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Faith Matters #75: Inheritance, Allegations on Promised Messiah, Ahmadi Kalima, Jihad

Tags: Faith Matters   Inheritance   Allegations   Kalima   Jihad   

Q1 @ 02:40 With reference to the verse of the Holy Quran (4:177) "Allah gives you His instructions concerning 'Kalalah'" - could you please elaborate?

Q2 @ 10:30 In a vision the Promised Messiah(a.s.) saw I'm God... is this a claim of divinity?

Q3 @ 21:00 Was Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(a.s.) planted by the British?

Q4 @ 28:55 Question about the writing of the Promised Messiah(a.s.) about Holy Quran that it has impact on physical world / health.

Q5 @ 38:00 When an Ahmadi Muslim recites Kalima, what does it mean?

Q6 @ 49:10 What is the true concept of Jihad?