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Ahmadiyya Questions, Persecution in Pakistan, Funeral of Qaid-e-Azam, Status of Non-Ahmadi Muslims

Faith Matters #40.

Tags: Faith Matters   Qaid-e-Azam   Non-Ahmadi Muslims   

Q1 @ 2:50 Where does Pakistan government stand as far as persecution of Ahmadis is concerned after the attack on the mosques?

Q2 @ 10:15 What is the reality of condemnation of the attacks by others?

Q3 @ 14:00 Is there any hope from the Judiciary in Pakistan for some action?

Q4 @ 17:25 What is the perception of common man in Pakistan?

Q5 @ 18:43 What is the reaction of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community after terrorist attacks on their mosques?

Q6 @ 32:45 Allegation about Ch. Sir Muhammad Zafrulla Khan that he did not offer funeral (Janaza) prayers of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Qaid-e-Azam)? Did he consider him Kaffir?

Q7 @ 46:52 It is alleged that Ahmadi Muslims consider others as Kaffir?