings forth its fruit twofold”. Allah can multiply 700 times or even more. It is not said that only a large sacrifice will be accepted. Allah accepts the zeal and the intention behind the sacrifice. Once the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah) said, One dirham has excelled a hundred thousand dirhams. A person had two dirhams and he gave one in the way of Allah while another person gave a hundred thousand dirhams but his hundred thousand dirhams were a lesser portion of his total worth.

“And Allah sees what you do.” Allah knows the hearts, zeal and spirit behind sacrifices. Rewards are given according to intentions. Allah knows the financial condition of everyone. The rewards will be given accordingly.

During the time of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him), members presented sacrifices according the their stature. Most of his companions were poor and presented sacrifices accordingly. Their sacrifices bore so much fruit that now their generations are enjoying them. Their generations now should show the example of “heavy rain.”

The Promised Messiah (peace be on him) mentioned even the giving of a rupee who had made it binding for himself to give him one rupee every month. Allah does not need money. He directs for financial sacrifices to bestow His rewards on the giver.

Caliphs make appeals but it is Allah who has promised to fulfill needs. Do not spend unnecessarily when affluent. Guard your wealth and spend carefully.

The spirit of sacrifices created by the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) continues to see growth. People from far away are presenting sacrifices and the examples of light and heavy rain are observed. The rain continues to increase their resources.

A missionary from India reports that he desired a member to increase his pledge to Rs 13,000. He immediately gave him a check for Rs. 55,000.He was rewarded with the return of his blocked funds amounting to Rs. 210,000.

Our missionary asked an Ahmadi in Tamil Nadu to pledge Rs 30,000. He responded by pledging Rs. 50,000. He eventually paid Rs 100,000 each for both Tahrik Jadid and Waqf Jadid schemes. More than half of the members in Tamil Nadu, who are mostly new Ahmadis, have already become a part of the Scheme of Wasiyyat.

There are many examples to mention from Africa too. A member from Burkina Faso had only 3000 francs in his pocket and was in dire straits. He went to the mission house. He was reminded of his Waqf Jadid pledge. He gave the 3000 francs he had. The same day a person gave him 300,000 francs increasing his trust in Allah and ending his financial difficulties.

Hundred percent of the branches in Niger participated in Waqf Jadid. Last year 1,478 member participated. This year the number has increased to 17,608.

An Ahmadi in Lagos built a mosque and a house. He saw in a dream that the Caliphs of the Promised Messiah (peace be on him) came to visit the new construction one by one followed by the Promised Messiah himself at the end. He directed him to give the flat to the Community. He decided to give all to the Community and a large sum of money too.

In Togo, adversaries went to a Community and told them, “Ahmadis ask for contributions from you while we have brought provisions for you.” They responded, “You divert us from faith while Ahmadis strengthen our faith. We are poor but whatever small amount we have, we will contribute.”

Waqf Jadid scheme initially was only for Pakistan. During the time of Khalifat ul Masih IV it became a worldwide scheme to meet the needs of India and Africa also. Now the members from these countries are also advancing in sacrifices but new missions are opening there, mosques are being built, and literature is being published. The contributions of the Western Communities are supporting not only local but also the poor countries. The Community as a whole is presenting a scene of heavy rain.

The 53rd year of Waqf Jadid has just concluded. The contributions for the 53rd year are 4.183 million British pounds. This is 664,000 British pounds more than last year. The top ten contributors were Pakistan, US, UK, Germany, Canada, India, Australia, Indonesia, Belgium and Switzerland. UK showed an increase of 100,000 pounds while Germany showed an increase of more than 200,000 euros. The US excelled in per person contributions with 81 pounds per person followed by Switzerland with 48 pounds per person. Ireland, UK and Japan were next in per person rankings. Ghana was ahead in Africa followed by Nigeria and others. Lahore, Karachi and Rabwah came ahead in Pakistan. Los Angeles East, Inland Empire, Silicon Valley, Chicago West and Boston excelled in the US.

Accounts should be separated by adults and children.

Hadayatullah Hubsch passed away on January 4, 2011. He was born in 1946. He was a prominent German Ahmadi. He was at her mother’s home. He saw a ray of light coming from his back and falling on one book among many on the bookshelf in front of him. It was a translation of the Holy Qur’an. He went in the search of a mosque and reached the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Frankfurt. There he met our missionary the late Masood Jhelumi. He became an Ahmadi Muslim in 1969. Mirza Nasir Ahmad, the Caliph of the Ahmadiyya Community at the time, gave him the name of Hadayatullh. Present head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in Germany became an Ahmadi Muslim through him. He translated the speeches of the Caliphs of the Messiah into German. He was a simple and sincere person. He excelled in trust in God, belief, faith, fidelity, love and sincerity. He loved Khilafat and did not desire to have any differences. He offered predawn Prayers. He invited me to his home and showed his library. He was ecstatic that I was visiting him. He wrote numerous books in German. He was the press secretary of the Community in Germany. He was a scholar. He left behind a treasure of literature in German related to the training subjects. He wrote poetry in German. He was teaching German at the Jami‘ah before he expired. Twelve of his books have been published outside the Community including his poetry. He wrote about 120 pamphlets. He had contacts with journalists. He participated in talk shows and TV programs. Sixteen newspaper ran his story at his death. Minister of religious affairs commented on his death. German Ahmadis should follow his footsteps and expound the supremacy of Islam. Sun was eclipsed the same day. His death cannot be related to the eclipse. There was eclipse of the sun at the time of Ibrahim, a son of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Some Muslims tried to make a connection. The Prophet of Allah said that the sun does not eclipse as a result of someone’s life or death. A person should offer Prayer and supplicate at the occasion of an eclipse.

At the end, I request prayers for Wajih Ahmad Nu‘man, a 25-year old youth from Mardan, Pakistan, injured in a murder attempt.


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