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Blessed and Successful European Tour

Friday Sermon October 21st, 2011 delivered by Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad(at)

NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon.

Hudhur said for the past month or so he was on a European tour of Germany, Norway, Holland and Belgium during which with the grace of God he witnessed God’s blessings every moment. Apart from the faith and sincerity of the members of the Community, better and more efforts by others to understand Islam and to improve relations with our Community were also noticeable. This is indeed through the grace of God alone that the progress of the Community is greater than our efforts. We are seeing the results of the introduction of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) and through him the propagation of the true message of Islam. If all this was mere human effort, no one would notice our Community which is very small from a worldly point of view. These are the Divine proclamations being fulfilled. As the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said that God has made tremendous promises regarding our Community. He said: ‘I know that God has established this mission and it is growing and developing with His grace alone. The fact is that unless it is God’s will, a body of people cannot progress nor can it grow and develop. However, when God wills for it to be, a body of people is like seeds. Just as no one can comprehend the potential of growth in a seed and its effects before time, the progress of a nation can also be deemed impossible.’

Hudhur said ours is a Community of God. We observe God’s help and support every moment and worldly people and our detractors are ruffled by it. Enmity is intense as Hudhur has recently been drawing attention. However, as the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) informed us, it is God’s will that the Community will progress, the animosity of others will be in vain and each pious-natured person will come in the fold of Ahmadiyyat, Islam. Hudhur said as it is traditional, he would briefly relate about his tour, while detailed reports can be read in Al Fazl.

Hudhur said our Community avails of Hudhur’s tours anyway, but the outsiders who are drawn towards Islam also benefit from them. The educated people, politician and those in the government perhaps think that Ahmadis give their message for worldly advantage or to make the atmosphere better. Hudhur feels that in most places people want to hear it from him personally what Ahmadiyyat is about. Any ensuing meetings widen networks and give an opportunity to remove the misconceptions about Islam. Hudhur said he has mentioned before that the German Jama’at is making a special effort in Tabligh and interacting. As a result, our introduction and message is spreading in the German nation on a large scale. In Frankfurt young Ahmadis had organised for two university professors to meet Hudhur. The youth in Germany are greatly inclined towards Tabligh. The professors who came to see Hudhur have doctorates and teach Islamic studies at a university. They know Arabic language and have extensive knowledge of Islam. One of them has specialised in Turkish language. They talked with Hudhur about Islamic history. Hudhur suggested to them to widen their reading to historians who are perhaps not so much influenced by the Western historians, that they should look into Arabic historians and study Ahadith. Hudhur also recommended them to read the first volume of the book on the blessed life of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessing of Allah be on him) by Mirza Bashir Ahmad sahib that has been translated. Aside from being a biography, the book also answers many objections that are raised against Islam. Hudhur prayed that the entire book is soon translated. Hudhur has asked for the Five Volume Commentary of the Holy Qur’an as well as the first volume of the aforementioned book to be placed in the university library. Hudhur recommended MTA viewing to the professors in that many pious-natured people are finding out the true teaching of Islam through it. The professors asked Hudhur if any discussions had ever taken place between our Community and the Egyptian university Al Azhar. Hudhur told them that a discussion took place with professors of Al Azhar a few years ago. Our Arabic desk especially prepared a book to send them but their hearts are hardened. Hudhur said the discussion with the professors was lengthy and they took a positive impression.

Foundation stones of two mosques were laid in Frankfurt. The mayor was represented by his deputy in one of the inaugurations. Such is the measure of misinformation about Islam that the deputy mayor asked Hudhur that he had heard that it is a sin for a non-Muslim to see or read the Qur’an. Hudhur explained to him that he had just then heard recitation of the Qur’an and that the Holy Prophet of Islam (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) had come for the entire world. The Holy Qur’an is a healing for each pious-natured soul. Hudhur recommended him to read our translations of the Qur’an.

While our Community is engaged in removing misconceptions spread by some sections of Muslims, they in turn lay obstacles in our way. Recently a large three-day exhibition on the Qur’an was held in Delhi, India by our Community. Many Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and some educated Muslims came to see the exhibition. It was to last three days, but the so-called mullah put so much pressure on the authorities that fearing riots, they asked our Jama’at to close the exhibition on the third day. The exhibition was greatly appreciated by the media.

Likewise, Hudhur received a letter from a Pakistan Ahmadi just the other day in which he had written that he had gone to pay his condolences to someone outside our Community. There, a person asked him that he had heard that the way to become an Ahmadi was that a person was locked in a room with a cupboard. A copy of the Qur’an was placed on top of the cupboard. The person was then asked to shake and push the cupboard. Should the copy of the Qur’an fall, the person was considered an Ahmadi. Such are their misconceptions and false notions, what else can one do but curse them. They have turned the nation into such fools that they have no capacity to think for themselves.

When in Germany, Hudhur also attended the Ijtimas of Atfal, Khuddam and Lajna. This proved to very blessed and letters from the Atfal started arriving while Hudhur was still in Germany in response to the various advices Hudhur had given them about use of mobile phones, the internet and television. Hudhur said moderation is the key. The adults should know that every permissible thing is to be used in moderation while one should completely distance oneself from unwarrantable things. If this rule is followed our future would be secure and the Community would progress as a whole. Hudhur said Khuddam also demonstrated a positive reaction to Hudhur’s advice and promptly responded, affirming their obedience. Hudhur said he would draw the attention of Lajna in Germany as well as Lajna all over the world to something. A Lajna wrote to Hudhur that while those in the main hall listen to the proceedings most attentively, the situation in the area provided for mothers and children is not the same. Hudhur said Lajna is provided with a separate hall for mothers and children and they should try their best to keep the children quiet. They should this without speaking, rather with gestures. The mothers should pay attention to the programme and speeches. The separate area is not for chatting. Hudhur counselled Lajna to be careful about this in future and said that the administration should especially look into this.

The next stop on the tour was Norway. Hudhur has already spoken about the inauguration of the Nasr Mosque there. Hudhur said it is not just the largest mosque in northern Europe, in fact it is the second largest mosque in Europe after Baitul Futuh. The Jama’at in Norway is quite small but the mosque gives the impression that either the local Jama’at is big or is made up of very well-heeled people. Neither of these assumptions is correct. The site of the mosque was purchased in the time of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV (may Allah have mercy on him) and a hall was built with the help of the centre contributing three to four million Krone. Hudhur drew the attention of Norwegian Jama’at to building a mosque in 2003 but the Norwegian Jama’at did nothing and pestered Hudhur so much that he told them to go ahead and build a smaller mosque. But they decided it was a most opportune site as it was near the city, the airport and on a main road. When Hudhur toured Norway in 2005, he again drew their attention to it and said that a mosque will be built in Norway; in fact many mosques will be built. However, when the future generation of the Jama’at will pass through the site, they will say that our forefathers obtained this site but lost it. Hudhur urged them to do something.

Hudhur said it is the beauty of the Community of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) that they try and listen to the words of the Khalifa of the time. Once the eyes of the Norwegian Jama’at opened and they decided to move onwards, the account of their financial sacrifices is a narrative in itself. They contributed 100 million Krone, which is equivalent to 12 million pound sterling. People here are not exceptionally rich, but when their attention was drawn to what were they going to leave for the next generation, they reacted. Not in a temporary way, rather in the traditional vein of an Ahmadi. There were times when the administration became anxious and wrote to Hudhur with concerns, but his words helped them carry on. Hudhur said the Jama’at numbers in only 800 to 900 people in Norway.

The Norwegian Prime Minister said the mosque was a beautiful addition on the busy road that it is built on. Hudhur said around 80,000 vehicles pass the road daily. The mosque will now be in their view. Our Norway Jama’at once found excuses about building a mosque and now they wish to make another mosque in a city called Kristiansand. The Jama’at there is quite small. The projected expenses of the second mosque are quite high, Norway is an expensive country. Hudhur pointed it out to them that they have only just finished one mosque but they are so encouraged that the amila and others have said to Hudhur that InshaAllah they will build this mosque. Hudhur said if the intentions are good, all impediments are removed. Hudhur explained that all this is not due to the excellence of a person or a few persons. It is with the grace of God, Who changes hearts and places blessings in actions. As God revealed to the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) ‘Men whom We shall direct from heaven will help you.’ [Tadhkirah, p. 876] Hudhur said he found the Norwegian Jama’at enhanced in their faith and sincerity during this tour, may God continue to enhance them.

Hudhur said Norway is also among those countries where Tarbiyyat matters need a lot of attention. However, during this tour Hudhur noticed modesty and regret as well as a resolve to remove their weaknesses, in all the Jama’at but in particular among the Waqfe Nau members. The girls Waqfe Nau expressed great resolve and promised to change. They expressed regret over any negligence in Purdah, clothes and the dignity of an Ahmadi girl. They have told Hudhur that not only will they be exemplary within the Jama’at but will also be so outside. May God enable them to do this and may He enable each Ahmadi young man and young woman in the world to be a correct model of Ahmadiyyat. If our girls and women are reformed, we will have a guarantee of the reformation of the future generations for God blesses such matters. Hudhur said he noticed great improvement in the Norwegian Jama’at in many ways since five years ago.

Hudhur thanked the Norwegian government for providing security arrangements for Hudhur. Following the tragic incident that took place in Norway in July 2011 and perhaps they had some other intelligence, their continual security arrangement was very good, may God reward them for this. A member of parliament had organised a visit to the parliament house for Hudhur where a small reception was held which was attended by a few parliamentarians. Hudhur also met the president of parliament (speaker of a parliament) there and spoke with him in detail about the Ahmadiyya Community, including the advent of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace). Different newspapers, radio and television networks interviewed Hudhur. In a national population of 5 million, a newspaper with the readership of 350,000 took a positive interview of Hudhur asking detailed questions about Khilafat and what was the purpose of Hudhur’s visit etc. After the interview the press would also speak to other Ahmadis and when they heard their viewpoints regarding Hudhur, they were impressed by the oneness and accord between the Khalifatul Masih and the Community. Much was discussed with reference to the rest of the Muslims, why they do not consider us as Muslims etc. Hudhur said the details will be given in the reports.

In our reception following the inauguration of the mosque 120 Norwegians came, 11 of these were parliamentarians. The defence minister came as a representative of the prime minister and read his message. She said she could empathise with us. Hudhur explained that he had sent a message of sympathy following the July tragedy of Norway, empathising with Norway, informing them about the Ahmadi martyrdoms. When informed about the charity work of the Community, the defence secretary was surprised that a Muslim organisation carried out such work. The defence minister had to leave early, by 7.45pm but the speakers before Hudhur took longer than expected and Hudhur’s speech did not start till 7.45pm. Yet, she stayed on and listened to the speech. Hudhur said he has noticed that the attention span of people in Scandinavia as regards speeches is no more than 30 minutes or so. However, Hudhur’s speech was 50 minutes long. He said he later apologised but she said she felt she had used her time correctly that evening. She had dinner and stayed at the reception till 9.30 pm.

In his address at the reception Hudhur said that we build mosques to worship One God, and when a person comes to a mosque to worship God, it is out of the question that any extremism should be involved. There are sections of Scandinavian societies that have misconceptions about the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Hudhur explained to them that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) used to wake up in the middle of the night and pray anxiously for people. If he had any sort of notion in his mind to conquer the world, he would not have prayed for people during the night as he did. He used to pray for people to have peace in the Hereafter as well. Hudhur said he spoke in details with references from the Qur’an and the blessed life of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him). Hudhur met another dignitary there who told Hudhur that he has also attended our Jalsa and he thought Ahmadiyyat to be the true standard-bearer of peace.

The former prime minister of Norway also came to visit the mosque. He is currently the head of the human rights commission in Norway. Hudhur had detailed conversation with him, regarding the services our Community provides worldwide, the treatment extended to our Community in the world etc.

The inauguration of the mosque was covered by a newspaper and website entitled World Architecture News, with its readership in millions. It gave information that Hudhur had travelled to Norway for the inauguration for the largest mosque in northern Europe. It called the mosque a national landmark and a symbol of peace. Other media also gave coverage to the inauguration quoting the Norwegian defence minister as saying that religion also played a key role in the building of a new Norway and for this hearts had to be opened for all. She said although it was not her place of worship, she was truly happy to be at the mosque.

On the way back at a stopover at Hamburg, Germany, two parliamentarians who are working on human rights issues came to see Hudhur. Hudhur told them how peace can be achieved in the world, about the peaceful teachings of the Qur’an and what some Western countries are doing. They later told the Ahmadi friends who had brought them that Hudhur had given them new perspectives to think regarding bringing about peace in the world. Hudhur said he had openly told them how the same powers are proclaiming peace yet providing weapons to others, as in Libya. Whereas the Qur’an teaches that once peace is established one should move away.

The next stop was a city in Denmark which has a small Jama’at comprising of Albanian and Bosnian Ahmadis only and perhaps no Pakistani. The Jama’at is most sincere with some families excelling others in sincerity. A centre has been acquired by the Jama’at there. A representative of the mayor and other educated people came. Hudhur said if a site for mosque was found we could build a mosque. A promise was made on the premise that they know Ahmadis are peaceful people. Hudhur said we faced some opposition at this place a while ago but the police was supportive.

Next, foundation stone was laid for a mosque Baitul Mujeeb in Brussels, Belgium. It is hoped it will be completed in a year. It will be the first mosque in Belgium. Hudhur met with the local mayor at our mission house there as well as some parliamentarians. Good sentiments were expressed by them. In fact the mayor asked for photos and DVD of the entire proceeding. He said he wished to show Hudhur’s viewpoints to his council and others. Fawad Hyder sahib, a Muslim member of parliament said that Muslims around the world cannot manage without Khilafat. He said he would take the message to his professional friends and others. Hudhur said he is a very decent person and Hudhur has met him before. He is a courageous person. He had a commitment elsewhere but he chose to come and be where Hudhur was. Hudhur said may God reward him. There had been slight opposition to the building of the mosque in Belgium a couple of days earlier and a rally was planned but very few people attended it. Hudhur said the administration was concerned but God altered the situation, it is all His grace.

The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) said that our efforts are like child’s play and it is God Who accomplishes everything. The Qur’an states: And He has put affection between their hearts. If thou hadst expended all that is in the earth, thou couldst not have put affection between their hearts, but Allah has put affection between them. Surely, He is Mighty, Wise.’ (8:64) Hudhur said this is the Community of God, it is going to continue to progress, may God enable us to make our meagre efforts so that we can partake in this meritorious task. May He bless our efforts and may He let us experience the progress.

Hudhur announced that he would lead the funeral Prayer in absentia of Khurshid Begum sahiba after Friday Prayer, who passed away on 4 October. She had served Lajna for a long period and was a devout worshipper, regular at Tahajjud. She was a Moosia. Her son Muhammad Iqbal sahib is a missionary in Madagascar. May God elevate the status of the deceased.


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