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Faith Matters: Questions about Ramadhan, A'tekaf, Tahajjud, Laylatul Qadar, Gospels, Jesus

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Q1 @ 02:00 Why do Muslims fast in the month of Ramadhan? What is the significance of it?

Q2 @ 08:20 Is this unique to Islam or other religions like Christianity have this concept or is that diluted over time?

Q3 @ 11:05 Abstaining from food or drink is not the essence of fast?

Q4 @ 12:30 Millions of Muslims celebrate Ramadhan, we see every year that different sects and communities within Islam don't agree with the dates when Ramadhan starts and ends. Why do these differences exist in setting the dates of Ramadhan? Eid is also celebrated on different days.

Q5 @ 19:45 Muslims do 'Itekaf during last 10 days of Ramadhan, if a person is not fasting can he sit for 'Itekaf. Is fasting necessary for 'Itekaf?

Q6 @ 24:25 Are there any exceptions to fasting for those who are sick or other cases? Concept of fidya (feeding of poor).

Q7 @ 30:00 What benefits are there for Tahajjud prayer, and is the acceptance of prayer higher during Tajajjud prayer?

Q8 @ 33:30 How should one pray during Laylatul Qadar if one wants it to be accepted? What is concept of Laylatul Qadar?

Q9 @ 37:45 Question about the accuracy of Gospels.

Q10 @ 45:50 Why do people have recently found the tomb of Jesus in India if it was there for 2000 years?

Q11 @ 52:00 Times of prayer for acceptance of prayers or forbidden time not to pray?

Q12 @ 54:20 It is said there is one moment on Friday when all prayers are accepted. When is that moment? Is it during the Friday Prayers or at any other time?