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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
December 31st, 2004

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon)

Nizaam e Jama’at

With reference to verse 59 of Surah Al Nisa (4:59) Huzuraba delivered a most sombre and admonitory Friday Sermon from France on the subject of compliance with the Administrative System of the Community (Nizaam e Jama’at).

Huzuraba said it is not as if he senses a whiff of defiance or a problem, rather he stated that at times some materialistic or ill-informed people create a situation that is contrary to the dignity of the Community. It can influence the young and the new converts; furthermore despite the fact that the Nizaam of the Community is firmly established along with Khilafat, we need to periodically remind ourselves of its regulations, hence the sermon.

Firstly, Huzuraba said, we take guidance from the Holy Qur’an which directs people to choose and elect people in authority from among those who are worthy with due care and with prayer. During the election procedure it is important to adhere to exclude those who are excluded by the Nizaam for whatever reason.

Paying tribute to the sincerity of the French Jama’at Huzuraba explained that no one should assume that because his sermon was being delivered from France that there had been an incidence in the country. He said matters relating to the subject had been raised in a city of another western country.

Huzuraba said no office within the Community is the birthright of an individual, rather if one is given the chance to serve that is a grace of Allah. Therefore not even a hint of canvassing either from a person himself or his/her friends is permitted. If it comes to the knowledge of the Nizaam that this has taken place, that particular person is not allowed to participate in the election process. These elections are purely to choose people to serve for the sake of Allah. Once these people are chosen they should honour their election endeavouring with all their capabilities and time, based on complete justice and selfless intentions.

The office-holders have an immense responsibility towards the Community in general. They ought to consider themselves foremost in adapting the Quranic injunction of suppressing anger and pardoning others (3:135). They need to inculcate absolute humility and not show any sign of irritability or arrogance, reforming others through counsel. Huzuraba said that the central and auxiliary office-holders of the Community through out the world needed to bring about a change in their attitude. In particular complaints are made about Lajna from its younger members and the new converts.

All office-holders should have the spirit to listen to complaints made against themselves and their friends and family and if they do not have what it takes then they ought to relinquish the obligation. Each person who ‘leads’ is required to serve in the manner of a servant and this needs to be apparent in each and every deed of theirs. Huzuraba said all office-holders should be mindful that they are a part of the administration of the Khalifa of the day and therefore are his representatives. Their thought-process should be in line with that of the Khalifa.

Huzuraba elucidated the subject with reference to several Ahadith.

Huzuraba counselled office-holders to greet others with a smiling and cheerful manner. He remarked that some people sitting in offices have a very stern look about them. Huzuraba also observed that office-holders should not waste others time and should keep the appointments made.

Huzuraba said it is the task of the office-holders throughout the world to personally hold the missionaries and those who have dedicated their lives in respect and deference as well as promote this outlook among the Community in general. The office-holders need to have great regard for life-devotees and ensure that all their needs are met. Although the Waqf e Nau scheme shall make many future missionaries, Huzuraba feels that perhaps their number is not adequate. He enjoined therefore to hold those who have dedicated their lives in great esteem within the Community so that the future generations are inspired to join in. Addressing the life-devotees and missionaries he said that it is immaterial whether the world appreciates the covenant that they have made in the way of Allah, they are representatives of the Khalifa for the education and training within the administrative system of the Community and to take the message of Islam to the world and that the Khalifa is depending on them. Therefore they ought to completely forsake the worldly element from their hearts, bearing up everything with courage and fortitude, Allah shall facilitate arrangements for them.

Addressing the Community in general Huzuraba said the higher the standards of the Community in general are, the more it will be reflective among the office holders. He enjoined to demonstrate high standards of obedience to ensure that the next generations will in future make office-holder of high morals. Some people claim that such and such office-holder is a flawed person therefore they can only obey the Khalifa; Huzuraba remarked that unless the entire Nizaam is obeyed one cannot obey the Khalifa in spirit. However, Huzuraba said that if one observes something that needs to be reported, they should do so and then draw back. Huzuraba likened it as ignorance when some people claim that they are unable to tolerate certain situations and therefore turn away from the Community. He said one ought to observe patience and pray in all situations.

Huzuraba said if people and the office-holders paid the dues of each other for the sake of Allah and for the dignity of the Community then Allah would bless us. Huzuraba said with Allah’s grace the Khilafat Ahmadiyya is going to be established forever and that he has daily experiences of Allah’s grace and succour and observes illustrations of the earnest sincerity of people of the Community who demonstrate a great spirit of sacrifice. He said to the Community that if they pray and act on the teachings of Islam on every level, observing humility and sincerity, if they hold on to the Jama’at as taught by the Holy Prophet they shall have no fear

Huzuraba concluded on the following excerpt from the writings of the Promised Messiah:

"Ensure that there is not any sort of impurity, derision and mockery in your gatherings. Walk on the earth good-heartedly, genially and righteously. Remember that each evil is not worth contending with therefore it is essential that you inculcate the habit of forgiveness and pardon for most of the time. Employ patience and forbearance and do not assault another in an unwarranted way and contain your strong emotions. If there is a discussion or a religious dialogue, conduct it with gentle speech and in a civilized manner. If someone behaves ignorantly, pay your regards and promptly leave such an assembly. You shall be identified by observance of five daily prayers and your moral demeanour. One who has a propensity towards iniquity cannot stay firm on this advice.”