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by the Head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community
February 6th, 2004

(NOTE: Alislam Team takes full responsibility for any errors or miscommunication in this Synopsis of the Friday Sermon)

Betrayal of trust/treachery

Huzuraba based his Friday Sermon today on betrayal of trusts. Reciting verse 28 of Surah Al Anfal (8:28) Huzuraba explained that one who indulges in the ill of betrayal of trust is one who does not honour the rights of God or the rights of mankind. The Holy Quran terms such a person as kha’in. Huzuraba said this betrayal also connotes looking at something that one is not permitted to look at. With reference to last Friday Sermon on purdah/hijab Huzuraba said some ladies have raised the issue that perhaps men were not addressed in the sermon although Huzuraba had adequately mentioned ghad e basar (lowering of the eye) while speaking to men. Huzuraba said today under the subject of betrayal he would re-iterate that not restraining one’s eyes according to the Islamic teachings is in fact a betrayal of the trust for the eyes.

Likewise Huzuraba said if we are disloyal to the teachings of our faith then we will be disloyal to each other. He said when we allow materialistic values to enter our daily life and rely on falsehood then we surround ourselves with unscrupulous people and thus get into a spiral of betrayal of trusts and treachery. He said it is the duty of each Ahmadi to be extremely cautious in how they conduct themselves; it is our task to maintain trustworthiness. Citing verse 108 of Surah Al Nisa (4:108) Huzuraba said we ought to keep the excellent model of the Holy Prophetsaw in mind and be always fair and not encourage partiality and bias.

Huzuraba related several ahadith to further elucidate the subject. The Holy Prophetsaw said that a believer could possess all other bad habits apart from telling falsehood and treachery. He enjoined not to betray the trust of one who has betrayed your trust, he taught that to give advice carelessly is also a betrayal of trust. The Holy Prophetsaw said that may that person flourish who relates something in the exact manner in which he hears it. He enjoined that there could be no betrayal of trust in three matters: the sincerity of intention in working for Allah, goodwill of Islam and adherence to the community of Muslims. Elaborating the three issues Huzuraba counselled that we should not just aspire to hold office within the Community, rather we must pay the dues of service, make correct use of the office in that have the same rules for friends and others. Huzuraba said we should have a sense of goodwill for each other and strictly adhere to the system of the Community and not make unnecessary protestation, as this too is a betrayal of trust.

Huzuraba said Allah shall look upon the act of that husband as the most awful betrayal who talks about the private details of his wife. Huzuraba admonished about the appalling practice by some of publicly speaking about the private details of their spouses after divorce.

Huzuraba stressed upon the paying back of loans and said it was a terrible betrayal of trust to be slack and negligent in this matter. Citing hypocrisy as a betrayal of trust, Huzuraba expressed his displeasure at some people anonymously and non-specifically complaining about office holders of the Community. Huzuraba said whatever anyone has to say should be pointed out directly and honestly. He said the Holy Prophetsaw had identified a hypocrite as one who betrays a trust, tells lies, breaks a pledge and is verbally abusive in a conflict.

Huzuraba drew attention to the fact that payment of subscriptions to the Community is a trust as well, he said in that respect he would remind everyone that the financial year of the Community ends in June.

Huzuraba read some excerpts from the writings of the Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) on the subject of betrayal of trust. The Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) enjoined not to take pride in the fact that one has taken his pledge of allegiance unless one is pure at heart and in complete submission to Allah.

In conclusion Huzuraba prayed that may Allah enable us to honour our trusts with the best of intentions and avoid all manner of betrayal of trust.