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Flowers on graves, Punishment of Adultery, Suicide, Convert or Killed? Islamic Dressing

Faith Matters #60.

Tags: Faith Matters   Adultery   Graves   Suicide   Converts   Dress   Women   

Q1 @ 01:50 My father who passed away has a lot of non-Muslim friends and relatives as he was a convert to Islam. Some of them when they go to his grave to pay respect also put flowers on the grave, which as I recognize is not a Muslim practice. What should be done as to not hurt their feelings as well?

Q2 @ 15:36 A non-Ahmadi friend says that it is permissible in Islam to kill someone who has sexual relationships outside their marriage i.e. adultery. What is the actual punishment of adultery?

Book Review @ 27:10 How to be free from sin?

Q3 @ 27:55 What is the Islam's view on suicide?

Q4 @ 34:07 Is it true that all people must convert to Islam or be killed? What is the real stance of Islam?

Q5 @ 41:40 If the circumstances dictate that wife has a good career and she will be out working while the husband has to stay at home to look after the children. What is the Islamic teachings?

Q6 @ 49:35 The question relates to Islamic dressing and covering the body. A non-Muslim asks the question is it permissible for a man to wear women's clothes?