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Strangely enough the three great nations of the world : Jews, Christians and Muslims are at variance with regard, both, to the birth as well as the death of Jesus Christ who was born among the Jews.

His Birth

  • The Jews declare his birth to be illegitimate and they are guilty of uttering a grievous calumny against Mary, mother of Jesus.
  • The Christians believe that Jesus Christ was born without the agency of an earthly father and that he was the son of God Himself.
  • The Muslims on their part, believe that Jesus, no doubt, was born without agency of an earthly father, but he was not the son of God.

His death

  • The Jews believe that Jesus died on the cross because he was a false prophet.
  • The Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross in atonement of the sins of humanity, was resurrected soon thereafter, and then ascended to Heaven.
  • The orthodox Muslims believe that God saved Jesus from "death by crucifixion" and ascended bodily to heaven, and will come down to earth again to smash the cross and what it stands for and to purify the faith of the believers.

Ahmadiyya Muslim Community declares that Jesus Christ only fell into a swoon on the Cross, but when he was taken down from it, he recovered and migrated to Kashmir, India where he died a natural death at the good old age of 120.