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Muslims who believe in the Messiah,
Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani(as)
Muslims who believe in the Messiah, Hazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani (as), Love for All, Hatred for None.

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True Insights into the Concept of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat

After reciting tashahhud, ta‘awwudh, and Surah al-Fatihah, Huzur(rh) recited the following verses of the Holy Qur’an:1

Huzur(rh) said:

In the so-called White Paper published by the Government of Pakistan, the most vile and painful accusation is that (God forbid) the Promised Messiah(as) rejected the verse about Khatamun-Nabiyyin2 and did not believe the Holy Prophet(sa) to be Khataman-Nabiyyin. The members of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama‘at are accused of the same.

This is such a baseless accusation that anyone who has made an unbiased study of the writings of the Promised Messiah(as) would pay no attention to it. Unfortunately, most people are not familiar with the writings of the Promised Messiah(as), and the Government of Pakistan has placed obstacles to their distribution [in Pakistan] and has confiscated the books from which a common Muslim could have learned the truth.

Profound and Firm Faith in the Holy Prophet’s Status as Khatamun-Nabiyyin

Numerous writings of the Promised Messiah(as)—including prose and poetry—prove beyond a doubt the profound cognition, firm conviction, and deep and broad understanding that the Promised Messiah(as) had in Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. Our opponents and other ulema do not possess even a fraction of the depth and the breadth of the understanding that the Promised Messiah(as) had on this subject.

As the Promised Messiah(as) says:

Bear in mind that the charge leveled against me and my Jama‘at, that we do not believe the Holy Prophet(sa) to be Khatamun-Nabiyyin, is a great calumny. The strength, certainty, understanding and solid conviction with which we believe the Holy Prophet(sa) to be Khatamun-Nabiyyin is millions of times stronger than the belief of others. They lack the capacity and they have no inkling as to the true meaning and significance of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. They have only inherited a word from their ancestors, but they do not comprehend the meaning or the significance of the belief in Khatm-e-Nubuwwat. On the other hand, with God-given insight (of which Allah is All-Aware), I believe the Holy Prophet(sa) to be Khatamun-Nabiyyin. God has manifested to me the truth of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat in such a profound way that I enjoy this elixir of heavenly wisdom in a manner beyond the imagination of those who have not partaken of this fountainhead. (Malfuzat, vol. 1, p. 227– 228)

The Promised Messiah(as) also writes:

The sum total and the essence of our belief is:3

Our firm belief, which we uphold in this life and with which, by God’s grace, we shall leave this worldly abode, is that our Lord and Master, Muhammad, the Chosen One, is Khatamun-Nabiyyin [Seal of the Prophets] and Khairul-Mursalin [the best among the Messengers.] Through him faith was perfected and the blessing, through which one can reach God by adopting the path of salvation, has reached its pinnacle. (Izala-e-Auham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 3, p. 169–170)

The Promised Messiah(as) also writes:

The Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, surpassed all other Prophets in all noble traits—purity of heart, clear conviction, chastity, modesty, veracity, fairness, trust, and love and devotion to God—and he was the best, most complete, the most exalted, most distinct, and purest of all the Prophets. That is why, of all the Prophets, the Holy Prophet(sa) was blessed the most by God with the perfume of special perfections. His heart was more magnanimous, more pure, more innocent, more enlightened and more loving than anyone before or after him. That is why it [his heart] was deemed fit to receive the divine revelation that is more powerful, more complete, more exalted, and more perfect than all the past or future revelations, and is the biggest and widest mirror to manifest the divine attributes. (Surmah Chashm-e-Aryah, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 2, p. 71 footnote)

1 Muhammad is not the father of any of your men, but he is the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets; and Allah has full knowledge of all things. O ye who believe! remember Allah with much remembrance; And glorify Him morning and evening (Surah al-Ahzab, 33:41–43). [Publisher]

2 Seal of the Prophets, a title bestowed upon the Holy Prophet(sa) in the Holy Qur’an (Surah al-Ahzab, 33:41). [Publisher]

3 Creed of the Islamic faith:, La ilaha illallaho Muhammadur Rasulullah, meaning: ‘There is none worthy of worship except Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’ [Publisher]

True Insights into the Concept of Khatm-e-Nubuwwat


Hazrat Mirza Tahir Ahmad

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