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Faith Matters 104 (Photos, Kissing Hand, Ablution, Poetry, Separation of State/Religion, Tattoo)

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Q1 @ 1:30 About photographs of Khalifas and Promised Messiah at home.

Q2 @ 10:44 Kissing hands of the Khalifa

Q3 @ 14:17 The principles of Wudu (Ablution) and nail polish/varnish?

Q4 @ 19:05 Is poetry permissible in Islam?

Q5 @ 26:00 Reading the Quran while traveling.

Q6 @ 27:00 Islam's position on the separation of State and Religion

Q7 @ 33:47 The body piercing and tattoos

Q8 @ 40:05 What happens after death and when?

Q9 @ 43:27 Can right to die (mercy killing) be justified in any circumstances?