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Questions about Fatwa, Blasphemy, Revelation, Ascension of Jesus, Women at Burial, Sharia Law

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Faith Matters #48

Q1 @ 2:45 Are fatwas part of Islam? If yes who is supposed to issue them and are they binding?

Q2 @ 14:40 What does Islam say about blasphemy? What is the punishment, if any, prescribed in the Holy Quran?

Q3 @ 27:00 What types revelations are mentioned in the Holy Quran? And what is the difference between Wahi-e-Nabuwwat and Wahi-e-Walayat? And which type was claimed by The Promised Messiah(as)?

Q4 @ 35:10 What are the sources of revelations and are they still in existence?

Q5 @ 41:05 What is meant by rafa (ascension) of Jesus in Holy Quran 4:158 or 4:159?

Q6 @ 45:30 Could you please clarify if Muslim women are allowed to go to graveyard for burial?

Q7 @ 50:00 Is there any significance of wearing certain precious jewels or stones according to Islamic teachings?

Q8 @ 51:45 Could you shed some light on Sharia law?