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Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Jihad against the British Government in India?

Opinion of the Muslim Scholars of that time

Maulvi Abul A’la Maududi

“There is no doubt about it that when the British Governement in India, was trying to annihilate the Islamic Government in India, this country was indeed Darulharb i.e., the place where it is essential for the Muslims to fight against the Governement. That was the time when it was obligatory for the Muslims to fight against the Government and to struggle for the protection and security of the Muslim Government. Had they been a failure in the achievement of this purpose, they should have migrated to some other place. But what happened was that they were over-powered and the British Government was fully established here; the Mulsims started acting according to their personal law (religious laws) and felt free to do so. They continued living here and thus this country was no more Darul Harb.” [Sood (Interest part I, footnote on pg. 77-78)]

Maulvi Hussain Ahmad Madani

(A Muslim politician of great renown)

“If the supreme power in a country lies in the hands of the non-Muslims but the Muslims also have a share in the exercise of the power and they are free to perform their religious rituals and full respect is paid to their religious places and feelings, that country, according to Hazrat Shah Abdul Aziz Muhaddis is Darul-Islam and it is incumbent upon the Muslims that they should take it as their own country and always think and wish well for it,” (Naqshi Hayat, vol. II, p.11)

Maulana Shibli Nomani

was also of the opinion that Jihad against the British was not lawful.

Shamsul Ulama Maulana Nazir Ahmad of Delhi

(One of the translators of the Holy Quran) says:

“The Muslims were tortured in various ways by the Hindu rulers and some of the Muslim rulers who were unjust and cruel also put the Hindus to hardships. In short, this seems to be the destiny of God that the security of the whole of India lies in a foreign ruler who should niether be a Hindu nor a Muslim. He, infact, should be one of the Kings in Europe. It is indeed a great bounty of God that He has made the British people rulers of India.” (Lecutres of the Maulana first published in 1890)

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

“Since the Muslims were living in peace they could, in no case, come out for Jihad agianst the Government.” (Asbab Baghawat Hind)

Maulvi Nawab Siddique Hassan Khan of Bhupal

“The Muslim theologians differ on the point of Indian being a country that should be taken as Darul Harab or Darul Islam becuase it is ruled by the British people. The Hanafiis who are in a large majority in this country are the people whose scholars and activists have issued religious decrees to the effect that this country is Darul Islam. And this country being Darul Islam how can any one come out for Jihad, rather, it should be said that to make up one’s mind for Jihad here, is a major sin. Those who are of the opinion that this country is Darul Harb (this is the opinion of the Ulema of Delhi); they also opine that since the people are living in peace, it is not proper to come out for Jihad; of course, if they migrate form here to an Islamic country, they can wage war against the Government of this land. In short, neither the Muslims of today nor of the days gone by, have ever considered it lawful to wage war (Jihad) against the Government.” [Turjuman Wahabiyya]

Maulvi Muhammad Hussain of Batala

(Advocate of the Ahl-i-Hadees)

“The King of Turkey is a Muslim King but so far as law and order and administration are concerned (leaving aside the religious aspect) the British Government is also of no less pride for us, the Muslims more so for the people who are known as Ahl-i-Hadees, this Government is of a greater pride for peace and freedom of conscience (as compared with Turkey, Iran and Khurasan)” (Ishatus-Sunnah, vol. VI, p. 292)

Anjuman Himayat-i-Islam

Report published by them in 1903 contians the following announcement:

“The benevolence of the Government demands that we should always be loyal subjects. The Muslims, in fact, are doubly benefited by being the subject (of the British Government). That is, in addition to being subjects (and receiving benevolent treatment) they are also rewarded by God, for, we have been taught in the Holy Quran: [arabic] that ‘we shoud obey Allah, and the Messenger and those who are placed over us as the ruling authority.’ (4:60) May this Government, which is so benevolent stay in power for a long time to come, for, we have been comforted under this rule and we are living in peace. May we continue to be obedient subjects.”

Allama Sayed Ali Al-Hairi

(A great scholar and leader of Shias)

“We are proud of being the subjects of this kind of Government that we are able to practice our religion freely and fully, I should like to exhort all the Shias to be always thankful to the Government for this kindness and generosity of theirs. There is no religious law that forbids us to do so. We could see that the Holy Prophet, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam, expressed his pleasure and pride in being a subject of the Nausherwan, the Just.” (Mau-i-zai Tahrif-i-Quran, April 1922)

Syed Ahmad Brelvi

When Sayed Ahmad Brelvi, may God have mercy on him, (the Mujadid of the thirteenth century) was asked to why did he not wage war against the British Government. he replied:

“Our real task that we have to accomplish is to establish the concept of the unity of God and the revive the practice of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, sallallaho alaihi wa sallam. This, we are doing without any let or hindrance. Why should, then, we wage war (Jihad) against the British Government” (Sawanih Ahmad p. 171) (Biography of Sayed Ahmad Brelvi)

Official Mufits of the Mecca

The following Mufits (the persons who issue decrees on religious affairs, mostly appointed by the Government) of Mecca also issued decrees to the effect that going to war against the British Government in India by the Indian Muslims was not lawful. These Muftis are;

  1. Jamalud-Din bin Abdullah Sheikh Umar Hanafi
  2. Hussain bin Ibrahim Maliki
  3. Ahmad bin Zuhri shafi’ee

All of them opined that India was Darul-Islam. This fact has been mentioned by Shorish Kashmiri in his book entitled “Sayed Ataullah Shah Bukhari”

Maulana Zafar Ali Khan

Editor, the Zamindar

“The Zamindar and its readers are of the opinion that the British Government is the shadow of God. They take cognisance of the kindness and royal bounties and thus they are whole-heartedly committed to be with this Government and if a drop of persipiration falls from the forehead of the Government, they are prepared to shed their blood (this is to show how loyal they are and how much spirit of scrifice they have)” [The Zamindar Nov. 9, 1911]