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Questions about using right hand, Mary's faith, Satan, Prayers, Spiritual Vision, Evolution, Smoking

Faith Matters #50

Tags: Faith Matters   Satan   Prayers   Evolution   Smoking   

Q1 @ 01:35 Is there any evidence of eating with your left hand being haram or doing other things with left hand?

Q2 @ 09:40 With reference to the translation of verse of the Holy Quran 3:36 in English, why was Mary was suggested to be in the service of church and not synagogue being of Jewish faith.

Q3 @ 13:50 What is the concept of Satan in Islam? Is it a metaphorical way of describing the evil desires that man feels or is it an actual being in existent?

Q4 @ 23:07 Could there be another reason why prayers don't get accepted besides that the acceptance being not good for us? Does Allah punish us by not accepting prayers? What is prayer of need?

Q5 @ 31:55 Could you please explain the difference between spiritual vision and hallucination? And are they two phenomenon somehow related?

Q6 @ 38:44 With reference to the commentary of the Holy Quran by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II(ra) where it is mentioned that there are no less than 100,000 Adams, and each prophetic cycle is of 7,000 years, does this mean that each cycle has its own Holy Prophet Muhammad(saw) and Holy Quran?

Q7 @ 44:50 Was Prophet Adam (peace be on him) the first man on earth? Please also comment on Theory of Evolution.

Q8 @ 50:40 There is big campaign going on about harmful effects of smoking. Some Islamic websites claim it is haram, what is the Ahmadiyya Muslim viewpoint?