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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Prophecy Concerning the Muslih Mau’ud
    A Dangerous Interpolation by Mr. Faruqi  
    Mr. Faruqi’s Genius for Mixing Up Thread Ends  
    Identification of the Muslih Mau’ud  
    Wrong Statements by Mr. Faruqi  
    Heartless Attack by Mr. Faruqi on the Illness of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II  
    Dirty Allegations by Mr. Faruqi  
    The Fraud of Mobahila  
    Another Wrong Statement by Mr. Faruqi  
    Acquittal from Allegations  
    The Promised Joseph  
    Ejection of the Yazidis  
    Mischievous Note  
Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Read the letter by Maha Dabbous written after her experience in the Lahori Sect.


It is rather strange to note that in dedicating his `Truth Triumphs' to Maulvi Mohammad Ali, he has written:

DEDICATION: To Hazrat Maulana Mohammad Ali who can rightly be called the Mojaddid of Ahmadiyyat.

As against this, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, called the Mojaddid of Ahmadiyyat, Manifester of the Second power and glory of God, giving us to hope that after thirty years from that time the prophecy shall come to be fulfilled. This prophecy has been fulfilled in 1944 when Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II claimed to be the Muslih Mau'ud.

Mr. Faruqi concedes that in the declaration that he is the Muslih Mau'ud, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II had said he was not a Mamur (Truth Triumphs, page 37). This is exactly what Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II said in 1961, when some one asked a question:

"Where the fact is conveyed to a man that you are the Muslih Mau'ud, and the argument has been fully put before him, but he persists in denial, what shall we say to him, after that? Hazrat Khalifatul Masih replied: `We shall say nothing. Whenever Allah desires to do so, He will guide him. Persistence, and insistence on acceptance is not the task of one who is not a Mamur. '" (Al-Fazal, June 3, 1961)

Mr. Faruqi, therefore, has no right to include the Muslih Mau'ud among the Mamurs, (i.e., those appointed to a mission) and to test him on that criterion, by going into the question whether, or not, he lived for 23 years after he made public his claim.

We might here also remind Mr. Faruqi that he has himself put forth a reference to Arba'in No. 3:

"Thousands of Muslim savants and spiritual leaders have advanced this argument before the infidels, and no Christian or Jew has yet come forward to identify, or point out, one such person, who having fabricated a claim to be an `Appointee of Allah' (as per prophecy), had then passed twenty three years of his remaining life." (Truth Triumphs, page 37)

Again this also is a fact that the Promised Messiah made his first claim to this position in 1891. After he had put forth this claim, he remained in this world for seventeen years. But his term as a Mamur had started far earlier. To count the duration of his Mamuriat, we have to go to that early date; and counting from that date, after this claim, he lived for more than 23 years.

In the case of Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II, the claim did not amount to Mamuriat. But even at that, we must bear in mind that even many years before he came to be the Khalifa, he had received an Ilham : "Those who follow you, shall remain dominant over those who deny you, and this shall remain true to the Day of the Qiyama " (Al-Fazal, November 2, 1937)

It is very revealing to note here that in 1937 Hazrat Khalifatul Masih II put himself on a solemn oath, with a prayer for heavenly punishment, in case in the eyes of the Lord he was a liar in this claim that he did receive this Ilham. He said: "If this is a lie fabricated by me, I call for the curse of the Lord to fall on me!"

Then, some time after he received this Ilham, he became Khalifatul Masih II, and he remained in that office for a long, long period of more than fifty years. Since the prophecy in regard to the Muslih Mau'ud held him to be an extraordinarily great and distinguished Khalifa of the Promised Messiah endowed with a Messianic breath, not as a Nabi, a Rasul, and a Mamur, after his Ilham bearing on his success as a Khalifa, and the discomfiture of those who stood opposed to him, he lived in this world not for 23 years, but for a little more than 60 years. After he put himself on oath on the validity of this Ilham, he lived for 28 years.

Thus we feel we are perfectly justified in holding that the Ilham `I am the Promised Messiah, his like, and his Khalifa', is in fact an exposition of the earlier Ilham, namely, `Those who follow you, they will remain dominant on those who deny you' - an exposition given by the Lord God Himself. Similarly the Ilhams of the Promised Messiah, on the basis of which he put forth his claim that he was the Promised Messiah; and in which be announced that Jesus had long ago died his natural death; and which held him up as having come in the likeness of Hazrat Masih, was in fact no more than an exposition of the earlier, published in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya, namely: `O Isa, I shall cause you to die, and I shall raise you toward Myself', and the exposition of another Ilham, namely, "You have close relationship with Isa, son of Mary, and you have the greatest resemblance with him in point of character and conduct, and real nature of the mind, and the times (at which the two of you have lived and worked)." (Izala-i-Auham, page 124,) The general sense in both cases is the same: i) that Allah was about to cause Isa to die, and raise him up closer to Himself. ii) that you bear a very close resemblance to Isa, the son of Mary, in character, personality, pattern, and in point of time.

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