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Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Announcement for Miyan Batalvi Sahib

For the Information of Miyan Batalvi Sahib


Let it be clear that the announcement in which Sheikh Batalvi was invited to write a commentary of the Holy Quran in Arabic was dispatched to him on 1 April 1893. As such, Mirza Khuda Bakhsh, who took the announcement to Lahore, returned with a message that Batalvi Sahib had promised to publish a response within two weeks of the 1st of April. The reply was awaited for two weeks but nothing was received.

He was then reminded, at which time he replied with a letter that has been published in my announcement, stating that he would publish and dispatch the answer within the month of April. Now April too has passed and Batalvi Sahib has twice reneged on his promise. We do not accuse him of anything, but he should be ashamed that he, for his part, arbitrarily calls others liars and accuses them of breaching their promise, while he himself does not honour his promises. It is astonishing that an answer could have been given by a mere yes or no, yet a whole month has passed, and that too wasted in waiting. Now I am also faced with two important tasks. The first is the debate with Dr Clark and the second is to write an important treatise in support of Islam that will soon be sent to America, proving that Islam alone is the true and living religion. Therefore, Miyan Batalvi is hereby informed that if I receive his answer before the completion of these two tasks I shall have to pronounce an alternative date for a contest with him. This date will be after the completion of these two engagements.