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Renaissance and Victory of Islam

Friday Sermon October 14th, 2011 delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at)

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon.

Hudhur delivered his Friday sermon from Nunspeet, Holland.

Hudhur said that this is the age of the second phase of Islam in which God is going to demonstrate the triumph of Islam over all other world religions. We, Ahmadis are firm on the belief that in every way God is substantiating this. In particular the Community’s firm stand against the Christian creed of attributing Divinity to man, based on the reasoning explained by the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace), which are in light of the teachings of Islam, have full succour of God. No other section of the Muslim world is even doing a fraction of such work.

Christians as well as pious-natured Muslims concede that the path to guidance is now with Ahmadiyyat and they believe that the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) came from God. Sixty or seventy years ago Christian priests proclaimed that Africa was about to accept the Divinity of Jesus (on whom be peace). Indeed, about a hundred and twenty years ago, Christian priests were thus proclaiming in India. However, when the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) presented the arguments and reasoning in his books, people began to come to their senses. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) thus erected a huge barrier in the way of the Christian priests and proved the Unity/Oneness of God and superiority of Islam. Similarly, in Africa the missionaries of our Community unfolded the reality behind the erroneous concept of Trinity and raised a barrier for the Christian priests. Yet, in spite of observing the works of one commissioned by God, rather than be glad and join in, the large majority of Muslims created uproar of animosity and wickedness.

Come what may, God’s decree is in support of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Gradually pious-natured people started coming into the fold of Ahmadiyyat and indeed continue to do so. The majority though, fearful of the so-called mullah is relentless in its oppression. They regularly persecute Ahmadis in Muslim countries in general and Pakistan in particular. Some television channels also keenly promote animosity towards Ahmadiyyat and thus provoke uninformed Muslims. While the policy of some channels does not allow such conduct, those with extremist views find a way or the other to make their proclamations. Recently a mullah announced on one such channels that Ahmadis are liable to be killed. When contacted, the owner of the channel was apologetic and assured that the particular mullah will not be allowed back.

The mullah has taken on the task of playing with the religious sentiments of the uninformed Muslims. They are not even able to spend a few rupees for the Tabligh of Islam, but they are busy pillaging the country. Today, their antics in the name of Finality of Prophethood and Honour of Prophethood have not left anyone safe in Pakistan. Let alone their bitter animosity against the Ahmadis, today no Pakistani citizen is safe. They do not stop and think about the state of lawlessness, the natural disasters that engulf the country. They do not stop and think where the country is heading, what its end will be. God alone can give them sense to reflect over this.

Ahmadi are loyal citizens and in spite of the legal restrictions, they pray for the country to be saved from every kind of calamity. Hudhur reminded that last Friday he had asked for an optional weekly Fast to be observed in this regard. He said it would be appropriate if everyone fasted on a designated day. Individual Jama’ats can designate a day, either a Monday or Thursday. Hudhur said this Tehrik of his requires complete focus of the Community. Hudhur reminded that he had asked for prayers for the Community to be saved from the enemy and its cruelty but had also asked for prayers for the country to be free of these people, so that it may be saved. Hudhur said we love our country and that is why we get anxious. It is the duty of each Pakistani Ahmadi and he or she has to fulfil it.

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) was Divinely guided and his Community has undertaken the task of the second phase of Islam. Ahmadis all around the world are confidently defending Islam and are also proving its superiority. Where the wealth of oil does not work, an Ahmadi’s ordinary financial contribution (chanda), made for the pleasure of God, does. It is not a matter of pride, but of Divine favour, that God blesses our ordinary contributions. Our task is to offer our ordinary contributions to seek the love of God. We are not ungrateful; we appreciate the favour of God that He has enabled us to be Ahmadis. He enabled our forefathers to accept it and us to adhere to it. Yet, it should be remembered that mere financial contribution does not accomplish matters. We need to generate connection with God in our hearts, follow high morals and take the message of true Islam to others in our countries.

Hudhur said although the Jama’at in Holland is small, it should realise its responsibility. The objective is not fulfilled by a few people doing the work. The unfortunate person who has been using unrestrained, brazen stance against Islam and the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) to further his political life is indeed also from Holland. So much so that he froths at the mouth at the name of Islam. Recently when a Muslim organisation strongly condemned terrorism, this cruel person, Geert Wilders, said it was not sufficient. It was not acceptable for him until it was said that Islam is a religion that incites violence and extremism, is false and is not from God and it should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Addressing Geert Wilders Hudhur said, ‘O’ cruel person, let it be known that you, your [political] party and every person like you will perish but the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and Islam came to be in this world until the Day of Judgement. Any worldly power, no matter how Pharaoh-like in its enmity against Islam it may be, cannot erase Islam.’

Hudhur added that God has commissioned that person in this age whose task is, in spite of the animosity of people like Wilders, to make Islam triumph in the world with God’s help. Each Ahmadi has taken the Bai’at of the one commissioned by God and is aware of and pledges to sacrifice life, property and time to attain the objective. Thus is the message, Hudhur said, that the Jama’at in Holland and Ahmadis all over the world needs to take to others. Even if this politician [Wilders], worst enemy of Islam, is gaining further seats in the parliament, the world should be informed that his antics will lead to destruction by the hand of God. God has always protected and honoured His Prophets and will InshaAllah do so today. We neither possess any power, nor will we employ any worldly ploy. However, prayers of those whose hearts are injured shake the heavens. Here, the matter is to do with the beloved of God, (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Here, God’s sense of honour will demonstrate that even the dust particles of such petty people will not be found.

Hudhur said there are many decent people in Holland who do not accept his views and that is the reason this wretched person was taken to court but it appears that court case became a casualty of politics. Hudhur said decent people should be searched and the message of Islam should be taken to them. People who are sensitive about others’ feelings should be gathered and a peace campaign should be launched. The world should be told that Islam teaches to even care for the feelings of idolaters and teaches against abuse of their idols lest they are abusive about God and as a result disorder is created.

Hudhur said if Ahmadis of Holland had been attentive, the government would not have reversed its decision on providing land to build a mosque. While it is true that there is a lot of animosity around the location of the site, but there are also many decent people who would be supportive. Efforts should be strengthened and it should be remembered that no task of ours is undertaken without prayer. Hudhur said prayers should also be made for the Dutch Queen. She has met opposition because she is against anti-Islamic stance and speaks of being mindful of others’ sentiments. Indeed, Muslims are enjoined to return favour with favour. May each scheme against the Dutch Queen meet failure and may God open up the Queen’s heart and the hearts of people of Holland about Islam.

Reiterating, Hudhur said it was the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) who stopped unbelief in the Indian sub-continent and it was indeed him who sacrificed everything for the honour of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). It were our missionaries who replaced the erroneous concept of Trinity with Durud in Africa. Hudhur said we enjoy our African brothers reciting the Kalima at Jalsa; the majority of them have come into Ahmadiyyat from Christian backgrounds. Today, true depiction of Islam cannot be made without the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). He indeed was the Mahdi who was to guide people in this age. He sacrificed every moment of his life for the ardent love for the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). His ardent devotion can be seen in his writings:

‘Now under heaven there is only one Prophet(sa) and only one Book. The Prophet is Muhammad, the chosen one [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] who is higher and more exalted than all Prophets and is the most perfect of Messengers and is the Khatam-ul-Anbiya, and the best of men by following whom we find God Almighty and all the veils of darkness are lifted and the signs of true salvation are witnessed in this very life.’ [Essence of Islam, Vol. 1, p. 200 - Brahin-e-Ahmadiyya, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 1, p. 557, sub-footnote 3]

‘…such people who are occupied day and night with abusing the Holy Prophet [peace and blessings of Allah be on him] and mention his name with contempt in their books, journals, and announcements and use vile language with reference to him. Such persons are not the well-wishers even of their own people, for they create numberless difficulties for them. I tell you truly that it is possible for us to make peace with the serpents of the jungle and the wild beasts of the forests, but we cannot make peace with those who do not refrain from speaking ill of God's Prophets and who consider that abuse and vituperation mean victory.

True victory is that which comes from heaven. [Essence of Islam, Vol. 1, p. 320 - Chashma-e-Ma‘rifat, Ruhani Khaza’in, Vol. 23, pp. 385-386]

Hudhur said there is none other than the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) in the current age who demonstrated such devotion and ardent love for the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on me). One could try and search but no one will be found on the face of the earth. It is most unfortunate that not only a large section of the Muslim world rejects him but is also abusive about him. 98% of the population of Rabwah is Ahmadi, yet they have restrictions placed on them, while our opponents are free to use abusive language in the name of Finality of Prophethood and Honour of Prophethood. Last night, a convention was being held in Rabwah and according to last reports received, less was being said about love for the Prophet and emphasis was on abusive language about the Promised Messiah. Yet, we tolerate all this for the love of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) alone. Even if our Tabligh events are limited, God Himself guides people and opens up their hearts and they come into the fold of our Community.

Next Hudhur related a few faith-inspiring incidents of people accepting Ahmadiyyat.

Our missionary from Germany Muhammad Ahmad sahib writes that a person was under Tabligh for many years, he considered the beliefs of the Community to be correct, but he was not assured about taking Bai’at. Yet, he used to do Tabligh and some of those he did Tabligh to, took their Bai’at. One day he came and asked about the Bai’at procedure. He said he had a dream in which he heard a voice saying that it is not for everyone to comprehend the treasures of the sea that Ahmadiyyat is. He promptly took his Bai’at.

In an Ivory Coast village, our missionary arrived for Tabligh and announced that the Imam Mahdi had come. The village chief said he had seen a dream in which he saw light emerging from the northern horizon and next week he saw a dream with light emerging from the southern horizon. He said religious leaders had told him that he was to receive immense good fortune. He was very pleased to hear the news of the advent of Imam Mahdi and attributed it as the good fortune he was to receive. He accepted the truth of the Promised Messiah and assured his village people that indeed Ahmadiyyat was good fortune.

Murad sahib from Iraq writes that he had grown up with Shia beliefs but was not happy with the Shia creed about Imam Mahdi. He saw a dream in which four strange persons were sprinkling water on his house with a hose. They told him in the dream that they were commanded to clean his house. When he asked what about his neighbours’ house, they told him they were only instructed to clean his house. The next day he saw MTA where an Arabic programme with four people including Thabit sahib was on. He was convinced the dream was from God and he wished to take his Bai’at.

Ameer sahib of France writes that a lady from Ireland was coming to France to attend a meeting when she saw a dream in which she was told when in France, she should meet a certain relative of her. This relative of hers had already taken his Bai’at. The lady met him. After a Tabligh event, the lady accepted Ahmadiyyat. Next day she met with her husband and son who said they had heard the news about Ahmadiyyat and also wished to take their Bai’at.

Abdul Majeed sahib from Egypt writes that he saw a dream in which he is in a small boat and is rowing it with an oar aimlessly amidst stormy conditions. He heard God’s voice say, ‘here is the rod of Moses, strike it in the sea’. Meanwhile a rod fell from the sky and he struck it in the water. The boat was transferred to an elevated place from where he saw a town with cheerful and fair people. He was told it was the town of the Ahmadiyya Community. He understood this to mean that he should take his Bai’at and was thus enabled to do so.

Arshad sahib from Germany writes that in 2000 he was acquainted with a Turkish family. When the lady saw the wife of our missionary she had tears in her eyes and said that she had seen her in a dream a few days earlier. Later, they saw Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) on MTA. She returned to our mosque and said she had prayed that if the ‘holy person’ on TV was truthful, may she meet him. She said that she met him a dream and as a result three people of her family took Bai’at.

Our missionary from Holland writes that a Hindu lady accepted Islam fifteen years ago when she married a Moroccan man. She had a dream in which she saw a holy person and people clad in white clothes are gathered around him. The people are gesturing with their hands that the person is the Promised Messiah. She related her dream to her husband. Later, her husband saw MTA where the Promised Messiah was being mentioned. He asked his wife to see the programme and she recognised the Promised Messiah from her dream. They decided to take their Bai’at. Hudhur prayed that God keep them firm on their faith and said it is the task of the Jama’at to support such people, stay in touch with them and bring them closer.

Ameer sahib from Canada writes that a young Christian woman from Toronto saw the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and Jesus (on whom be peace) in her dreams who assured her and invited her to Islam. As a result she took her Bai’at.

A 24 year old young man from Ontario, Canada used to see white light in his dream from childhood. 18 months ago when this young man became a Muslim, the light in his dream became clearer. During his research into Ahmadiyyat, the light continued to get brighter still until he began seeing blurred features of a face in the light. Once after a lengthy discussion with an Ahmadi friend he saw a distinct face in his dream. He told his Ahmadi friend about this who showed him photos of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) and other photos. When he saw a photo of Hudhur Aqdas, he said this indeed was the face he had seen in his dream. He took his Bai’at in March 2011.

Ameer sahib from Uganda writes that when our Tabligh delegation went to a house, the Christian head of the household said, ‘you are the very people I was waiting for’. He explained that the night before he had seen a dream in which some Muslims were gathering people of various sects and tribes so that they may be told about One God and the advent of the second Messiah. He said, ‘you people have fulfilled my dream.’ He did not wish to delay any further and promptly took his Bai’at along with his family.

Ameer sahib of Sierra Leone writes that a person who teaches arts saw a dream in 2006 with the words ‘Allah is the Greatest’ written beautifully and brightly in the sky. He was a Christian at the time and started trembling with fear after seeing the dream. In 2008, he saw a similar dream. Later in July 2008, he saw a Khilafat Centenary souvenir from Pakistan and upon reading it, gradually became inclined to Ahmadiyyat. In 2009 he saw another dream in which he goes to an Ahmadi mosque but misses the congregation Salat. He feels very bad about missing the Salat. In September 2009 our missionary asked him why would he not take his Bai’at? He replied that he had some questions and once he had the answers he would take Bai’at. Subsequently, he took his Bai’at in January 2011.

A radio journalist who came to one of our exhibitions said that it was the first time he understood the message of Islam. He said he had a very negative image of Islam. Another guest said he had heard that a mosque was a place of sorcery but he had found it to be a place of peace and tranquillity.

Hudhur said when God Himself is guiding pious-natured souls to Ahmadiyyat, we need not get perturbed by the animosity of our detractors. However, when offensive remarks are made about our beloved master (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) and abuse is directed at his true and ardent devotee (on whom be peace), we are certainly hurt. The antidote for this is to turn to God in supplication and present the teachings of Islam to the world with our knowledge and our practice. In Europe, we have to face the detractors of Ahmadiyyat as well as the detractors of Islam. Our progress, our mosques prickle/irritate them both. Hudhur said InshaAllah the foundation of the first mosque in Belgium is to be laid. There is potential hazard from both sides. Hudhur said prayers should be made that each ploy and evil of theirs is rebounded on them and the event comes to pass safely and the mosque is soon completed to proclaim the Oneness of God.


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