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Faith Matters #72: Magic, Trial or Punishment, Muslim, Jesus alive? Arabic

Tags: Faith Matters   Magic   Trial   Punishment   Muslim   Jesus   Arabic   

Q1 @ 02:10 It is alleged that Holy Prophet(saw) was influenced by Jadoo (Magic). What is the reality?

Q2 @ 12:25 What is the difference between wrath of God, trial, and suffering caused by natural factors? How can we know if someone is going through trial or punishment?

Q3 @ 22:55 What is the definition of a Muslim? Who is Muslim? Who is Kaffir?

Q4 @ 40:50 The belief of Jesus(as) being alive is tantamount to Shirk (associating partner with God). Did the Promised Messiah(as) not believe that Jesus(as) was alive before his appointment as The Promised Messiah?

Q5 @ 50:20 Arabic was not the first language of The Promised Messiah(as) so how can any translation or interpretation he does is better?