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Faith Matters #76: Scientific Testimony, Acceptance of Prayers

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Q1 @ 2:00 With the new technologies available such as CCTV footage and DNA testing, is there still a need for the four witnesses for certain crimes?

Q2 @ 12:36 With reference to verse of the Holy Quran (2:235) what is the wisdom behind for a widow to wait for 4 months and 10 days when it can be checked via ultrasound if she is carrying a child?

Q3 @ 17:20 If prayer is not being accepted, should one still continue praying?

Q4 @ 20:40 I have read that for prayer to be accepted righteousness, purity and truthfulness is required which is perfectionism. Can I ever gain perfectionism so that my prayers are accepted?

Q5 @ 30:00 Is this true that everyone's partner/spouse is pre-determined? If yes and the spouse is not perceived to be best for them, can this destiny be changed through prayers?

Q6 @ 31:50 Is there any harm to pray to get married to someone specific? And if parents are against it, should one continue to pray?

Q7 @ 38:20 When we recite Holy Quran in prayer, do we recite them in the order? Also is it permissible to recite same verses twice?

Q8 @ 45:40 Can you offer Fajr prayer after Tahajjud before its fixed time?

Q9 @ 48:25 How women should observe purdah both in the house and outside?