بِسۡمِ اللّٰہِ الرَّحۡمٰنِ الرَّحِیۡمِِ

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In the name of Allah, Ever-Gracious, Ever-Merciful.

We praise Him and invoke His blessings upon His noble Messenger.

Praised be Allah and there be peace on His chosen servants.

Although injustices of all sorts are being perpetrated under the sky these days, the atrocity I am going to describe hereunder is so painful an occurrence that it makes one’s heart shudder and one’s body tremble with awe.

In order to explain this matter in its proper sequence it would be necessary first to make the statement that when God saw the world sunk into an abject state and the earth full of wickedness, tyrannies and iniquity, He sent me with the mission of propagating truth and reforming the world. The point of time was also appropriate, for the fourteenth century was approaching fast. Then, under Divine command, I raised my voice through printed announcements and public speeches proclaiming to everyone that I am the one who was destined to be raised by God at the beginning of this century to renovate religion, claiming that I have been sent with the mission to re-establish the faith that has disappeared from the face of the earth and to draw the whole of mankind back to piety and righteousness with the aid of God’s own hand and to reform them and to remove errors of belief and conduct.

It was disclosed to me through Divine revelation a few years later that the Messiah that had been promised from the earliest time to this nation and that the last Mahdi (Reformer) who was destined to appear after the deterioration of Islam and who was to be granted direct guidance from God and who was to provide once again the spiritual nourishment, as had been preordained. and about whom glad tidings had also been given by the Holy Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, himself 1300 years ago, is none other than me. Divine revelations, in this regard, came to me so clearly and persistently that no room for even the least doubt was left in this matter. Every revelation that came in this respect was firmly fixed in my mind like a steel nail and all these revelations contained profound predictions which were fulfilled later with the clarity as of the daylight. Their constant persistence, as also their miraculous powers, constrained me to acknowledge that the words revealed to me were, no doubt, the words of the same One and peerless God Who had revealed the Holy Quran. I have not mentioned the Torah and the Gospels in this connection because they have suffered so terribly at the hands of the interpolators that they could hardly be called the Word of God now.

The revelation that has come to me is so convincing and definitive that I have been able to attain nearness to God through it. This revelation was explicitly true, not only through reinforcement by heavenly signs, but when referred to the Holy Quran was found to conform fully to it. Thereafter, heavenly signs from above poured in like the rain-drops in support of these revelations. It was in these very days that the eclipses of the sun and the moon occurred during the month of Ramadhan as had been foretold in the earlier scriptures beforehand, as a sign of the appearance of the Mahdi. And in those very days the plague spread in epidemic proportions in the Punjab; it later spread throughout the length and breadth of the country as has been foretold in the Holy Quran. The earlier Prophets had also forewarned that deaths would increase in those days to an extent that no town or village would escape the scourge. And so has it happened while the epidemic is still rampant. Nearly twenty-two years ago, God had foretold me about this scourge when there was no sign or likelihood of its occurrence. The revelations in this connection came to me like the downpour of rain and the warning was repeated in diverse manners. Accordingly, in the revelations that follow, God spoke to me thus:

‘The decree of God is approaching; therefore, do not be in haste. This is the glad tidings that had been given to the Prophets since of yore: God is on the side of the pious, that is, those who, for the reasons of modesty, deference and reverence of Allah, keep away even from those paths which may be suspected to lead to transgression and disobedience; and those who are not defiant in any step they take; rather tread cautiously and tend to act or even utter a word with due fear of God in their hearts. And God is with those who are faithful to Him and do good for His servants. He is Powerful and Dominant and prevails over everything, though most people do not understand. And when He desires anything to happen He commands: “BE” and the thing happens. Can you ever escape from Me? And We shall requite the guilty ones. They say that it is merely the word of a man; and others have helped this man in these matters. He is either ignorant or deluded. Tell them: If you desire to be friendly with God, then come and follow me so that God may also befriend you. We shall suffice thee against those who ridicule thee. I shall debase him who is attempting to debase thee, and I shall help him who intends to help thee. I am the One that the Messengers need have no fear in My Presence. When there comes the help of Allah and His victory and the word of thy God is fulfilled, it shall be said to them, “This is that which ye were hastening.” And when they are asked not to spread disorder on earth, they say: “We only promote peace.” Beware! they are the ones who create disorder. And they have made thee an object of ridicule and mockery and they query with jest, “Is this the one whom God hath sent?” These are idle prattle. Nay, the fact is that We brought to them the truth, but they show disinclination in accepting the truth. And the wrong-doers shall soon see to which direction they will be turned. Holy is He and Exalted far above the slanders they attribute to him. And they say, ‘Thou hast not been sent by Allah.” Say to them, “I have a testimony from Allah; will ye then believe?” Thou art worthy of regard in My presence. I have chosen thee for Myself. I am also angry with him with whom you are angry. I also love everything that which you love. God praises thee from His Throne. Allah praises thee and is approaching towards thee. Thou holdest a position in My presence of which the world is not aware. Thou art dear to Me like My Oneness and My Unity. Thou art from My Own Water and they are from filth. Praise is due to Allah Who has made thee “Jesus son of Mary” and taught thee things which thou did not know before. People say, “Whence and how did you acquire this position?” Tell them: Very Unique is my God and no one can hinder His grace. He cannot be questioned for what He does, but people shall be required to answer for their deeds. Thy Lord does what He pleases. He created this Adam and exalted him. We desired in this age to install a vicegerent on earth, so I created this Adam. And people said, “Will Thou place in the earth such a one as will cause disorder in it?” He answered, “I know what you know not.” They say, “This is nothing but a fabrication.” Say to them, “It is Allah who has done this,” and then leave them to their vain discourses. We have sent him with truth and because of the dire need of the time he descended. And We have sent thee as universal mercy for the worlds. O My Ahmad, I cherish thee and thou art with Me. Thy secret is My secret. Great is thy glory and thy reward is near at hand: I have given thee My Light and I have chosen thee. Thou shalt also live out a time as Moses lived out his time. Address no plea to Me concerning the wrong-doers for they are surely going to be drowned and they will make a plan and Allah will also plan, and Allah is the best of planners. He who walks in front of thee (in obedience) is noble. He considers him who entertains notions of enmity towards thee as His own enemy. And thy Lord shall soon give thee that with which thou shall be well pleased. We shall inherit this earth and We are closing in upon the land on all sides so that thou mayest warn a people whose forefathers had not been warned and so that the way of the sinners may become manifest. Say, “I have been raised with comments and I am the foremost of the believers.” Tell them: “It has been revealed to me that your God is One and all blessings are contained in the Quran: None shall penetrate its truths except those who are purified. In what narrative shall you believe thereafter?” They desire so to contrive that thy mission may not succeed. But it is the will of God that thy mission achieve perfection. Allah shall not forsake thee before He separates the good from the bad. God is He Who has sent His Messenger (i.e. this humble person) with guidance and the religion that is true so that He may cause it to succeed and prevail over all other religions. This promise was bound to be fulfilled one day. The (day for the) promise of God has come. He hit the ground with His foot and cleared out all disorders. He shall protect thee from thine enemies and shall attack him who attacks thee with iniquity. His wrath has descended upon the earth, because men have girded up their loins for transgressions and have passed the limit. Diseases shall now be spread in the land and lives shall be destroyed through diverse cases. And all this has been decreed in the heaven. This is the command of God Who is overpowering all and is the Most Sublime. Allah changes not what has afflicted the people until they transform the state of that which is in their hearts. After a brief tribulation He shall take this town under His own protection. There is no one except Allah Who can provide protection today. And build thou the ark under Our Eyes with the help of Our revelation. The Omnipotent God is with thee and with thy people. I shall protect everyone who is within the walls of thine house except those who disobey Me through pride and think themselves above My command. And My protection shall be ever with thee particularly. A word of peace from the Merciful Lord. Peace be on you: You have pure souls. And all you guilty ones! Be separated. I shall stand by this Messenger and shall, off and on, break My fast and shall keep it again. I shall condemn him who condemns thee, and shall grant thee blessings that shall remain with thee for ever. And I shall grant thee the lustre of My manifestation and shall not depart from this land till the time appointed. I am the Thunder-Clap, I am the Gracious and the Lord of Grace and Benevolence.’