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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Prophecy Concerning the Muslih Mau’ud
    A Dangerous Interpolation by Mr. Faruqi  
    Mr. Faruqi’s Genius for Mixing Up Thread Ends  
    Identification of the Muslih Mau’ud  
    Wrong Statements by Mr. Faruqi  
    Heartless Attack by Mr. Faruqi on the Illness of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II  
    Dirty Allegations by Mr. Faruqi  
    The Fraud of Mobahila  
    Another Wrong Statement by Mr. Faruqi  
    Acquittal from Allegations  
    The Promised Joseph  
    Ejection of the Yazidis  
    Mischievous Note  
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Read the letter by Maha Dabbous written after her experience in the Lahori Sect.

Mischievous Note

Mr. Faruqi then puts down the following note:

"To all these prayers and cryings, God did assure Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad that although his son (Mirza Mahmud Ahmad) would be instrumental in doing lots of spiritual damage to the Ahmadiyya Community, yet God in His grace would create conditions under which much of the damage would be repaired. To this the following Ilhams bear testimony: `Verily, with me is my Lord who will guide me. God would set right my Community through His grace. We will revert it (your community) back to your ways, and will save it like we did the Israelites (from the cruelties of the Pharoah)' (Tazkira, 94, 283, 764)" (Truth Triumphs, page 49)

It is to be carefully remembered that these Ilhams, each a separate piece; have been culled by Mr. Faruqi from different places, without giving any reason why, and how, he has brought them up together, in this sequence. His translation, too, shows the same tendency to extract his own favourite meaning therefrom, by twisting the texts. There is absolutely no hint here that the Ahmadiyya Movement would come to be ruined, at the hands of one of his sons, where at the Lord God assured him that the damage would be repaired. Mr. Faruqi's pet theory that the Ahmadiyya Movement would suffer severe damage at the hands of the Promised Messiah's sons, appears to indicate the diseased condition of his own mind. The Ilham "We shall certainly return her to you" has its background and context in the prophecy concerning Mohammadi Begum, as borne out by Tazkira, page 283. In Tazkira, page 764, is found only one Ilham, namely, "Shall reform my Community, if Allah wills it", this being a hint that his son, the Mus1ih Mau'ud, would accomplish the task. There is nothing hereto support the view that the Muslih Mau'ud would come as the Mojaddid of the sixteenth century.

Another Wrong Exposition

On page 50 of his book, Mr. Faruqi has put down an Ilham as follows:

"These Ulama have changed the shape of my dwelling; they have built their fireplaces in my prayer-house. They have kept their cups and saucers in the place where I worshipped and like rats they are nibbling at the sayings and traditions of my Holy Prophet, Mohammad." (Izala-i-Auham, footnote, page 76)

On this Ilham, then, Mr. Faruqi has commented as follows:

"A clear proof of the truth of Hazrat Mirza Sahib's above statement is that although the Prophet's saying that there shall be no prophet after me, has been mentioned about forty times, in one way or another, in the books of Traditions, yet Khalifa (Mahmud Ahmad Sahib) goes against it, and accepts Mirza Ghulam Ahmad as a full-fledged prophet." (Truth Triumps, page 5)

Exposition given by the Promised Messiah

Commenting on this, the Promised Messiah says:

"Thuthian are the small cups in India called sakorian. Place of worship here signifies the hearts of most of the Ulama these days, brimful with plans and programmes of worldly aggrandisements." (Izala-i-Auham, page 77)

This is a startling example of how jealousy and prejudice can make a man totally blind. Mr. Faruqi ignores the exposition of the Ilham given by the Reformer who received it; and he blithely proceeds to apply it to Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih II, and the Muslih Mau'ud, after turning the meaning and sense of the piece, shamelessly, to suit his own petty, but pet, purpose. It is to be carefully noted, further, that whereas the Promised Messiah has called himself a Prophet in the presence of this Report, holding that his Zilli Nabuwwat did not clash with this Hadith, Mr. Faruqi insists that his own understanding of the piece is superior, and truer, than the one given by the Promised Messiah, who has stated very clearly that this Hadith barred the way only for a man who claimed to be an independent Prophet, risen to the height without being beholden to an earlier Prophet, in the relationship of a loyal and true disciple - as borne out in the Ishtihar entitled "Ek Ghalati ka Izala ".

It is also to be noted that Mr. Faruqi has made very serious, very dirty, charges against Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II; and he has done his utmost to show that he was a scheming person, with no moral principles, or scruples. In this he has behaved not like a follower of the Promised Messiah, but a follower of the renowned enemy of Islam and Ahmadiyyat. Pundit Lekhram, who claimed that no worthy issue would be granted to Mirza Ghulam Ahmad; that the Muslih he says will be granted to him, from his own sons, there would happen no such thing, and the son in question would live his life showing traits of character exactly the opposite of what was so fondly being expected by himself.

Mahmud in Heaven

Now we would like to bring this chapter to a close with a ro'ya, a vision, of the Promised Messiah, with a bearing on the virtuous end of the life of Hazrat Mirza Mahmud Ahmad, Khalifatul Masih II, and the Muslih Mau'ud, though there are some aspects which seem to carry a warning of danger, in some respects. The Promised Messiah writes:

"About 2 o'clock, during the night, today, I saw in a dream that in some distress my wife had gone somewhere. I called her, and said to her: `Come with me. I will show you that tree.' So I took her out. When we approached the tree, where there was also a garden nearby, I asked her, where was Mahmud? She said, `In paradise'; then again she repeated, `in paradise of grave' (Tazkira, page 832)

This Ilham points to the virtuous and meritorious end for Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II and since he passed away from this world in Rabwah, to be buried in the Behishti Maqbara in this new settlement, of the Ahmadiyya Community, there is an indicator herein, for those who would care to see it, that the Behishti Maqbara at Rabwah too is a real Behishti Maqbara virtually the same as the Behishti Maqbara at Qadian.

Another Ro'ya about Hazrat Mahmud

Hazrat Masih-i-Mau'ud writes:

"I saw in a dream, first, as if the clothes Mahmud had on, had caught fire, which I extinguished. Then another man caught fire. That fire also I put out. Then my clothes were set on fire, so I poured water on myself, and the fire was put out. In other words, all the fires had gone out. But some black scar was to be seen on the arm. Apart from this, things were all right. And I leave my matter in the hands of the Lord." (Tazkira, page 269, 270)

This fire is the fire of mischief and disorder raised against Hazrat Mahmud, against the Promised Messiah and against the Ahmadiyya Movement, which God in mercy had extinguished.

Another Dream

The Promised Messiah writes:

"My first son who is now alive, had not yet been born, when in the manner of Kashf the glad news was conveyed to me. I saw his name written on the wall of the mosque - Mahmud. So, to broadcast this prophecy, I got an Ishtihar printed on a paper of which the colour was green, date December 1, 1888." (Tiryaqul Qolub, page 45, Tazkira, page 170)

The mosque signifies a body of followers. The name "Mahmud" seen written on the wall of a mosque, means Mahmud was destined to become the Imam of the Ahmadiyya Movement.

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