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Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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Letter to Muhammad Bakhsh from Dr Clark

A Letter to





Miyan Muhammad Bakhsh
and all the other Muslims of Jandiala

Dear Sir,

Peace be upon you! It is my honest opinion that nowadays, many religious discussions are taking place between the Christians and Muslims of the town of Jandiala. Certain members of your religion criticise and question the Christian faith and likewise, the Christians have also made detailed inquiries about Mohammedanism. There seems to be gross exaggeration on both sides. Hence, in my opinion, it seems preferable and appropriate that a public meeting be held, in which the Muslims participate along with their scholars and religious leaders, whom they deem worthy. Correspondingly, certain trusted persons from the side of the Christians ought to be present as well so that the current mutual disputes are fully resolved, and goodness and truth become distinct from evil and falsehood.

The Muslims of Jandiala consider you to be a courageous man; therefore, on behalf of the Christians of Jandiala, I submit to you that either you in your own capacity or with the consultation of your fellow Muslims, set a date and invite any elder of yours whom you deem appropriate, and we for our part, will also invite someone from among us at the appointed time in this gathering so that the aforementioned issues can be adequately resolved and the Lord may lead everyone to the straight path.

It is not our desire to hold such a gathering out of obstinacy, opposition, or to create disorder; rather, only to clearly manifest to everyone those teachings which are truly correct and acceptable.

Another request in this regard is that if the Muslims are unwilling to participate in such a debate, then in the future they ought to reign back their boastful words, refrain from presenting unfounded and useless arguments, and remain silent at the time of our preaching or on other occasions.

Please reply to this letter promptly so that in case you accept our invitation, necessary arrangements can be made for this gathering and the topics for this debate can be proposed. End with many greetings.

– This is a copy of the original –

[On behalf of] the Christians of Jandiala,
Martyn Clark, Amritsar (Signature in English)