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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
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Prophecy in Regard to Ismohu Ahmad
    Unjustified Harshness of Mr. Faruqi  
    Mr. Faruqi’s denial of the Attribute of Ahmad as Applicable to the Holy Prophet Mohammad  
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Chapter VI
Chapter VII
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Unjustified Harshness of Mr. Faruqi

Mr. Faruqi gets irritated in the matter, and he does not see the need for avoiding harsh and unseemly terms of expression, such as:

"So the people, especially the Muslims in foreign countries, should be on their guard, and be warned that when the missionaries of the Rabwah Ahmadiyya Community preach about `Ahmad' the Prophet, they are deceptively and erroneously attributing the qualifications to Hazrat Ghulam Ahmad, the Promised Messiah, who never made any such claim." (Truth Triumphs, page 30)

So here we are, Maulvi Mohammad Ali, himself, in his earlier writings, has been presenting the Promised Messiah as an Apostle, and a Prophet, as we have shown already. He has also held that the name of the Promised Messiah, in the Quran is Ahmad. In fact he has been calling him the `Paighamber-i-Akhiruz-Zaman ' i.e. `Prophet' of the Last Days, (Review of Religions, Vol. V1, page 81) He has also called him the Promised Nabi (Review of Religions Vol. V1 page 83) Please mark the following words:

"In the discussion of the prophecy above, it has already been shown that one name for the `Nabi of the Later Times' is `a stalwart among the sons of Faris.'" (Review of Religions, Vol. VI, page 90)

Again, we have to note that in the discussion with Khawaja Ghulamus Thakalain, and the case of Karmuddin Jehlami, Maulvi Mohammad Ali went on oath in a court of law, to testify that the Promised Messiah was a claimant to Nabuwwat, as we have shown already.

In the Revelations of the Promised Messiah, he has been spoken of under the name `Ahmad':

  1. "O' Ahmad, you have been made an Apostle." (Tazkira, page 493)
  2. "Ahmad-e-Zaman, Ahmad of these times." (Tazkira, page 685)

Also, we have to note that while holding him to be an Apostle, Allah said that his enemy would refuse to accept him as an Apostle:

"The enemy would say `you are not an Apostle'." (Tazkira. page 402)

Dear Mr. Faruqi, take care, by declining to believe in the Nabuwwat and Risalat of the Promised Messiah, lest you become one of his enemies. May God lead you to the truth!

The Promised Messiah says:

"Ye, who are complacent, try to seek, perchance; Allah may have raised a Prophet among you." (Tajalliat-i-Ilahia page 10-11)

Again he writes:

"Wheresoever I have denied being a Nabi and an Apostle, it is in the sense that I am not, in myself, independently, the bearer of any new Sharia nor, in myself, independently, a Nabi. In the sense, however, that having received the inner blessings from the Leader I follow and having been honoured in so far as having been given his name, through his mediacy, having been favoured by Allah with knowledge of things hidden and unknown, I am an Apostle, and a Nabi but not with a new Sharia. I have, never denied being a Nabi in this sense. In fact, it is exactly in this sense, that I have been called a Nabi, and an Apostle." (Ek Ghalati ka Izala )

So Mr. Faruqi does not seem to have any right to lose patience with our missionaries working in foreign lands, for, in their fields, they present the Promised Messiah as a Prophet, and an Apostle, in the same meaning and sense, as the Promised Messiah presented himself in this respect.

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