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Book: Truth Prevails
Truth Prevails
Qazi Mohammad Nazir
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV
Chapter V
Chapter VI
Khilafat and Anjuman
    Wrong Statements of Mr. Faruqi in regard to the Khilafat  
    Request put up before Hazrat Maulvi Nuruddin  
    Conspiracies Against the First Khilafat  
    An Important Event  
    A Glorious Pronouncement  
    Meaning of the Passage from Sirrul Khalifa  
    Meaning of the first Khutba of Hazrat Abu Bakr  
    Method for Election of the Khalifa  
Chapter VII
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A Glorious Pronouncement

During the period of his Khilafat, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I made a great and glorious pronouncement, of an extraordinary strength and grandeur, which shall remain as a beacon light on the question of Khilafat, for all time to come. In the course of this pronouncement he said:

"No human being, nor any Anjuman has made me Khalifa; nor do I take any Anjuman as having the capacity and power to confer Khilafat on anyone. So neither has any Anjuman made me Khalifa, nor do I have the slightest regard or sense of obligation towards it, for conferring this favour on me; and I would not care even to spit on it, should it desire to deprive me of its support. Nor does anyone now have the power to snatch the mantle of Khilafat from me." (Badr, July 4, 1912).

Evidently, therefore, Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I did not believe that any earthly agency had the authority and power to remove a Khalifa from this office. He also declared:

"He (the Lord God) has given me this mantle to wear. To do due honour to this mantle, and to appreciate it properly, is a binding duty that lies squarely on my shoulders. I stand in no need of your wealth and riches; nor of anything else, which you happen to have. I do not have the slightest desire, in any corner of my heart, that anyone should extend recognition to me, even to the extent of greeting me with a salam."

"Your gifts, tendered to me as nazrana, first, to the time of April last, I used to pass on to Maulvi Mohammad Ali. But someone created a misunderstanding, or he himself fell into an error, he said: `this is our money, and we are to guard it.' Then, solely to seek the pleasure of the Lord, I stopped passing it on - curious to see what these people could do. The man who said this, he made a colossal blunder. It is encumbent on him to repent. He should repent even now. People of this kind, if they do not repent, it will not be good for them." (Badr, February 1, 1912)

Another Important Event

A building in Bhera was bequeathed to the Anjuman by Hakim Maulvi Fazaldin, under his last will and testament, under Al-Wasiyyat. A man from Bhera approached Hazrat Khalifatul Masih I, with a request that it be sold to him at a price cheaper than the prevailing market values, on the basis that he had a special claim, in view of certain circumstances, which he must have stated in the interview. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih entertained the claim, and gave instructions that the building be sold to him at a concession price. But Maulvi Mohammad Ali and some of his friends, who were members of the Board of Trustees of the Sadr Anjuman, expressed a difference of opinion, and went to the length of resisting the decision of the Khalifa. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih then declared that he was giving these people a margin of time, to think over the matter, and change their attitude. Otherwise; he would turn them out of the Jama'at, on the day of the coming Eidul Fitr, if they did not repent by that time. On the occasion of this Eid they apologized and begged pardon. Hazrat Khalifatul Masih forgave them and stated in course of Eid Sermon:

"In his book, the Promised Messiah had embodied a subtle point for comprehension. I proceed to untie that knot, to make you understand. The man who was to be made Khalifa, his affair he left to God. But, on the other hand, to 14 people (Members of the board of Trustees of the Sadr Anjuman ) he said collectively, they were Khalifatul Masih. Their decision was final; and in the eyes of the government, too, their decision was final. Then he tied up these 14 eminent and worthy gentlemen and made them sell themselves in a pledge of loyalty and devotion, by making them accept a man as Khalifa, bringing you all together in this way. Subsequently, not only these 14, but the whole Jama'at rallied around my Khilafat, in a unanimous vote. Now, whosoever proceeds to act against this consensus, he would be opposing God Himself. Therefore, listen with ears quite open. If you violate this pledge, you would expose yourself to the verdict given in these words, Why have I given to you this warning? It is because there are, among you, people, who from a lack of proper understanding, again and again show weakness. I do not think their comprehension goes farther than mine."

"The task to which God has appointed me, with great force I put myself on oath before God, that I can never make myself put away this mantle. If you, and the whole world, were to turn against me, in the least I do not care for you. Under this contract, discharge your duty properly and fully; then wait to see how rapidly you will march ahead; how, and to what extent you succeed... What I have said here, I have said under a sense of great need. With me abides a promise that He would always befriend me. I do not need to call for a fresh oath of allegiance. Stay firm on the pledge you have already given me. Take care you do not fall a victim to hypocrisy. It is easy to fling out a sentence from your lips; but it is very difficult to swallow the implications. Some people say they are not seeking to confine my authority; that their intention is to circumscribe the authority of the Khalifa to come after me. But how do you presume to know? He might come even greater than Abu Bakr, and the Mirza Sahib. Sheikh Sahib once said to me, `I have taken up residence here, and I would keep my eyes on you'. I replied he was fully welcome. There are two angles already keeping watch on me. Now you have come. Today I was to do something. But Allah has stopped me from that act; and I am overwhelmed by the immeasurable range of His wisdom... I do not turn them out of the Movement, hoping they might reform their ways... hoping they might begin to understand. I try not give them an excuse for stumbling. At the end, I say again. In your relations and dealings, among yourselves, give up jealousies and animosities. Whenever anything happy, or alarming happens to come to your ears, do not convey it, indiscriminately, to the common people. Of course, however, when a decision has been taken on the matter, then you can talk to people about it, without doing any harm."

"Now I tell you that you have got to accept these things. Finally, you shall have to come to me and say you have come prepared to render obedience. Whatsoever I am saying to you, I am saying only for your good. May Allah keep me, and you, firmly on the guidance, and bring us all to a good end! Amen!" (Khutba Eidul Fitr, Badr, October 21, 1909).

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